April 8, 2017

What Is Monkey Mind? UYT071

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Are You Being Driven Crazy By Your Own Thoughts? If So What Will You Do?

What is Monkey Mind, and are you being driven crazy by its effects? Let’s take a look! So your mind will not stop spinning, whirring around. You are stuck in a mental laboratory maze, and positive and negative effects of stressyou can never find the piece of cheese at the end. Sometimes, life can throw issues and challenges at us that drive us absolutely berserk trying to figure out and resolve, and this is called stress. It can even get to the point where it drives someone to insanity. There is an interesting term for when the symptoms of stress take over your life. It is called Monkey Mind.

This a term that depicts when you have reached a place where stress or confusion has become prominent, and you will not calm down or think straight or logically, where you seem to have had real sanity leave you. You seem to have lost complete focus on the present or even reality, or you feel like you are on the verge of becoming mentally unstable or even real insanity and are struggling to get back on track. An interesting description I heard the other day that can describe when you are suffering from a Monkey Mind and experiencing the loss of focus is, “The mind is like a drunken monkey stung by a scorpion.”

What Is Monkey Mind?

The Effects Of Stress And Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind, anxiety is stress, as it is better known, can be caused by many different areas of your life being in turmoil. There are also many types of stress. The mental effects of stress and the emotional effects of stress can be devastating to you and all those around you.

How do you recognize if you are suffering from Monkey Mind? What are some of the symptoms? When your thoughts are constantly drifting to the past or future, it may be a strong indication. The new age term for this drifting is not being in the present. In most cases, Monkey Mind is caused by trying to do too much. Another scenario would be constantly worrying. One of the major causes is if you are facing a really frightening experience of some sort and you remain in a state of fear. Do not overlook these issues because they can be the causes of mental health problems.

What Is Stress?

Stress is actually simply a reaction that your body has when changes transpire. It is related to any occurrence of unusual physical, mental, or emotional stimuli.

You respond to these differences in various ways. Stress is not abnormal. There are so many how to manage stressdifferent sources that cause stress. It would be impossible to list them all because what may cause you a level of discomfort may be life-altering to another. It is not just a negative stimulus that can cause the Monkey Mind to kick in. It can also be a positive situation. You may have received a promotion at work or are expecting an addition to the family. These are positive aspects of one’s life but can play havoc with your stress level.

The Monkey Mind And Health

As a human being, you are built to experience stress and then to have some form of reaction to it. Since the first man walked the earth, he has been faced with the positive and negative effects of stress. It kept him alert and alive. When stress becomes a negative event is when the stressors occur too consistently with any ebbing. Examples of this can be illness, overwork, and the most common money issues. The lack of proper stress management will cause the body to go into “fight or flight mode” and all the bodily functions that go along with it. This consistent barrage of physical and emotional responses can cause all kinds of short-term effects of stress issues that can cause a variety of results, even death.

Taming The Monkey Mind

This is why it is imperative that learning how to manage stress is critical. If some form of stress treatment, beginning with stopping the monkey chatter, is not entered into, the long-term effects of stress can alter your life drastically. One of the ways people tend to deal with these issues that come up is to ignore or even numb them with various ineffective solutions such as drugs, alcohol, or other positive yet negative reinforcement. Then, these so-called solutions cause even more stress, and you are trapped in a wicked cycle of self-destruction.

Simple Stress Management Strategies

However, all of the above and many more situations that cause this modern affliction can be leave monkey mind anxiety behindalleviated, and it doesn’t necessarily take seeing a psychiatrist or mental health specialist. One of the best stress management skills you can ever acquire is that of practicing a grounding meditation or Monkey Mind meditation, as it is also called.

If you do find yourself hitting a wall when it comes to overcoming your Monkey Mind, you can always have a session with an energy healer who can help you take control of your life.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is Monkey Mind, and find out how to quiet the annoying monkey mind and stop those feelings and practices that may cause you to drive yourself to insanity.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Taming the monkey mind by staying in the present.
  • Relaxation techniques for the mind.
  • The effects of training your monkey mind and having a clear, present mind.

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