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January 15, 2012

Our Planet Is Alive But Is It Well Balanced?

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Planet Earth Is A Living Being And We Are Related?

Do you realize that the Our Planet, Earth is a living being with a spiritual consciousness, just like you and I? Actually, almost all planets are living beings. Humans are like cells in the Earth’s larger body and we are meant to live in harmony with her. Right now we are out of balance. Many humans think of our planet as a collection of resources to use to feed man created a cycle of economic growth and expansion but the earth is a living thing and should be treated as so.

Usually, I like to write about Metaphysical topics yet it is important to think about our environment as well especially these days. There are so many issues plague our beautiful blue planet that is being caused by this parasitical infestation called man.

Our Planet Is In Pain

Our population keeps growing in leaps and bounds and turn, we are putting a strain on the limited natural list of effects of climate changeresources available. Water is in increasingly short supply in many regions across the globe. This is caused by weather changes, global warming, which are stimulated by our overuse of fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

We have the technology to change this but because the large corporations do not want to let go of the massive dollars these products generate. In one way corporate greed is killing all of us including themselves. There is a certain irony to that. There is a new study has shown that over 71% of all the pollution in the world is caused by only 100 corporations. (source The Guardian)

The decimation of our ancient forests that are needed to replenish our oxygen supplies is occurring rapidly. Here in British Columbia, the forests are emitting more Carbon gases than they are filtering out. This is the reverse of what it historically has been, a provider of wonderful clean oxygen we need to live.

The overuse of plastics has come to epidemic proportions. There are seas of plastic floating in the oceans. They are killing wildlife on an ongoing basis.

The Hope Of Our Planet

The news is not all bad though. We have repaired the depleting Ozone layer of our atmosphere. We, you, everyone made the changes needed to save and repair the holes the fluorocarbons had torn in this protective layer that engulfs the earth. We did it once, can we do it again?

We need to “Go Green”. This is the buzz phrase for the new millennium. It can be done. You can do things that will make changes required to reduce greenhouse gases. These are mega tasks that will take a massive effort on your part. They are little things. Small changes you can carry out daily. Things that can and will make a positive impact on the environment. Mother Nature, Gaia, has taken care of us for so long, it’s now time to give back.

Here are a few ways that will be beneficial to the war against environmental collapse:

  • Water Maintenace… Small things like not running the water while you are practicing your dental hygiene will help. Fix all the leaks in your plumbing such as dripping taps or toilets. These alone can save 100 or more gallons of water from useless waste daily for every household. Use cold water washing for your laundry.
  • Recycle And Reuse… Your municipality has a recycling program. Learn about it and use it. Monitor what you are throwing in the trash. In our household, we have a small grocery-sized bag of garbage every two weeks. The rest is recycled or composted. Buy products with less packaging.
  • Compost… Set up a compost station for your yard and gardens. If you do not live in a house with a yard use the cities composting services or another venue. They are all around. It is easy to compost. Try it.
  • Walk… Walk or bicycle where you want to go, work, school, shopping. Stop using driving for those small trips that you would now use the car for. Double benefits there, you save carbon emissions and get healthier. Plan your trips. Consolidate your chores so you are saving time on the road. Again double savings. You also have more time for yourself.
  • Use Carpool Or Transit… Most populated areas have the availability of transit options for your commuting. They are inexpensive compared to rising gasoline and vehicle maintenance costs. Another bonus. Most of the vehicles on the morning and evening commutes have only one person in them. This can be changed just by communicating with your neighbors or co-workers. More bonuses; you make new friends.
  • Lighting… Compact fluorescents are great energy savers and last longer than connectional lights. LED lights last even longer. These options maybe a little more expensive in the initial layout of cash but they do save you money in the long run. They use a fraction of the electricity that regular bulbs do. The bonus is that you can actually put money in your pocket. Also, think solar. Many different solar options are becoming available to replace things that would use batteries or electricity, Xmas lights, outside lighting, garden, and the list goes on.

One of the big things you can do to save energy and money is “turn the darn light off”. We are so spoiled and leave lights on when we do not require them. Some of our home’s lighting is on sensors. They turn on and off automatically when you enter a room and leave it. The bonus here is that you don’t need to fumble with a light switch.

  • Become Energy Wise… Watch for energy leaks such as open windows during the heating season, Lower your temperature when you go to bed. Use a programmable thermostat that can alter the temperature when you are at work. Keep your heating system properly maintained.
  • Car Maintenance… Keeping your car properly maintained, regular oil changes, tire inflation, regular tune-ups will reduce gasoline usage. Another bonus, bonuses are fun, money in your pocket from gas savings. With the price of gas going up regularly the choice of an all-electric or hybrid vehicle is starting to make sense as well. Driving your vehicle at 2000 RPMs or less, 60 MPH or less generally, will really lower your fuel consumption. Also losing your ‘lead foot’ will make some positive changes when it comes to accelerating and braking.

What Goes Up Must Come Downunderstanding the importance of environment protection

From a spiritual perspective, the earth is a sentient being, a living organism. Our Planet Earth is like a schoolhouse for developing souls. This world manifests a reality of dualities and opposites and our challenge is to balance these opposites. We must do this first within ourselves. Then we come into balance within, we can extend this to our fellow humans and our planet.

The Earth goes through cycles of growth and change, just like we do. In fact, we go through these cycles together. How can we not when we are bathed in her energy every moment of our lives. Right now we are in a major energy shift.

How Can We Cope With The Energy Shifts?

Meditation helps for sure and there are two key techniques for connecting with the Earth. The first is called grounding. Create a flow of energy from near the base of your spine, your first chakra – the root chakra, to the center of the Earth a living system. The second is to consciously run Earth energy, the earth is alive so it has real energy, through your energy field. Bring in energy from the Earth through the arches of your feet and let it flow up your legs to near the base of your spine and then down your grounding.

Do these two meditation techniques and see how connected you feel to yourself, your spirit, and mother earth. Together we can all make a difference for ourselves and the kids. They deserve a chance.

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