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May 28, 2019

How To Remember Past Life Memories UYT207

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How Do I Know I Have Lived Past Lives?

So you want to know how to remember past life memories. First, there needs to be an understanding that every human has past lives. Well at least the largest number of us. Some are new souls. Makes what is the true past life meaningsense that we needed to start somewhere at some time.

You may be one of the people who want the answer to the question “who was I in my past life by the name”? This is not as important to you as you may think. The real value is the realization that you are an eternal being that has recreated yourself into the physical realm in multiple realities also known as reincarnation. You have had other lifetimes on Earth as well as on other planets and in other realities and densities.

All of these experiences are stored in your Akashic Record, which is your personal repository of all your soul’s experiences throughout time, space, and frequency band. This knowledge has a certain amount of value in creating who you are today and the things that you feel and experience in your life.

So Why Can’t You Recall A Past Life?

You are infinite. Each lifetime is finite. Your current body personality only has the capacity to contain a certain amount of your own personal energy and experience. If you tried to fit all of your eternal nature into it, you would explode. So you contain only that which is necessary to live out the current life plan.

This is so that you can focus your consciousness exclusively on what it takes to take advantage of the opportunity offered by earth plane reality in this life. That opportunity is to encase yourself in a vehicle of physical matter and operate in a very focussed way through time and space under the law of cause and effect.

If all the past life thoughts and information of all your past lives were to flow into this one life you would be overwhelmed. Your mind could not handle the influx of info. You would suffer from data overload. However, it may be beneficial to remember some of the things that you have experienced in previous incarnations.

How To Remember Past Life Memories: Unconscious Revelation

You can learn how to remember past lives in dreams. Sometimes past life regression during sleep happens spontaneously for people, especially in children, even if they are not spiritually focussed. Often those memories fade over time or remain a strange curiosity. People often ask me if there is an accurate past life test that they can take to unravel this mystery. It is actually quite easy. There is no need to search out a past lives test because there are very easy to read signs and ways to know that this is not your first life experience.

Here are some of the tips to know if you have been here before:

  • Past Life Dream Recall or Waking Visions of Bygone Eras… You may remember past lives in dreams and they may seem like stories but they are reenactments of past experiences.
  • Recognition Of Unfamiliar Familiar Places or Knowledge of Other Cultures… When you go somewhere new but you have that feeling, maybe even knowing that you have been there before.
  • Meeting New Old Friends or Inexplicable Crushes… Meeting new people but you have the feeling that you have met before even been friends or lovers.
  • Irrational Fears… You have an irrational fear. A fear that just has no reason for being so. This can be from a bad past life experience.
  • Impulses to Act Peculiar… When you act in an unusual way to a circumstance or event in your life. This can be the way you handled the exact situation in a past life.
  • Feeling Like You Hit Replay… Who hasn’t had a Deja Vu experience? Many of these come from past life happenings rolling back around.

A Free Past Life Reading

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How To Remember Past Life Memories, Consciously

Now I want to share what it takes to consciously recall past lives. This happens very naturally as you awaken to your multi-dimensional nature, and as you open your intuitive abilities. In this way, you can have a window into other aspects of your multi-dimensional self and a perspective on how each of those parts relates to you in the here and now. It gives you a glimpse into the larger agenda of your soul. This can be accelerated by committing to your spiritual awakening and following this guidance for awakening humans.

Here are ten ways that you can recall past lives and their stories.accurate past life test

Leave your ego behind: one of the dangers of past life recall is that your ego will take a trip on its importance if you discover you were famous or accomplished. Or it can become invalidated if you recall being a tyrant. We have all been perpetrators of evil and bastions of love. Living through polarities is part of the Earth plane experience. You need to have a sense of perspective and neutrality to deal with this kind of information and to realize you are not those people now, you are someone completely different.

Let go of Scepticism: If you were raised to be logical and scientific, or in a religion or other belief system where reincarnation was denied, you will need to reprogram your beliefs before you can access past life information. If not, your intellect will block it and cause you to doubt any glimmer of it that enters your conscious mind.

By-pass your intellect: The intellect is very powerful. There are various ways that you can over-ride it. One of the easiest for beginners is to pay attention to your dream reality. Keep a dream journal and set the intention to remember your dreams. Then examine your dream reality for clues to your past lives. You can even learn to incubate specific dreams that will focus on this, as you get more experienced at it.

Operate consciously as Spirit: Most humans are embedded in body levels of the logical mind, lower emotions, and sex drive. This unconscious focus on the animal nature, keep your focus in 3D reality, and unaware of your larger self. If you can gain seniority as spirit, your spiritual awareness and psychic abilities open and you can start to experience your multi-dimensional self.

Develop yourself: meditation is a wonderful way to gain seniority as a Spirit, to heal yourself of lower vibrations, and overcome your limits. If you commit to a regular meditation practice e especially one that actively focuses on healing yourself and developing your conscious awareness. your intuition will then open and you will be able to use it to tune into your past life record.

Past Life Regression: you can also guide your conscious awareness by following visualizations, or guided mental journeys. Just like the dream work, this is a great way to bypass the intellect. It feels like you are using your imagination, but actually, you are exploring the inner planes and dimensions of your own psyche. If you are interested in past lives and their adventures you can find an Akashic Adventure focussed on this. Just click the link.

Travel to other realities: as your spiritual development progresses, you may learn how to consciously astral travel. This is a more advanced practice, but a natural progression from dreamwork to be lucid in the out of body state and guide your astral body to visit your past lives. Unlike the physical body which is bound by time and space, the astral body is not and can travel through past, present, and future Earth plane realities.

Past life readings: you may receive a past life reading from an experienced clairvoyant. If the information they bring forward resonates then this will add to your conscious recognition of your past lives. As your psychic development progresses, you can learn to do your own past life readings using your own third eye to observe your own past incarnations.

Hypnotherapy: if you are not confident that you have the experience or discipline to meditate, visualize, or use your own psychic abilities. Yet you wish to have a direct experience of your past lives so that you can internally validate it for yourself, then you may wish to do a past life regression by allowing a hypnotherapist to guide you through an experience of some of your past lives.

Ask your body: a final suggestion that is accessible to most people as a first step is to use a technique that allows you to ask questions and validate the answers through something tangible and physical. Psychometry is one example of this. Use a pendulum to ask Yes/No questions, such as “as I alive in ancient Egypt?”
You could also use kinesiology or muscle testing if you have a willing partner to work with you.

My Past Life Storyhow to remember past lives in dreams

I want to end on a note of encouragement. It was important for me to learn how to remember past life memories. I had my first past life recalls through my dreams. As I developed my intuition I was able to explore my Akashic Records consciously at will and see hundreds of them; as well as to read tens of thousands of past lives for other people over the last 20 years. I believe this is possible for all awakening humans to do the same. This is attainable for you with some dedication and focus. Like all things, it will progress faster if you focus on it, no matter which path you choose to follow.

Remember as well that understanding the past life meaning of a current event can help you but it is not the end all be all. Learning how to live in the present will bring you much joy and peace.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Remember Past Life Memories as we discuss the ten top ways to remember your past life experiences.

A Free Past Life Reading

Get Your Free Past Life Reading

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