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June 9, 2020

Destiny Of Souls, Past Lives, And Passing Over UYT245

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Where Does My Soul Go When I Die?

What does the destiny of souls, past lives, and passing over or death along with your loved ones all where does my soul go when I diehave in common? Do they converge, and if so, how do they, what are their commonalities?

This topic was stimulated by a question from one of my students who asked, “Do we reconnect with our loved ones from current and past lives when we pass? (I genuinely believe we do, but the validation would be incredible)

There is a simple answer. You are Spirit. Everyone else is Spirit and lives on forever. So as for past lives, reincarnation, and even the destiny of souls, it is quite evident. Spirit is eternal, and in turn, so are you and everyone else in our universe and any other reality.

Destiny Of Souls, Past Lives, And Passing Over

Now there are a few more details that you must understand when referring to the destiny of souls. What happens after you leave this mortal body depends on you. Huh?

You must understand that everything that happens in your life is cause and effect. You manifest it all. You planned out your script concerning the things that you wanted to experience here in this life long before you got here. As Spirit, you could do so.

Do You Believe In Past Lives?

Now you get to this particular life carrying with you all your experiences from past lives and future lives, often including signs of past life trauma. Some of these may bleed over into this life, affecting you in different ways. Yet this was still your destiny.

Now it is time for you to pass on into the afterlife. What happens? Simple, it is all in the plan. Your pre-determined beliefs that you lived by in this life will define what you experience when you die.

If you consider heaven and hell as part of your spiritual salvation, then depending on how you “judge yourself,” your life will determine where you go next. If you believe that you will meld back into the great Oneness, you will. If you believe you will meet up with all your loved ones from this life journey and others, you will.

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Past Life Regression

One thing that can put much of this together for you would be a past life reading. It can be entertaining as well as fascinating. Not one when your main goal was to answer questions like “who was I in my past life by name, what is my past life story.” I am speaking about past lives’ analysis of pertinent reincarnation facts that can show you the past life meaning of your experiences and how they relate to your current life.

Past Life Recall

Learning how to remember past life memories or just having a reading with a professional regression what is the true past life meaninghypnotherapist or a psychic reader can help clear up dreams of past life lovers or family members that may be haunting you. Uncovering a selection of these secrets can clear up many a current mystery in different aspects of your life.

So you can see how the destiny of souls, past lives, and death have much to do with seeing your loved ones once again. Either in encountering them from another life, past or future, or hereafter the here and now.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Destiny Of Souls, Past Lives, And Passing Over, and learn about your connection with loved ones throughout the eons. We will share some personal reincarnation stories and facts about life between lives hypnotherapy for spiritual regression.

In this podcast, Destiny Of Souls, Past Lives And Passing Over, you will learn about:

  • Is past life regression real?
  • What is the destiny of your soul?
  • Will you see your loved ones again in another life?

Here are some of the comments and questions about past lives and the destiny of souls that came up and were answered during this episode.

  • Can past lives come from another planet? Someone on the Internet is doing some regression, and the subject is in a trance and is talking about being a reptilian type of entity who has a mission here.
  • I prefer having you read vs. hypnosis because I don’t believe what’s coming out of my mouth. But when you say it, it rings true and feels more real.
  • I had a past life reading with you a few months back, last few days, past life energy has surfaced in my consciousness again. I feel like I’m entering a time of energy release and shifting strongly again, a lot of physical purging with this. Is there anything relevant for me to hear with this at this moment that you pick up? If not all good and content in surrendering and dropping In with the process.
  • Can someone ask you about a specific past life of someone else?
  • Are the past lives and memories private or locked to a specific soul?
  • Are the memories stored in the body? I assumed that they are stored in the soul.

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