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What Were You In A Past Life? 

Have you ever had a past life reading which can also be recognized as a past life regression? First of all, let’s look at some of the basics about a past life reading.

Is Past Life Regression Real?

Past life readings are based on the assumption that we reincarnate. That we, our spiritual essence, are rebirthed into new corporeal form, a body. Reincarnation is the action of living many lifetimes. Do you believe in past lives? Some people do not. They do not feel like they come back again once they have died. I believe that we do. During these different lives, we experience many things as you can imagine. As we live we learn and these learnings are stored, as thoughts are in a body’s memory, in our spiritual memory. It takes more than one lifetime to discover all the lessons that this physical realm has to offer.

Past Life Regression Experiences And Regression Therapy

A past life reading’s main focus is to provide insights into different lifetimes when you were someone else and probably had a very different character and personality. There are many benefits. The one thing that remains the same in every reincarnation is your spiritual being, the core of who you really are. Your experiential memory, however, has added the wisdom of every lifetime to its archives. There are possible traits, whether skills or awarenesses, that will be displayed in your current life that was learned in a previous incarnation.

How To Discover Your Past Life With A Past Life Reading Free On Air

How do past life regression sessions work? During a past life reading, I will go into trance in order to channel your previous lives. The majority of people that I read have lived many times. Because of this fact, whichever past life comes to me during any reading, is not specifically chosen. The one that comes is the one that has to do with the issues you are experiencing today and need clarity on. They are accessed through a wonderful spiritual gift and often I am often aided by spirit guides. Many times when you are having problems in this life it is because you have brought these issues, which are usually unresolved, into this life.

A Past Life Reading Can Be Very Healing!

Many times there will be signs of past life trauma. These issues can be detrimental to your wellbeing. Very frequently I find that these life issues are based or triggered by highly traumatic experiences from a previous lifetime or even the death experience and they have made strong impressions on your spiritual being. Basically, I am spiritually guided and really have no say in what comes up.

Also, I record every session because there is usually so much information that flows through me that you will have a problem trying to remember everything. In this way, you can hear it repeatedly at your leisure. Also when a reading is being carried out the individual I am working with doesn’t always associate what comes up with their life today. When they have the opportunity to listen to the reading again what was brought forth during the reading will become clear and they can use the information for the specific purpose at that point.

Is Past Life Regression Safe?what is a past life regression

One thing that one should take note of is that a previous life’s event may represent itself in this life identically but not necessarily. Many times physical traits such as illness or physical infirmities will show up in the current life but differently. As an example, I read a lady once who had been hung in three previous lifetimes. In this lifetime she has a permanent crick in her neck. Her neck sits at a 30% list and she couldn’t straighten out. In many cases, this type of knowledge from a past life reading will help with a resolution to the issue.

Who Was I In My Past Life By Name?

One of the main questions that I am asked is “have I had past lives”. Also, I would also like to mention that people are often looking forward to being told that they have been a famous person in a previous incarnation. Though this rarely happens it can on occasion occur. It is not important to have been someone of renown. The important thing is to access the information and use it today to make your life better or at least clarify certain things.

I feel that an accurate past life reading will give an individual a real insight into their lives and why they do the things they do. It is a really powerful tool to bring a sensation of life passion, life purpose and personal knowledge into your life.

Are You Interested In Hearing A Past Life Reading Free On Air?

Past life readings are a very important part of the Psychic, Intuitive practitioner’s bag of tools as are the more uncommon future life readings. People are definitely looking for information like “who was I in my past life” and thinking that just by knowing this it will change their lives.

Past Life Dreams, Soulmates, And Lovers

It will if the information from your past life regression is used correctly. Past life sins and past life karma can can past life regression sessions help heal my lifedefinitely affect an individual’s present life. These past life clues give a practiced practitioner the opportunity to see how the individual’s life is being enhanced, guided or hindered by these previous life experiences. Then advice can be given to help the person to make corrections or just understand what and why things are the way they are. One major experience that many people have is meeting a lover from a past life.

When meeting a lover from a past life it can be an amazing connection or sheer terror. When these past life love stories are reenacted the past life lovers reunited can bring issues or pleasantries from these previous experiences and make them real in their current lives.

Today, guest Host Charlotte Spicer invited me to give her callers free accurate past life readings on her show Spiritual Insights. This is a recording of that show that was aired on Unlocking Your Truth as a fill-in show when I was away. It is a different format than usual as there is no teaching at the start. If you are fascinated by past lives and you’re interested in how to know about your past life it is a great episode to tune into as I give some mini past life readings. Another way to hear some short past life readings is on my Free Card Reading Video page where I answer peoples’ past life email questions. They are short but very interesting. By the way, I never publish a person’s in-depth reading. That is strictly private.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • About past life soul mate connection.
  • Past, present and future lives.
  • How to get a free past life reading.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Past Life Reading Free On Air, and listen in to some real past life readings live on the air.

A Free Past Life Card Reading

Get Your Free Past Life Reading

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