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March 22, 2022

What Was I In My Past Life And My Past Life Story UYT323

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What Was My Past Life Story?

Do you think you had past lives? If you do, you most probably want an answer to “what was I in my past life.” Past lives conjure up so many different questions. Questions such as:

  • What did I look like in my past life?
  • Who did I marry in my past life?
  • What kind of person was I in my past life?

These are all excellent questions. However, the more critical query should be how your past lives affect your current life.

What Was I In My Past Life And My Past Life Story?

What Are Past Lives?

Past lives are earlier reincarnations, and each one is entirely different. Yet they are the same in a sense. Here is a great metaphor. Imagine a Rubik’s Cube. You all know what a Rubik’s Cube is, right? Now, imagine that you are in the center square. And let’s say you are the yellow face square of the cube.

And let’s say all the other squares surrounding depict different lifetimes that you’ve lived. Because you are yellow, and they are yellow, they all match you. You resonate. You resonate with each other, and you make a connection.

Now let’s say something changes or happens. You learn something, and it changes your vibration. It changes your frequency, and instead of yellow, you become blue. Because the yellow squares no longer match your vibration, because now you’re blue, you’re not yellow, Rubik’s Cube will rearrange itself. It does so so that you’re surrounded by blue squares.

And this is an analogy or a metaphor for teaching you. Teaching you a bit about your relationship with past lives and how a past life reading works. We call them past lives. But the truth of reality is everything exists here and now in you, Your Spirit being. And now, if everything exists here and now, how do you have past lives? You use the term past lives. Keep in mind the Rubik’s Cube. It will all be explained shortly.

how to find out who you were in a past life Experiences And You

And the truth is that actually, you don’t know how past lives correlate with your life today. However, you do at the level of your multi-dimensional consciousness. You have other projections of consciousness. From the reference point of the life you are living here on Earth, these previous reincarnations appear to be past lives because you are embedded in linear time and space.

Okay. So back to the Rubik’s Cube analogy. You are a match for different colors at different points in your life and at different moments. We’ll call them past lives just because we are accustomed to calling them. So you are a match for different past lives. So let’s say you do a reading today. And you get three past lives.

And those past lives are represented yellow in the Rubik’s Cube in this metaphor. So the other squares are past lives that come up will also be yellow. Meaning that they resonate with who you are and where you are in this moment. So whatever you’re going through in your life, challenges, expansion, and growth, these lifetimes are touchpoints that connect with you. They connect with you because of the vibration you are in right now.

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Then, let’s say you have another past live reading one month from now. And in that four weeks, a lot has shifted in your life and consciousness. So now you’re like the blue square. And those yellow lifetimes that we read last time aren’t relevant today because they are at a different vibration. So you get three completely different past life regressions coming up in your past life reading.

Past Lives And The Multi-Dimensional You

And those lives resonate with who you are now and where you are now. So you as a multi-dimensional being have this vast catalog, this vast library of past life experiences. And in a past life reading, you are making connections and tapping into that vast library. And during the reading, you are bringing forward the ones that are most relevant to your situation and who you are.

You also just want to expand your consciousness more about past lives. Think about your life now. How many moments have you lived? Let’s say billions and billions, right?are past lives real

You don’t know how many billions of moments you live in a 20, 30, 40, or 50-year lifespan, but it’s a lot, isn’t it. And then all those past lives also have those moments. So when you are reading a past life, you are getting a vignette. You receive a little story, a little piece of that past life.

Maybe you are seen in a time frame, a bit like a movie where a particular situation happened. And that particular situation is mapping to a situation you’re going through in your current lifetime. Well, that lifetime you are dipping into, there can be so many more things about that lifetime. Okay, but what you want to hone in on is the point of connection that resonates with you, who you are right here, and now.

So here is hoping that that makes sense to you. You are a multi-dimensional being like this Rubik’s Cube, and you are constantly rearranging yourself. You are constantly shifting and changing your energy and changing. You could think of them as nodes or points of contact to other aspects of your multi-dimensional self. These aspects depend on who you are right here and the energy you are putting out right here right now.

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So, in a nutshell, past lives are really not past lives, they are more like parallel lives, but not even everything exists here and now. And everything that you are exists here and now. Your consciousness is embedded in a particular body personality. And that body personality has resonances with other aspects of your multi-dimensional consciousness, and they change. So, if you have a past life reading every year over 20 years, and you get to hear about three past lives in each reading, you will most likely hear about 60 different past lives.

Sometimes, you might touch upon the same lives several times in multiple past life readings. But rarely, because you are dynamic and not the same from one moment to the next, you constantly learn and grow. So every life experience you have, every moment you live, is a different frame in your consciousness that reflects an aspect of yourself back. And in that self-reflection, you learn, expand, grow, shift, and change. And all of your what we call past lives are also doing that. So it’s like a giant Rubik’s cube of consciousness multiplied a gazillion times. It’s this vast dance and tapestry of multi-dimensional consciousness.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Was I In My Past Life, And My Past Life Story, and take a look at past lives from a different perspective.

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Here is the remainder of the questions from listeners during the broadcast of What Was I In My Past Life And My Past Life Story:

  • Carol – Does it mean if I had an injury, it was a matching vibration to something from my past lives. And does it mean it has cleared something in my past life and current life?
  • Christine – The info you’ve given me during my various past lives has helped so very much! It is interesting how specific lives come up, depending on what’s happening now. Would love any past life info!
  • Shelby – So does it do any good to go into the Akashic records to heal or learn how to get into a higher vibration?
  • Lori – I would like to know if my neurological issue is related to a past life or lives. Since then, I have had a lot of “stop energy.” How do I move forward in my life? I am in a permanent state of migraine and had whiplash. The brain injury society said that it is still a brain injury. I had two accidents.
  • Katie – I would love it if you could tell me how my past lives and/or karma have affected my relationships with others, especially with a romantic partnership. Do I have unresolved or repeating themes in this area or anything I’ve transcended? And can you tell me about my intuitive abilities in my past lives, too?
  • Brian – Dr. Lesley, can you tell me of any relevant lifetimes that relate to where I am at this moment? It sounds like we’ve lived all of our lifetimes already. Lives including this current one, and you are just moving our consciousness around in them to learn and grow? I had heard recently that the soul actually plans for every possible decision a personality could make in a lifetime, this being the Multiverse theories.
  • Prasad – Dr. Lesley, May I ask about 2 of my past lives or any more lives in the past you foresee?
  • SG – Do I have a past life as a piano player? I feel a connection to pianos. And also, do me and my friend K. have a past life together that affects this one?
  • Peter – Hi Lesley. My life has gone through a significant shift at work (mandated out). A new job landed in my lap. I wondered if my past life (lives) are playing a role in the new path ahead.
  • Shane – Hi Dr. Lesley. What’s next for me in this lifetime? I’m exhausted with life, primarily with work life just going in between jobs in the past 8 months, after I left my last place after 18yrs.
  • These have been answered in the actual recording but have not been included here in the article.

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  1. Hello Dr Lesley! It's a pleasure to meet you! I would love for you to tell me as much as you can about my past life. And perhaps how many times I've had died and came back. My journey wont stop here for answers. As I hope to have at lease three people tell me, to see if its all true.

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