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September 30, 2013

How Does Meditation Help Your Body?

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What Is Meditation Used For?

How does meditation help you listen to your body’s messages and why is so important to you you can use a guided meditation for stress and anxietyand your life? When your body, mind, and spirit are in balance, you experience good health and in turn a happy life generally.

However, you can sometimes get caught up in a crisis that causes you to lose focus. You may concentrate on one area more than others and you get out of balance. This is not unlike what you experience when sitting at a table that has one leg that is not the same length as the others. One of the physical benefits of meditation is that it can really help in getting you refocused on what is off in your life.

Emotions are the way our bodies communicate with us. For example, if you are getting tired, but you push yourself to keep going, your body may respond by becoming grumpy. Or if your relationship is stressful, your body may feel afraid. Of course, it works the other way too and the body will express happiness and joy in cheerful situations.

What Happens If You Don’t Listen To Your Body?

If you don’t listen to your body’s emotional signals when it is tired or stressed then a stronger message is required. The issue may then become expressed as illness or disease. The benefits of daily meditation are that it can help you to tune into your body’s messages so that you can respond to them before it develops into a physical ailment.

  • Digestive problems can indicate that you are having trouble “digesting” or accepting something.
  • Inflammation in the joints may mean that you are judging yourself and others too harshly.
  • Your backache may be caused by a sense of having no emotional and financial support.
  • Your sore throat may indicate that you are not speaking up about something of concern and so on.

Illness Is A Signal For Change

Illness is a way your body seeks to restore change by drawing your attention to a problem so that you can cleanse built-up negative manifestations of energy in your system. You have the power to change anything that you have created by replacing negative patterns with positive and nourishing thoughts and the relaxed and focused states of meditation can help you to do this. One side effect of learning how to meditate is that through meditation spiritual awakening is very possible and probable. This can be of major benefit to the mind and body over and above the increase in love compassion and kindness that is felt by most.

How Does Meditation Help To Attain A Healthy Body?

You can do many things to relax your mind and body however you would be hard-pressed to find anything that does it better than meditation. The benefits of daily meditation range from reducing stress, calming the mind, and nourishing your Spirit. It also increases your powers of perception, increases your mental function, and increases your emotional health. Your feelings become more clear as well as controlled. Emotions such as gratitude, empathy, self-worth, kindness, and more are enhanced and appreciated.

With the recognition of all of these spiritual benefits of meditation, it is easy to neglect the physical benefits of meditation. I cannot impress the importance of meditation enough with my clients and students. Whether you are a novice or an avid practitioner it is good to understand the meditation benefits for health.

Here are just a few of the effects of meditation on the body:there are many physical benefits of meditation

  • Better Cardiovascular Health… As you meditate you are controlling your breath. This along with the benefits of calmly sitting gives your cardiovascular system a chance to also take a breather. Your blood pressure automatically reduces which reduces overall tension in your body which in turn creates health.
  • Reduce Anxiety And Stress… One of the real silent killers in our hectic world is stress. Stress can take a real toll on your body and mind. Meditation is an outstanding method of overcoming the corporal symptoms that stress can cause. Some of the areas that it can help with are increased breath capacity, increased blood circulation eliminating the tingling sensation in your extremities, relief of muscle pains and aches, less frequent or intense headaches to mention just a few.

Guided Meditation For Stress And Anxiety

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  • Increased Physical Health… A regular meditation practice helps to increase your immune system to fight off flues, colds, and other common diseases. When you are run down it is much easier to fall prey to dis-ease. Meditation also can help with pain relief as well.
  • Better Physical Performance… You have heard that much of your sporting success comes from the mental game. There was a study done that had half a basketball team sit on the bench practicing free throws as the other half actually did them. In studying the results the increase in skill rose the same level for both groups.

Basically, this was a meditation exercise. Not only does meditation improve your ability to focus and concentrate but it can also enhance your sense of balance and physical flexibility.

  • Pain Relief… Basic Meditation gives the body a chance to relax deeply, in turn, allowing it to recover from the pain from an injury. Remember the adage, “take two aspirins and rest in bed” that doctors used to prescribe. The reason it worked so well is that it gave your body the chance to slow down. meditation does the same but in less time.
  • Improved Sleep… Studies have shown that people who meditate or practice mindfulness daily are more prone to get to sleep faster, sleep more soundly, and wake up more refreshed in the morning than others who do not.

It also activates the mind to help overcome the pain because pain is an automatic reaction that is provided by the brain to make you pay attention to what is going on.

So what does meditation do to the brain? This mindfulness practice, another name for meditating, allows us to be still and listen to our inner voice about our body’s ailments. At the heart of each illness is a core concept or way of thinking that does not serve you well. Over years of not paying attention, it can become solidified in your body.

Some Popular Questions And Facts About Meditation Techniques That I Receive:

  • What type of meditation is right for me?
  • What are the benefits of meditation for the mind?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of mediation?
  • Are there spiritual benefits of meditation?
  • Is there a recommended meditation for beginners?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How Does Meditation Help Your Body, and learn about the numerous benefits of meditation.

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  2. Meditation honestly works for me. When I’m stressed out, I sit somewhere peaceful and I meditate. That’s when I collect my thoughts.

  3. I just started meditating but my wife is hesitant on doing this. I’m going to share this to her later. I’m sure she’s going to like this. Thanks a lot for posting and sharing this information!

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