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May 9, 2017

Past Lives And Their Relevance To You Today UYT109

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Can A Past Life Affect Your Present Journey?

Do you believe in past lives? I have been asked many times are past lives real and also how are my past lives relevant to me today. The answer to both of those questions is definitely something you should know. To clarify these inquiries, let’s first take a look at how to remember past life memories. The simplest method, of course, is to have a past life reading, past lives and past life regression experiences can be revealingwhich in essence, is past life regression, that takes you back to learn all about who you were back then.

If you are looking for fun and excitement in your life, you haven’t lived unless you have experienced “Living Before”, past lives, that is. Having a past life regression of some sort is more than just entertaining. Taking a trip into a past life is not only fun but extremely revealing. Past life regression experiences reveal so much of who we are today and why we act the way we do in many instances. Many of us have been important historical figures, some not so much. Whether you have been a prince in a previous existence, a pauper or a king, or all of the above, it doesn’t matter. They are all pertinent. Status has no bearing on the importance of the information.

Let us remember also that there are many other worlds out there with uncountable species of animals and people. Yes, Aliens! You may have had some form of experience in one of these worlds. However, being on this planet at this moment, the most relevant pre-existence world is of this realm.

Past Lives And Their Relevance To You Today

Reincarnation Stories

Many people look at past lives and their outcomes as being a form of Karma. One definition of Karma is the recognition or the memory of your spirit. This in itself points to Past Life adventures and encounters. Many believe that when we do not finish or learn specifics in life, we are bound to come back and do so.

Past Lives And Reincarnation Evidence

Basically, it is another opportunity to complete or make something right that just seems to linger. Often relationships that end prematurely will follow you into current life situations. Talents from a previous existence are often something that will show up in present life, as in the case of young children who automatically can play an instrument at an expert level.

Almost everyone in the world alive today has had past lives, and these past life happenings are playing a role today. In many cases, you may not be aware that you are experiencing results originating from lifetimes ago.

Past life occurrences never go stale. This happening will travel with you always. Each of these may not be pertinent to your life today in this life. However, they do not dissipate. They may come into relevance in your next existence.

Dreams Of Past Lives And Past Life Lovers

You have players on your stage of life that are your traveling companions from one life to dreams of past life lovers may be realanother. If you have lived before, they are your traveling companions from one life to another. Those spirits that were there in that life with you may show up in this existence but not necessarily as the same sex or relation to you. Your previous life lover may be your sworn enemy in this reality. When you meet someone new, and there is a sense of true familiarity with them, this may be occurring because the veil between lives has thinned a little.

Also, there is no coincidence. They are with you for a reason. They are placed in your life strategically. You may even say that it is scripted and the casting director has set the plot and brought in the most appropriate actor to share your stage. I have encountered many reincarnation love stories with my students and clients. They are unique and interesting.

One of the interesting things about karmic experiences is that they do not change, but the outcome may. Let me give you an example. If you in one of your past lives way back was a psychic. Your psychic experience may have had you killed as a heretic or witch. However, in today’s society, these gifts are not something that will deliver such harsh reprisals.

Past Life Healing

There are so many different things that are occurring in your life, everything from physical to emotional to spiritual situations many are related to previous life experiences. When you can recognize these situations, they can help you overcome present issues. Most of the pain you experience is based on traumatic experiences in your life. Many of these traumas can display as illnesses, emotional problems, and even mental issues. These traumas may not have occurred in this life. Once you understand where and when the trauma is based, the effects can be eliminated. Three are signs of past life trauma that I look for in individuals. Once they are discovered, then the work of healing can begin.

Past Life Regression Experiences

Some of your present life trials and tribulations have much to do with past life experiences. Also, the fun and good things we can be enjoying today may relate to these previous reincarnations. It can be very beneficial to understand the challenges of intimate relationships you may be experiencing today and how they relate to your past lives.

How To Discover Your Past Lifehow to discover your past lives

Knowing who your travel companions are may be able to really clear up any questions you have about your life issues. Whether it is to answer the question, “Who was I in my past life by name” or just learning about a past life or past lives can also be greatly enjoyable and entertaining, to say the least. I highly recommend it. You can experience a past life regression hypnosis session which takes you back to encounter life. You can visit with past life regression therapists or a reader like myself, but you can also practice a past life regression meditation which allows you to do the work on your own.

In this podcast, you will learn the following:

  • How we recognize past life attachments.
  • Why understanding the relation to a past life is important.
  • Using the past life experience to the fullest.
  • Is past life regression real?
  • Is past life regression safe?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Past Lives, And Their Relevance To You Today, and learn all about why the ‘who you were’ is as important as the ‘who you are’.

A Free Past Life Reading

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