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June 23, 2016

Am I Reincarnated Clues You Lived Past Lives – UYT003

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How Do You Know if You Were Here Before?

Are you asking yourself the question” am I reincarnated”? Do you believe in past lives? maybe you are interested in past lives and reincarnation? Have you ever wondered about your own past lives? Do you believe you only get one life? Or are you fascinated to know if you have been learn about signs of past life traumahere before, how often and how to discover your past life?

Clues You Lived Past Lives

Why you should know if you did? Each of us is basically the same yet are having a unique journey of souls. Everyone except for a small percentage of individuals has had many lifetimes of existence. You are old souls. Your personal reincarnation stories all meld together to form you the Spirit.

Each different life has some form of learning, some form of karmic occurrence. You may display talents that have not been learned as in child prodigies. You may live an emotionally painful life because you have brought past hurts with you to this reality. Regardless of what the issue or blessing maybe it will express itself in your life for a reason.

The reason is you. Before being born in this life, you decided that you needed to or desired to have this experience once again. Yet maybe with a different outcome this time. Not unlike going on an amusement park ride over and over again. One might think that once you have had the experience you will no longer need to do it again. But we all know that we learn from repetition or at the least derive enjoyment from it.

Am I Reincarnated?

There are ways that you can tell that you have lived before. Here are several of my top 10 clues you lived past lives:

  • Past Life Dream Recall: Have you ever dreamed you were in a different body? We’re doing things in a different period of history and wore old fashioned or foreign clothes. Maybe you spoke and understood another language or dialect.
  • Visiting an Unfamiliar Familiar Place: Have you ever visited a new place where you haven’t been before, perhaps on vacation you recognize the area.
  • Meeting a New Old Friend: Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like they were an old friend? Or did you ever have an instant and inexplicable dislike or revulsion towards somebody new?
  • Childhood Memories: Some young children remember their immediate past lives. There are many documented cases where children have been able to tell their parents where they lived and who their old family was. There are many reports of children with past life experiences. There are also the same family reincarnations that occur.
  • Irrational Fears: Especially of Dying: One possible explanation, when all others have been eliminated, is that this is how you died in a past life and the trauma of the experience has carried over. These can be clues that you haven’t’ yet adjusted to the new incarnation and have.
  • Inexplicable Crushes: Have ever had an attraction to someone you do not know and can never expect to meet? Sometimes (not always) these types of experiences can actually be explained by past life connections.

I hope these past life clues are helpful. You can hear the rest of them on the podcast.

Past Life Regression Stories

There are many documented cases of reincarnation and real past life stories available on the internet. There is even a reference to reincarnation in the Bible in Hebrews 9 27: ‘And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.’

How does reincarnation happen is another question altogether. Maybe past lives’ demystification may only be realized from the other side. If there is true interest and keep aware of your life experiences you will find reincarnation evidence.

Past Life Regression Sessionspast life regression and more

When you are looking to answer the question am I reincarnated there are ways to remember your past lives. If you are interested in how to find out about past lives or answer the question “ who was I in a past life “ then a past life regression or past life reading may be in the cards for you. You can even get a past life reading online free, see the link below. You too can find out your past life through an accurate past life analysis. Another way to explore the experience is to practice a past life regression meditation. Whichever you decide I can assure you that it will make a difference to your current life. Whether it is dreams of past life lovers or signs of past life trauma they can all help you live the fullest life possible.

In this podcast, Am I Reincarnated Clues You Lived Past Lives you will learn:

  • Top 10 clues you lived past lives.
  • Common myths about reincarnation.
  • About the past, present, future, and parallel lives.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Am I Reincarnated Clues You Lived Past Lives, and learn ways to recognize if you have lived before.

A Free Past Life Reading

Get Your Free Past Life Reading

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