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September 26, 2013

What Do Meditation, Creativity, Art And Writing Have In Common?

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Meditation, Mindfulness, Help Your Creativity Manifest And Flow

What do meditation, creativity, and all the arts have to do with each other? Simple! Meditation helps your creativity flow and opens the flood gates to your imagination. Above enhancing creativity it is also possible to usemeditation benefits include artistic inspiration powerful meditation techniques to consciously create your life. A Mindfulness practice really helps you to adapt, create and thrive in a frantic world. For example, many elite athletes prepare themselves and learn to focus intently, by using forms of creative visualization, which are just forms of meditation. These, in turn, enhance their overall performance and their success. There are examples of successful actors and writers who have done the same thing. There are forms of meditation for creative writing that Authors also use as well as similar meditations for alleviating writers’ block.

Creative writing and writing in your journal are also great ways to enter “the now”. Creating art is meditative in its own right as it brings you into the flow of the present moment.

Mindful Meditation Boosts Creativity And Innovation

Many forms of creativity can emerge. When I started meditating, I also began painting. I don’t plan what I will paint, but allow the creativity to flow through me without thought. Once a painting is complete, I use my intuition to interpret the colors and symbols that have emerged. My Portico card deck was born from paintings that were created in this way. I was guided through a meditation to use them in the card deck after they were born.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”Thomas Merton

I Wrote The Midas Tree In Meditation

I used meditation to clear my blocks as a writer. This has helped me to receive an outline of the book, also in meditation. To write I sat quietly while the story played to me as though I was watching a movie. All I had to do was watch and listen and write as the story unfolded before my eyes.

I found I was able to stop at any place in the story and resume at the same place whenever I liked. There was never any writer’s block because the story was already created in its entirety. All I had to do was bring it into physical manifestation by writing it down. I was like a reader who could not wait to see what would happen next.

As I was writing I was aware of the many layers of information and meaning that are embedded in the story. They are all layers of information that I as a person knew. However, I don’t believe I could have woven such magic had I used my intellectual mind to figure it all out. I credit meditation as the most important tool that allowed me to write The Midas Tree.

Using Meditation For Creativity

If you look at the great authors throughout history, people like Hemingway, Jack London, and Edgar Allan Poe, they all seemed to be tortured in some way. They displayed a lot of anguish around their writing. Art lovers and artists are no different. Artists and similarly have concluded, whether correctly or not, that if you are not filled with angst your true creativity may elude you.

It’ doesn’t take a long stretch of the imagination to think that this concept is true. You see stories about creative individuals in the movies or on television and how they struggled with every emotion from rage to depression. You have witnessed great recording artists die premature deaths by their own hand or overuse of drugs. Michael Jackson, Levis, Jim Morrison, and one of my favorites Amy Winehouse. You may conclude that this angst is required to be highly productive and rise to the top of your artistic field.

Believe it or not, a regular meditation practice can afford you the identical possibilities to advance and feed your creativity. This will also come without any of the trauma and negative emotions associated with drugs or alcohol abuse that so many artists turn to as their muse. The negative state of mind that is linked to these oppressive substances will create stress and unhappiness in your life as well as detrimentally affect your health. They can also result in death. Of course, an artist is rarely as famous when they are alive but the alternative doesn’t seem use guided meditation for creativity and inspiration to be something you would desire.

Where Is Inspiration Manifested?

So where does this artistic creativity come from? It doesn’t seem to me to be a logical aspect of the mind. The process of physical creation may be so but the inspiration is something very different. Is there somewhere within the human brain that affords a special area that all inspirational ideas are kept? Are these download at birth for you to carry out at some aforementioned time in your life. I think not.

Creativity tends to be different for everyone. Otherwise, artistic endeavors would all look the same.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”Pablo Picasso

Time Alone And Meditation Creativity

It is true that being in a melancholy state of mind, one that is driven by angst would drive you into solitude. This alone time can stimulate thought, ideas, concepts that you may not come up with without there in the busyness of your life. Is this the have for creativity?

This where meditation comes in. Meditation is not a team sport. Mediation is an inward journey that connects you with your higher self, Spirit. It has been shown in countless studies that entering a meditative state uniquely uses your brain, unlike other thought processes. It uses alternate networks. This inward reflection stimulates the creation because it is not involved with the external world but with Spirit and Spirit is not limited by time or space or any other earthly tether.

This is where access to your intuitive abilities lay. Intuition is a very important aspect of your internal makeup. It is the source for spontaneity and out of box creative processing. Meditation opens your intuition. When you practice this you learn to trust your intuitive senses. This helps with creating trust in yourself to be making the right choices without using a logical thought process.

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When you begin to trust yourself to this level spontaneity is close behind. You are now free to create because you have no negativity around your actions. You are free to allow inspiration to flow with any questions of its quality or worldly worth. Self-judgment takes a back seat to trust.

As a practiced meditator, you will notice an increase in increased empathy, concentration, memory enhancement, improved attention span, and more. These can all be linked with your creativity. Basically to use a cliche adage ‘your brain is firing on all cylinders’. Mediation uses the whole of the brain, not just a single quadrant.

“Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found.”Eckhart Tolle

Here are a few simple tips you can use to help you increase your creativity through Meditation:

  • Guided Meditations… Following a guided meditation for creativity gives you the freedom to lose yourself in the process. This is one of the really great meditation techniques for beginners especially. You can even create and record your own creativity meditation.
  • Change It Up… Try different types of meditation. HAveing a specific form that you follow is wonderful but sometimes the energy of something can be very stimulating. If you are a solo meditator try group and visa versa. If you have never used guided form try it.
  • Release Attachment… There is a great say that I have heard and so have you I am sure, “don’t be attached to the outcome”. There is no wrong or right when it comes to meditating. Mediation allows you to connect with the spiritual aspect of nature which connects you to the Univers, God. Allow the Universe to help expand your creativity and the ideas to flow easily. The Universe, in essence, becomes your muse.
  • Be Present… One meditation that you can follow outside of your practice is to learn to become present. By being here and now you see much more of your world. You feel much more of your emotions. You connect more to all living things. This mindfulness practice of increased awareness will also unleash your creativity.how mindfulness and creativity are linked

You are special. No matter what you may think you are a creative person. You just need to nurture it. Allow yourself the gift of expressing it.

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”Bob Ross

How might your inspiration emerge if you were to use meditation to boost creativity?

Using creative visualization for manifesting what would you like to create in your life?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Meditation Helps Your Creativity Flow, and learn about the numerous standard and mindfulness meditation benefits in regards to your creative process.

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