How Meditation Opens Your Intuition

how meditation opens your intuition

How Meditation Opens Your Intuition And Activates Your Third Eye

If your goal is to find out how to open third eye quickly then Lets talk about how meditation opens your intuitionFirst let me ask if you ever had the feeling that someone was about to call just you just before they did? Or did you or a friend ever see a spirit or have a dream or how meditation opens your intuitionpremonition that came true? Stories like this abound because every one of us has spiritual senses. The one we are discussing is clairvoyance or clear seeing.Unfortunately most of us have forgotten how to use them. It is no wonder because our education and culture mostly values our intelligence and so this is where we focus our attention. One way back is through Meditation.

Intuitive Discoveries

Did you know that many of the great discoveries in history came from intuition? Albert Einstein is a great example, his theory of relativity was inspired by a dream, much like being a meditative state, where he was going down a mountainside ever faster and watching the appearance of the stars change as he approached the speed of light. He said:

“What I say is more often felt through intuition than thought through intellect.”

“It is not intellect, but intuition which advances humanity.”

Albert Einstein

Other examples of discoveries and inventions made in the dream state include the structure of the benzene ring by August Kekule, the sewing machine by Elias Howe, theory of atomic structure by Nils Bohr and the experiment that proved how nerve impulses are transmitted by Nobel Prize winner Otto Loewi. There are many more examples like this including famous novelists, poets and composers whose creative works came to them intuitively.

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Accessing Your Intuition

These individuals, needed to be asleep in order to access their intuition because their intellectual mind was more dominant in their awareness when they were awake. Meditation can help you learn to consciously access your intuition, in other words to have a third eye opening, also known as the sixth chakra.

When you meditate, you quiet your busy intellectual mind and tune out all distractions of the external world. Instead you turn within to focus on the world inside yourself and you enter a space where information flows freely and can be simply known instead of having to be figured out. There are ways to open your third eye without meditation but a meditation to activate the Pineal gland is most probably the quickest and easiest.

You can find a free third eye guided meditation here. There are many meditation techniques to this however this one is very deep, much like a guided hypnosis to open third eye.

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