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Am I A Psychic Medium, What Type Am I?

Am I a psychic medium? Mediumship refers to the practice of communicating with spirits who are deceased. A spiritual medium can talk to loved ones who have passed using a variety of methods. Sometimes they receive clairvoyant images, hear voices or just feel the presence within. How to use psychic abilities totally depends on the individual. Many people are enraptured by the ability of a spirit medium they want to become a medium and talk to the dead as well.

The questions then arise; what type of psychic am I? How do I know if I am a medium? Am I a psychic medium? These are the questions I am asked by people more and more often. Individuals want to develop psychic abilities because they have had or want to have communication from beyond the grave.

When you first tap into psychic abilities it can be quite a shock. It can be hair-raising especially as there are many individuals becoming a medium later in life and have never had an inkling that they had any of these gifts until they had some, what I would call psychic medium symptoms. Spirits trying to communicate from the other side are not always subtle about. Some people even think that they are going mad. Basically, you have tuned into spiritual talk radio and you didn’t even touch a dial so to speak. They receive signs from spirit guides and angels or dead loved ones. These people often come to see me for psychic vision interpretation, clarity around what has happened to them. These are also called psychic medium readings.

This episode of Unlocking Your Truth examines hearing spirits communicating from beyond the grave. We ask is there life after death? If so what are the signs that the deceased are communicating with you and how to tell if you have medium abilities? So listen and answer the question; am I a psychic medium?

In this podcast, you will learn:-am i a psychic medium

  • Ways to receive communication from Spirit
  • Examples of mediumship experiences
  • True definition of being a trance medium

During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes we also answer email questions from our listeners as well occasionally do readings live on air for our call in guests.

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