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May 6, 2017

Top 10 Past Life Regression Benefits!

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Do You Remember Your Past Lives?

Knowing and understanding the top 10 past life regression benefits will help you live your life to the fullest. Knowing who you were before you were you will shed much light on why you feel or do some of the things you do in this life. Then you can enhance or alter some of your traits or habits for the better.

Why Might You Want To Know?

Whether you have received past life regression, had a past life reading, or started to recall your incarnations, it can be a very empowering and healing experience. There are some pitfalls, especially if you find out you were famous or infamous. As the ego can grab the information and use it for self-glorification or denigration. But if you appreciate that you are not now that personality, past life information can help who you are now in many ways.

Top 10 Past Life Regression Benefits And How They Can Help You!

Discover Your Past Life And Clear Stuck Beliefs

A past life reading can help you shift stuck beliefs and stuck concepts you are holding in your current life that are barriers to you creating the life you want. For example, you might believe being in a male body is better than a female body. Next time you create a female body you may create a dominating father and husband to help you transcend that limiting belief. During the Past Life Reading, we identify and use past lives as opportunities for healing and transformation. The ultimate benefit is that you become clearer about your current life and path.

Find Out About Top 10 Past Life Regression Benefits And Heal Unresolved Emotionsfind out about past lives

Unresolved emotional issues stop you from creating the current life you want. A Past Life Reading can help you transform and transcend these difficulties because it helps you understand them from a broader spiritual perspective. For example, you may learn how to accept yourself and others by experiencing being an abuser in one life and a victim in the next. Or you may learn to balance giving and receiving by being a physician in one life and a patient in another. Having this broader spiritual perspective can be useful in putting current experiences into context.

Learn the Top 10 Past Life Regression Benefits And Access Abilities You Developed In The Past.

It can help you to draw from your spiritual legacy. You may have developed strong capabilities in the past; finding out about them helps you validate these abilities in the current life. Perhaps you were a dressmaker for Queen Elizabeth I in a past life. Nowadays you are a seamstress and obtain a contract to create period costumes for a movie set in Tudor times. Or you are an engineer with a passion for herbs and you discover you were an Amazonian shaman who used herbs in healing. The possibilities are endless. But this knowledge could be just what you need to encourage you to take the leap and go in a new direction.

A Free Past Life Reading

Get Your Free Past Life Reading

Remember Your Past Lives And See Life From A New Perspective.

You may spend many lifetimes focused on a specific area of expansion. Each life scenario may view the same issue from a different angle and provide a new perspective. It can really help to gain a new perspective on your challenges. For example, you may be feeling judged and discover you were a judgmental matriarch in a past life and a forgiving priest in another. Having this broader spiritual perspective can be useful in putting current experiences into context.

Learn Your Past Life Story To Better Understand Difficult Relationships.

You might have a difficult relationship with one of your family members that can be explained by delving into your past lives. Perhaps your child was a spouse who abandoned you in a past life and this explained why you limit their independence in the current life. Or you really don’t trust your boss and find out he used to be a slave trader who sold you into slavery. Knowing there is a past time explanation for your behaviors and suspicions can help you let go and relate to people in the present time.

Recognize Your Soul Mates And Soul Group.

We tend to incarnate in groups. So you have known most people in your life today in past lives as well. The relationships shift and change. So your husband today may have been your grandmother in another life. Your boss could have been your parent. Your child could have been your boss. While the relationships change the goal remains the same. To help each other grow as much as possible through relationship dances we do together.

Know Your Souls Purpose For The Current Life.

Your soul had a purpose for creating the life you are living now. Being able to put your life in the context of that bigger picture can be very helpful. It can take the pressure off when you realize you have an eternity to play with. You never stop and you never get it all done. You just keep creating!

remember your past lives and alter your energyRelease Old Patterns And Adjust Your Energy.

You might have had a pattern of giving away your power or not taking responsibility for your actions that have limited you over many lifetimes. The current life could be the culmination of that growth cycle. Where you transcend those limits, release the old patterns, and learn to use your energy in a new way. You might take back your power. Or realize that taking responsibility for your creations is a great step toward creating a more empowered and less victimized life.

Validate That You Are An Eternal Spirit.

Realizing you have lived before opens your consciousness. If you thought you were your body, then become aware you lived before, you will start to ask questions. You will say it cannot be true that you are just your body and ask “who am I really?” You will look for the constant part of you that creates all these different bodies and find your true divine and eternal nature.

Discover Why You Like Certain Places And Historical Times.

There may have been some strange curiosities that never made sense to you before. Such as why did you always want to visit Rome? Or why are you so attracted to Africa? What is it that makes you so fascinated by the Mayans or the Ancient Egyptians? Why do you have an unwavering belief in Lemuria and Atlantis? Your strange fascinations could be explained by having a past life reading.

Most people do not remember their past lives. It actually would not make sense for you to recall everything about all of your lives while living this one. Just think of how confusing that would be. Most information from your other lifetimes is not relevant to this one. But as you have seen from this article there are pockets of past life knowledge that can enhance your experience of your current life

While you do need to focus on what is occurring in the here and now, it can be fascinating to learn who you were in a past life. Not to mention comforting to realize you don’t have to get everything “right” and you don’t have to do it all this time around.

The following are some questions you can ask an intuitive reader during a past life regression. This can help you to learn so much more about yourself and your life:

  • How did I die in my past life?
  • How to remember past lives?
  • How to do past life regression on your own?
  • How to tell who you were in your past life?
  • What is future life analysis?

If you found this article, Top 10 Past Life Regression Benefits, informative join us on Unlocking Your Truth for more information about your life journey. Also, Don’t Miss Out on this free e-book on past lives.

A Free Past Life Reading

Get Your Free Past Life Reading

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