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July 16, 2020

World Meditation, A Mass Guided Meditation For Healing The Body

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Meditation Is Key To A Fulfilled Existence

Is it possible that a guided meditation for healing the body carried out simultaneously by many people can affect the health of the masses globally? Currently, a virus that has gone worldwide is challenging us. It is devastating the lives of so many people. It is also affecting the world economy on a drastic basis. So why do I feel that meditation can help us get through this?

World Meditation, Guided Meditation For Healing The Body On A Global Level

Benefits Of Daily Meditation

Daily practice has many benefits, and as a teacher, I genuinely believe in its strength, but please do not misconstrue this as an attempt to say that it is a cure-all that will eradicate the disease.what are the benefits of meditation

Another way to look at Meditation is that it is a form of natural mental sanitation, the practice of unloading your mind from the everyday mental trash to support your mental well-being. Meditation is a holistic way to heal. It is also a way to begin cleansing and nourishing your soul and repair some of the damage. You can read different studies regarding the efficacy and benefits of meditating regularly. Various meditation practices have other purposes. You can find an audio script and simple visualization I created on my website that you can listen to and download to begin your practice with a grounding discipline. This practice will allow you to get on track to moving forward with balancing your emotions, relaxing your fears, and restore calm in your life. It brings the awareness of your true self into vision.

A Short List Of Meditation Benefits

  • physical benefits of meditation
  • spiritual benefits of meditation
  • meditation for health anxiety
  • guided meditation abundance and wealth
  • guided meditation for health
  • meditation for stress and depression
  • cleanse and heal your chakra system
  • help relax and soothe your heart and soul
  • helps you to connect with your Spirit
  • improve concentration
  • release pain
  • awakening psychic gifts
  • balance and heal emotions, emotional therapy
  • create the ability to release fear

Guided Meditation For Healing

Many people think that this specific form of deep reflection is strictly a device to create personal nirvana and growth or even help with relaxation and increase the quality of your life. These are some of the many powerful benefits of meditation. There are more that we do not regularly come to mind. One is the strength of a mass meditation to help the self and alleviate significant issues we can face globally.

There are groups of people that meditate deeply to bring about peace in the world. Some meditate to relieve poverty and hunger. Is all this possible? Personal practices do work; however, are there any more benefits of meditation when carried out by a larger group than in your disciplines?

Guided Meditation Techniques

I guide individuals and corporate groups in creating a mindfulness or meditation practice and am fully aware of the influence that it can have on individual personal and corporate lives. I am also a hopeful believer that when we get together to meditate on a single cause, changes will occur. We can take a little direction from Matthew 18:20 New International Version (NIV) “For where two or three gathers in my name, there am I with them.”
There is strength in the hidden meaning behind this verse. I chose to believe that it can refer to mass meditation.

We are all energy. It has no bounds. There is an exercise in personal development circles that is a beautiful example of this. A group of people can lift a person using just one or two fingers. You could not do this on your own, but when a group attempts this, it works.

It is simple. We are all part of the same spiritual universal force and related in a manner. When people get together for a single purpose, things happen. I quote Dr. Deepka Chopra, “In every wisdom tradition, meditation hasn’t been just a journey path to seek inner knowledge. It has the potential to transform the world. Research on the power of group meditation has been ongoing for several decades, and the results seem to validate what the ancient sages said.”

Look at how the will of a group of people has changed the world, everything from abolishing slavery to the Berlin Wall tumbling.

physical benefits of meditation as a groupGuided Meditation For Healing The Body Globally

Whether you are beginners or seasoned meditators, join me in this meditation for wellness, and maybe just maybe, it will help transform our global challenges. And hopefully, bring in the light of love to relieve some of the burdens the world is facing. We all can help. It begins and ends with us.

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