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Do You Think You’re Hearing Things?

I hear voices am I going crazy is a question many people ask themselves when their spiritual abilities begin to develop? However, psychic development is not the first thing that comes to mind. Mind you, it all depends on what the you can learn how to develop clairaudiencevoices are telling you. If they are destructive you must seek professional health. Actually, most people when they begin hearing voices think exactly that. However, it may just be that one of your intuitive abilities is kicking in and what you are experiencing are signs of developing clairaudience. No! Clairaudience is also not a visit with the Queen! What it does mean is clear hearing and refers to intuitive hearing.

It relates to an energy center in the cleft of the throat. This energy center, the fifth chakra, governs communication and has information on this and other spiritual abilities like clairaudience claircognizance clairsentience and clairvoyance. It may just simply be a sign that you are tuning into the spirit realm. It is all about an ability to listen to angels, spirit guides, dead people and even friends and family. When you experience signs of developing clairaudience it may seem to be scary at first, however, you can learn to develop and control receiving spiritual guidance through clairaudience rather easily using a clairaudience meditation and other techniques.

I Hear Voices, Am I Going Crazy?

Clairaudience is also known as “clear hearing”. And in most cases is associated with the spiritual gift of hearing disbodied spirit beings. There are clear signs or symptoms that will be quite apparent as your psychic ability beings to develop.

There are quite a number of symptoms of Clairaudience. Below are 5 of these simple signs that you may display:

  • Talking To Yourself… If you find yourself talking to yourself in different circumstances you may be displaying a Clairaudient trait. If you possess clairaudience ringing in ears may be one of the symptoms as well as buzzing or other noises.
  • Auditory… If you find that your auditory sense, listening, is your preferred modality when you are looking to be entertained or when you are studying you may be displaying Clairaudient tendencies. Music can be very important to an individual that possess this psychic ability. People may even call you a good listener.
  • Sensitive Hearing… Many individuals that are Clairauient have an issue with loud sudden noises. Also when they are in large groups of people they become quite uncomfortable.
  • Time Outs… As a Clairaudient you desire to be on your own in quiet places whether out in nature or your private getaway. These solo sessions restore a Clairaudient like the sun tops up a solar panel. Overexposure to too much noise can even affect a Clairaudient’s health.
  • Hearing Voices… Often Clairaudoints will hear voices when no one is there. You could say that as opposed to “seeing dead people” they can hear them.

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In short when you can hear things or voices that have no evident source and are not apparent to others you are most probably displaying symptoms of Clairaudience. These signs may have been in your life forever yet what happens to many people they begin to become more prevalent. This means that your gift is developing.

If you chose you can focus on it and allow your ability to expand. The easiest way is to follow a meditation practice. Meditation is the best way to commune with your Spirit nature. Spirit is the source of all these wonderful psychic gifts. When you can be at ease with your spirituality this will help you accept, understand and use your Clairaudience.

Many of my clients have come to me with the question “am I going crazy because I am hearing things I can’t explain”. This is actually quite common. There are a few other issues and inquiries that people will have around their hearing.

Here is just a smidgeon of the popular ones:

  • How to tell if you have clairaudiencelearn the signs of developing clairaudience
  • Is clairaudience rare?
  • What are some clairaudience symptoms?
  • Is clairaudience ringing in ears?
  • And of course the best: I am hearing things that just aren’t there. Can you help me?

How To Develop Clairaudience

I love helping people open up to their psychic abilities. You can train to expand these abilities with a little training and effort. It is all enjoyable. I have a free webinar, “Awaken Your Intuition” that can help you take the baby steps you need to do exactly that. Also one of the best things to do first is to clarify whether or not your psychic abilities are active. You will find a Clairaudience test below that you can take free online.

Come and join us in discussing this topic on today’s episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Am I Going Crazy I Hear Voices as we answer questions about hearing voices and that it doesn’t necessarily mean you are ill or crazy.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Top 10 clairaudience signs.
  • Best time to tune in to your clairaudience.
  • Examples of clairaudience and its healing vibrations.

During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes we also answer email questions from our listeners as well occasionally do readings live on air for our call in guests.

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