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What Meditation Should I Do? There Are So Many Types!

Yes there are so many types of meditation I can hear you now, “what meditation should I do?” Have you ever tried to meditate but had issues with the which meditation is right for metype of or style you tried. I hear the question “I just don’t know which meditation is right for me” from so many people. These are not unusual issues to have especially with novices. Choosing the right style and then learning how to meditate for beginners can be daunting. However whether you are practicing meditation techniques for beginners or you have been involved with a practice for years the benefits of meditation are well worth the effort. Many people as a for instance have issues with sitting cross legged in the lotus positing. They just cannot do it. So what! Sit in a chair. The main focus should be doing it not necessarily doing it perfectly.

There are so many meditation styles as well as specific purposes. There are meditation techniques for stress as well as meditation techniques for anxiety, meditation techniques for concentration and even types of meditation for pain relief. So many to choose from!

How Many Types Of Meditation Exist?

Contemporary meditation tools used to deal with modern challenges are derived from traditional, ancient meditation techniques, practices and techniques. Meditation is an incredible old practice that underpins all spiritual practices in all countries and cultures.

  • Ancient Sumer/Mesopotamia (> 5000 BCE)
  • Egyptian Mystery Schools (>3000 BCE)
  • Vedas of Ancient India (1500 BCE)
  • Taoist China & Buddhist India (600 BCE)
  • Yoga Sutras & Bhagavad Gita (400 BCE)
  • Christian Mystics (> CE)
  • Japanese Buddhism (653 CE)

Most religions advocate meditation (Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Taoism, Christian, Judaism, Bahai, Islami, Pagan, New Age). Each religion has its own practices and various techniques are employed:-

  • Practices – Hinduism (Vedic, Yogic, Tantric, Kundalini) / Buddhism (Anapanasati, Vipassana, Satipathana)
  • Techniques – Breathing, Postures, Contemplations, Imagery, Visualizations, Affirmations, Mantras, Mudras.

what meditation should i doIn this podcast you will learn about the five modern styles of meditation :

Concentrative (Mind Focus)

  • Breath, image, object, sound.
  • Transcendental Meditation.
  • Based on Hindu tradition.

Receptive (Being Present)

  • Notice senses, feelings, thoughts without reacting.
  • Mindfulness meditation.
  • Based on Buddhism.

Reflective (Disciplined Thinking)

  • Reflect on a question, challenge, idea or project.
  • Christian rosary and prayer.
  • Kabbalah in Judaism.

Generative (Emotional State)

  • Nurture love, gratitude, compassion and patience
  • Acting as if they are already active within you..
  • Loving Kindness Meditation in Buddhism

Active Visualization (Imaginative Creativity)

  • Visualize images, symbols, memories
  • Release limits, change beliefs.
  • Mystery School Religions, Scientology.

So no matter which meditation style or mindfulness meditation practice you chose the benefits of different types of meditation will always help and not hinder you in any way. Over the next few weeks I will be going into detail on the different styles of meditation practices. I hope you will join me.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Meditation Should I Do, we not only discuss how to meditate but also provide you with a link to a free guided meditation for beginners.

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