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June 8, 2021

How A Past Life Regression Session Can Change Your Life UYT295

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Have You Had A Past Life Regression Session Lately?

Are you aware that a past life regression session can change your life? So how can a past life reading or regression affect your current life? First, let’s clarify the difference between a past life reading and a past life regression. There is a difference.

How A Past Life Regression Session Can Change Your Life

Past Life Regression Experiences VS Past Life Readings

But both of these things offer a way for you to glean information about your past lives. In a past life reading, someone who is a clairvoyant reader, for example, or a psychic person, can tap into your Akashic Record. They then can retrieve information about your past lives or even future lives. They will do the work and share the information with you. Someone who is a past life regression guide, on the other hand, talks you through a process that you will carry out. This process is customarily based on hypnosis or self-hypnosis, which will help you experience your past lives directly.

How To Remember Past Life Memories

Another form of accessing your past lives is through meditation, learning to read them yourself. These three forms have clear distinctions.

  • The past life regression is usually experienced with someone, such as a hypnotist, who will help you get into an altered state of consciousness. This consciousness is a state of relaxation where you can access your past lives.
  • A Past Life reading is experienced through a specific individual that will access your Akashic Record. Then they will reflect on you what they see about your past lives.
  • Reading your own past lives through training and meditation.

Between Lives how to find out who you were in a past life

There is one more past life experience that you can have that most people are not aware of. That is a Between Lives reading. This reading will take you to an in-between life state. You can then look at the life review and meet your soul group, the spirits you travel with regularly.

You can also look at your plan to move into your next lifetime. After every incarnation, there is a life review. During this review, you can see every fine detail of the experiences that you had. You not only experience it from your perspective, but you also receive an awareness that you didn’t have during your life.

You also can see it from everyone else’s perspective that experienced you throughout your lifetime. You see the impact and influence that you had on others during your lifetime. All of that information gives you a deep understanding of who you were during your last life adventure. This understanding will result in spiritual evolvement. It uncovers what you would like to learn about or do next time you are reincarnated.

Past Life Regression For Beginnersfind out about your past lives

Whether you are a novice or an expert, understanding your past lives is such a powerful tool. It is so illuminating in many different ways. You can clear your current life issues. Many of the issues such as fears and emotions you encounter are shadows carried over from issues in your past lives. How you react to stimuli that come into your life are learned reactions.

Many people think that much of the way we react to things is learned here from friends, parents, family, etc. Then they try to overcome what they have learned here, like parental pressures with therapy and personal; development. But those techniques will not necessarily uncover the truth about your issues. They are carried over from previous lives and need to be handled differently, using spiritual techniques.

When you go back to examine a previous life or lives, you can come to an understanding. You can get clarity of why you are undergoing what is happening to you and how it happened. This knowledge can clear up many of your issues, just like tumbling a row of dominoes, one issue after another.

What Kind Of Person Was I In My Past Lifehow to remember past life memories

Past life readings and regressions are potent life tools. They are not solely for entertainment purposes. Sorry, but it’s not about just learning non-essential things such as:

  • Who was I in my past life by name?
  • Where was I born in my past life?
  • What was I in my past life?
  • Who did I marry in my past life?
  • What was I in my previous birth on this earth?

It is about the experiences you had in a past life and how they can help you today.

The soul doesn’t necessarily linearly store past life information; this happened, then this happened, and this happened, then this happened. The information is connected based on similar experiences. When you have a past life reading, much depends on where you are at in your life. Because during the reading, you are drawing in and connecting to things that resonate with who you are now.

And that is amazing that you can do that. Amazingly, the information is connected in that way. Because then that past life reading really does help you strictly based on what you are going through. So the information you glean in a past life session, done correctly, is surprisingly resonant and validating.

A Free Past Life Reading

Get Your Free Past Life Reading

It can help you better understand relationships, whether it’s the love interest you currently have or a complicated, challenging relationship. You may want to understand what the soul contract with a child might be or with your parents. Why did you have these particular parents this lifetime? And what the relationship dynamics have been throughout the ages with these members of your soul group.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How A Past Life Regression Session Can Change Your Life. Learn why a past life reading can shed light on what your purpose for your current life is. What the main soul lessons are set to be experienced in your current life. So if you are lost and floundering around, not knowing why you are here, you can look at a broader perspective across multiple lifetimes. It will give you a snapshot into the direction and evolution of your soul because the soul creates through multiple lifetimes. You may explore a particular theme not just in one life but in many lives. Then those many lives come together to give a comprehensive spectrum and perspective of the same theme from many different angles.

Take A Psychic Ability Quiz

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How A Past Life Regression Session Can Change Your Life:

  • I think about this constantly and could talk about it for hours. Doing this past life work is so much more important than people realize. It is so helpful, and it does shed light on the “why is this happening?” in the present moment.
  • Are we living more than one life at a time?
  • Is our soul/consciousness living multiple “lives” / realities at once, or do we live one life at a time? If the answer is multiple, how do current “lives” and the actions in our lives affect one another?
  • Thank you, Dr. Lesley, for my Past Life Reading. I think about it daily and how much it resonates with my current circumstances.
  • Can people reincarnate immediately, or is there space/time between each life?
  • How do you get a past life regression, and how much?
  • Wow, that kind of blows my mind. So I’m also currently living another lifetime now, in what would be considered this timeline. Is there some theme I’m exploring?
  • If we live multiple realities/lives at once, is there a part of our consciousness who is “in charge” of orchestrating what themes we are working on? What would happen if you met an incarnation of yourself in the same lifetime?
  • I just wanted to say hi and that when I first met Lesley, she read a past life that I saw as well sometime before the reading. It confirmed my belief in reincarnation.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that past life aura healing can also help a lot in finding purpose in life. I'm interested in looking for a good service like that because I've been having recurring nightmares lately. I wonder if that has something to do with my subconscious trying to tell me something.

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