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August 29, 2023

How Can My Past Life Story Affect My Health And Other Issues? UYT386

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Do You Have Past Life Connections To The Present?

A question often asked of psychics is, “How does my past life story affect my present, including such things as health, relationships, career, and other life issues?” In other words, is there a past life connection between your health and well-being and other life matters in the current lifetime that you are in now, with things that have happened to you in a past life?

Past lives are definitely related to your current life events. Still, they are never more important or relevant than what is going on in your current life. So yes, you can have resonances with things that happened in a past life. But just seeing it solely from that perspective will not necessarily cause or cure a health issue. Because you also need to look at what’s going on in this life as well. Often, there are parallels between the two. And by learning about the past life, you can have an aha moment that strikes a chord regarding the present life, allowing you to release what’s going on.

How Can My Past Life Story Affect My Health And Other Life Issues?

Who Has Past Life Experiences?

You are a multi-dimensional consciousness, and you create multiple realities. So, your higher being has many expressions. From the perspective of your higher being, those many expressions are being created simultaneously. There can be crossovers of theme and experience within those many different experiencesor projections of consciousness. So, how can you contemplate this from your perspective and your current life?

What percentage of people are affected by past lives in this reality? Do you think most people have had past lives? Has everyone?

Past Life Readingshow to find out who you were in a past life

As a psychic reader, I sometimes encounter people without past lives or other lifetimes on this planet. But that’s a rarity. So, in the 1000s of past life readings I have given over the years, it’s very rare that you have seen someone who has never been on this planet before. And I would also say, of the 1000s of energy healings or medical intuition sessions that I have carried out for people, it’s relatively common that when looking at some health problem, a past life could appear.

As a hypothetical example, you come in with an ankle problem. That ankle problem might be related to a fear of moving forward in this lifetime. And it may have cropped up because you had an injury as a student. An injury that coincided with you experiencing a fear of moving into your future. And you come for a reading to look at this ankle injury that’s been bothering you for years.

A healer will inquire as to when you first injured your ankle. They would assess it was when you were at university, and you were worried for your future. At the same time, they might see that there was a past life where you lost your foot, which literally stopped you from moving forward. Or, possibly, you experienced a past life where you had a battle wound in the same place. It’s relatively common for those kinds of things to come up in psychic readings.

And that is from the soul’s perspective. A theme is explored and expressed through similar incidences and events across multiple lifetimes. Can you say that the event in the past life caused the illness in the current life? Not necessarily.

However, there could be a direct link between one incarnation and another. That’s not impossible, Again, it depends on how you view it.

Whether you are looking at it linearly or from the soul’s perspective.

But you can say that they’re related. And that the past life can give useful information to help you understand and move on from how it’s affecting you in your current life.

Past Lives And Soulmatespast lives and soulmates

The topic of past lives itself is fascinating. It is one of the top topics discussed in the metaphysical community. And many people don’t understand that there is a link, in essence, in many cases, between past lives and present lives. And, like in the example of the ankle issue, the link between the two health issues is not necessarily common knowledge.

When considering past lives, most people look at it from the past love perspective. They want to know if the partner or prospective partner was intimate with them in a past life. And their love has transcended time. What most would call a soulmate connection.

Well, it’s common for people to be curious about people they’re involved with in relationships in their current lifetime. To discover that you have known a lover in other lifetimes. And that’s often precipitated by the event of meeting somebody for the first time. You feel a close connection with them that can’t be explained. It is common to wonder if you knew this person in a past life.

Past Life Regression Session

Another common past life reading or past life regression theme, or at least the way I do them, is that the interest is helping people evolve their spiritual growth. So, regarding past life readings, you always want to link the past with the present.

The first object of a past life session is to examine the present life growth cycle. Next is to examine past lives directly relevant to the current life. And to dig deeper into the events within those past lives that are directly relevant and resonate with things that are going on in your current life.

Individuals can have 1000s of past lives and 1000s, if not millions of events, within each of those past lives. So you can think of it like a giant Rubik’s cube. So when you go for a past life reading, your psychic reader will tune in to them. And then that Rubik’s Cube of past lives is arranging itself so that the focus is on the things that are closer in resonance and experience to what you are going through now. You could choose so many other things that would be utterly irrelevant from past lives that you have experienced. But apart from being entertained by those, what is the point?

The point is to help you in your soul evolution by making you aware of past lifetimes that directly resonate with what you are going through in your current lifetime. Focusing on events of Past lifetimes which help you grow and develop a further understanding of yourself in your current life.

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Particular Events Of Your Past Life Story

So, of course, people often ask to look specifically at lifetimes containing familiar people. You may have a particular curiosity about a specific time or place. You may be drawn to a place like ancient Egypt. Or you have always been curious about World War Two because you think you were a fighter pilot who got shot down.

Sometimes, individuals will be looking for validation of a feeling that they already have. In this case, you can ask to hone in on those specific things during your reading.

Or sometimes you might have an unexplained illness and have tried everything. You have been to your doctor and energy healers, and you really don’t know what the issue is. So, an alternative may be to delve into a past lifetime. Occasionally, a past life healing is the answer.

My Past Life Story And Karmahow to remember past life memories

Not everyone believes in the idea of past life Karma. I do not. It is more related to cause and effect and the Law of Attraction than paying for past transgressions. You create your reality by the energy that you are. Not the energy you were. And so what shows up for you in your life is precisely what you are putting out energetically in the here and now.

And so you can build up momentum regarding where your life is taking you, where your energy is going. And that can continue into the next iteration of that aspect of the soul after you pass on from this life. So, the momentum you build in this life can propel you into another lifetime experience driven by the momentum you built here.

It is equally possible for you to consciously create your next lifetime by taking control of that energy and consciously directing it toward what you want to create for yourself. So again, you are creating consciously or unconsciously and are taking charge of your life, or you are not. And that idea continues on to what you go on to create after you’ve completed this lifetime. Your afterlife is what you believe it to be for as long as you feel it should be.

Who Were You In A Past Life???

Have A Past Life Reading And Find Out

Do you Need A Past Life Healing?

Should you seek a past life healing? Or when should you seek a past life healing? First, what is a past life healing?

Occasionally, you may have a health problem and fail to find a solution. You have tried a bunch of things. And so you wonder if the ailment is caused by a past life. You might even have an inclination that it has to do with a past life. Your next step would be to seek out one of many past life healers available.

Everything is energy. It stands to reason that maladies or diseases are a form of energy as well. So, if you have some form of negative energy from a past life resonating as an energy configuration in your system in the here and now, it must be attended to. One of the things you can do is bring that past energy into the present time, de-energizing and neutralizing it.

You can dissolve the energy, or you can move the energy back into your past life energy field. There is a place where all of the information of your past lives and related to you in this life are stored. So, from your perspective, in this life, you have a past life aura, which is where you can draw on information, wisdom, and experiences from your past lives. But if that energy has leaked into this energy field and is impacting how you are creating in this lifetime, you can pop it back where it belongs. Also, you can bring it into the present time and release it from your system, so you are not carrying that past-time energy.

Yet when you look at this spiritually, it wouldn’t be there if there wasn’t some purpose or relevance to it that also resonates with your current life. There’s always something to learn in the current life. It’s not just about being a victim of a past life afflicting you. This experience is where a past lifewhat is the true past life meaning healer can help. He or she can determine your best plan of action regarding the purpose of the leaked energy and what to do with it.

Regardless of what your exposure to your past life memories is, if you look deep enough, you will find the relevance. And you may even find some enjoyment, like the answer to the question, “Who was I in my past life by name?”

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How Can My Past Life Story Affect My Health? Regardless of what your exposure to your past life memories is, if you look deep enough, you will find the relevance. And you may even find some enjoyment, like the answer to the question, “Who was I in my past life by name?”

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How Can My Past Life Story Affect My Health:

  • Brian – What about other things in past lives that could affect or influence our current life? For instance, if maybe we have some connection to the Titanic (I’m not sure if I did in a past life, but I admit I feel a strong connection to the ship for whatever reason, I can’t deny a vibrational resonance with the ship) and the Titanic exists in my current timeline/life. I’m aware of it. What kind of influence can that have? Does it continue to help us grow/evolve?
    • Brian – That makes sense about multidimensionality and more to life; there is definitely more to the Titanic than meets the eye; I’m exploring that now!
    • Brian – Amazing, you perfectly explained what I’m picking up on and how it all relates. Thank you so much for commenting on my comment!
  • Amber – Can you explain how you measure the present life growth cycle? I have experienced this in a short linear period, e.g., a few months from one to the other.
    • Amber: Thank you for that clarification!
  • Katie – Please tune into one of my past lives related to my current growth cycle and give just a snapshot for me. Please. I’m so curious and look forward to meditating on it. Thank you!
    • Katie – Thank you so much for the personal reading. That was SPOT ON! I feel like that little girl right now. Lots of changes, and I am so excited!!
  • CK – Can more than one person be someone from a past life?
  • Zachary – Pompeii, for me, too, has high interest.
  • Lorraine – Does our energy remain the same in all past lives?
    • Lorraine – Thank you, that makes complete sense. I understand my ex now.
  • May – I have seen a lifetime in Pompeii, and if that is true, can you see if I knew a being named Mafu?

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