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March 15, 2022

Meditation For Global Peace – A Declaration Of Peace And Security UYT322

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How To Achieve World Peace

Does anyone really know how to achieve world peace? Will simply making a declaration of peace and security bring it forth? Maybe, maybe not! One thing is for sure, if we all do it, there will be a better chance of it taking effect and making it so. One way that we can help is by uniting in meditation for global peace.

Meditation works. It can change your life. It can help change the lives of those around you. It can change the World itself. Deepak Chopra says, “If you’re having over 100,000 people all shifted to the same state of consciousness, that could easily start a pandemic of peace in the world.” So on this podcast, we will be doing precisely that. We will:

Share A Meditation For Global Peace – A Declaration Of Peace And Security For All

Where Is The Most Peaceful Place In The World?

The most peaceful place in the world is in your Spirit body. So how do you access it? Through meditation.

My spirit guides were showing up all week and saying that this would be good for us to do this evening. And so we’re going to start the show by meditating. We are going to do it in two parts. First of all, we’re going to focus on ourselves.

So although the meditation is for world peace, we’re going to be doing healing on the planet. Well, yes, but we have to take care of ourselves first. It’s always important as a healer to heal yourself first. And not only that, the very best way that any of us can help in our world is by managing our energy, being in charge of our energy. And by anchoring light. So we’re first going to anchor light. We will color our light through our vessel, our bodies, expand that light, and join together. And then we’re going to go into some things that we can do on a planetary level.

And so, I’ll let you know the first part of this meditation is partly how I prepare myself to do psychic readings. It allows me to tune in intuitively. Let’s begin.

Peace Is Possible If We All Believe a meditation for world peace and a declaration of peace and security

( the following is a transcript of the meditation for peace)

“So I will invite you all to close your eyes and sit with your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting in your lap with a straight back.

Close your eyes and turn within. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Then, take another long slow deep breath and a long, slow deep breath out; and in, and out.

Just use your breath to help you to slow everything down and help you to calm down. To help you tune into your body.

Then I want to invite you to be aware of an energy center that exists near the base of your spine and create an energy flow from this area near the base of your spine to the center of the Earth.

Now, if you know your chakras, what I’m asking you to do is tune into your first chakra. This chakra is near the base of your spine. Now create an energy flow that goes from there to the center of the Earth. Imagine this energy to flow like a laser beam, a waterfall, or even a root or trunk of a tree. Whatever imagery works for you,

Okay, so create an energy flow from near the base of your spine to the center of the Earth. And feel what that does for you. It’s almost like an electromagnetic anchoring. It may be like a gravitational pull, helping you feel more in your body and connecting you to that planet.

Now you are light. You are a being of light of radiance of love. And you came here to anchor that light, that divine spark on this planet so that that radiance could have an impact and help in shifting the consciousness here.

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So we want you to anchor your light. You can’t do that unless you are grounded. So make sure that you have this strong and powerful grounding cord and start to feel how that brings you more fully into your body.

And then I want to invite you to be aware of your divine Source. Now you may conceive of that as an infinite bright sun or energy source above your head. Imagine or create a beam. A beam of light that flows from that divine Source through your crown, down the center of your body, and continuing down that grounding cord.

This beam is a column of bright light that comes from Source through to you. This light that travels through you and down into the center of the Earth has many names. It’s called the pranic tube. It’s called the higher alignment, the Christ Energy. But what we’re inviting you to do is make that connection between you, the planet, and Divine Source energy and allow there to be a flow of light through your vessel down to the core of the Earth so that you are bringing light into this world.

So increase your grounding. Increase the flow of energy, and then we’re going to anchor therelease negative energy meditation consciousness in the center of your head.

So I want to invite you to now focus your conscious awareness in the center of your head. Because this is the seat of the soul within the human body, this is bringing more of you into the now and into the center of your head so that you’re bringing the bright light that you are into the seat of consciousness into your body, and this physical world shining brightly.

And then, increase your grounding because that will help you sit in the center of your head.

And then, I will also invite you to, from the center of your head, be aware of your heart center. Be aware of your heart center, and invite your heart center to gently open. You can imagine a flower opening to the sun. And be aware of bright light in the center of your chest. And ask your divine soul to channel love and light through your heart center so that it radiates from you into this physical realm.

Your awareness may start as a pinpoint of light. But invite it to grow larger. The more you focus, the more you look upon it, the more you invite your divine soul to fill your heart center with the love you are, and with the love of divine Source, the larger and larger this love and light will grow. And the more that you will feel an expansion of that love and light from the center of your chest radiating outward.

So allow that light to expand. So that the light is as big as your chest and so that it is brighter than the sun. So you are now anchoring light. You are channeling light. You are radiant, a being radiating love and light, like a beautiful divine torch anchored to the center of the Earth and sharing love and light with everybody on the planet.

And I invite you to become aware of all the other souls and bodies in this world who serve the light, those who wish to create a peaceful world founded on the principles of love, acceptance, joy, and peace. And see all of these wonderful souls standing, sitting all around the globe, anchoring light just like you are anchoring light. And see all of these lights going on all around the planet. See all of the heart lights expanding from all of these beings until they join together in one harmonious blanket of light. They cover the whole surface of the Earth and all those souls, anchoring light to the center of the Earth.

So you are seeing the Inner Earth glowing with brightness, with love, and peace. And then everyone wholearn to be at peace can match this vibration connecting in love and harmony and peace, anchoring the intention for creating a planet founded on those principles.

I’m just going to give you a moment in silence to experience the love and light pouring from your own heart and radiating throughout you and beyond you, connecting with all the other lights. See how many of these bright lights there are. There’s no need to lose heart. There’s no need to lose faith because there are many of them. There are many, many beings anchoring light and increasing the vibration on this Earth and allowing it to transcend to a higher state of consciousness. So you feel like you are holding hands. And you are joined in peace with all these other beings across the entire surface of the Earth.

And from the center of your head, invite all of the heavenly hosts, all of the angels, all of the Ascended Masters, all of the higher beings of light to assist in awakening all of those who are ready to stand in the light and anchor the light. And watch as the planet fills with light is a ball of love and light where it’s very hard for anything out of alignment with that to coexist.

So I want to invite you now to be aware of the Ukraine as though you’re looking at Ukraine as a map on the surface of the planet. Give the entire land area of the Ukraine a grounding cord. Ground the entire country. Connect the whole land of the Ukraine to the center of the Earth. And watch all of the negative energies, all of the densities collapsing down into that grounding cord to the center of the Earth where it can be recycled. Allow there to be a gold sun above the Ukraine and a column of gold light the size of the entire country flowing down through the country. So everything that exists in that country is being washed with golden light like golden rain. Giving it a cleansing healing shower of light washing through all the cities, the houses, the buildings, the cars, the people, everyone washing it clean.

You’re working with a Christ force vibration. So when you work with this gold energy, it’s a vibration of love and healing and balance and peace, bringing that vibe gold vibration through.mediation can help bring forth an energy of peace

This grounding cord that we have co-created for the Ukraine will flush all denser darker energies. And we’re going to expand our focus in a moment but let’s do this until all that we can perceive of the Ukraine is gold.

This cleansing will help all of the citizens of the Ukraine, and it will help all of the people who live in that country feel safer. So now expand the gold vibration and grounding beyond the borders of the Ukraine, so we have a safe zone all around the borders of the Ukraine.

This energy is equally grounded and golden. And feel how that makes a huge difference. So let’s create a safe zone all around the Ukraine, and let’s start with 100 Miles. Let’s expand it to 500 miles around the light border of the Ukraine. Then, finally, let’s go 1000 miles because I’m seeing that that actually has had quite an impact on the energy in that region, dropping the negativity down the grounding.

I didn’t look at a map of the Ukraine, but I know that Poland is one of the central countries that refugees are flooding into. So let’s give Poland its grounding and its column of gold light. Let’s give Poland a blessing.

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Now we will expand beyond the land borders of Poland as well. So now be aware of Russia. And let us give the entire land area of Russia grounding. Connect it to the center of the Earth. And allow a giant gold sun above Russia emanating a gold column of light that is big enough to go through the entire country. So we’re grounding and Golding Russia. Bring a waterfall of gold energy to everything that exists within that country; the houses, the buildings, the people, cars, and everything sucking any negative energies. Sned it down a giant plughole down to the center of the Earth where it can be recycled.

And that’s to increase the flow of gold energy through Russia. So let’s keep going because there’s a lot stirred up within the people of Russia. Many don’t even know what’s happening, bathing Russia in a gold Christ force vibration. I think it’s seeping through the soil to the center of the Earth. And we’re spending a bit longer on Russia because it’s taking a bit longer to bring it fully to gold.

So again, we are asking the angelswhat is my spirit guide trying to tell me, guides, and Ascended Masters to help. So keep going. Let’s expand beyond the land borders of Russia by 1000 miles so that we’re raising the vibration of that interface between the land borders. And then, for some reason, China is asking for healing. So we’ll give a grounding in a Golden light to China.

What I’m seeing is it’s easier to ground China. It’s almost as though China wants to participate in the healing. So I think perhaps there’s a big border between China and Russia. So ground and gold everything surrounding Russia.

We should bask the entire northern hemisphere in gold light. And then bask the entire southern hemisphere in gold light. And then we perceive the entire planet infused with gold light allowing everything incompatible with this vibration to flow to the center of the Earth where it can be recycled.

Now be in the center of your head and tap into your grounding and light. Allow yourself to be at this vibration of love. Once again, tune into the radiance from your heart chakra. Allow yourself to create the new Earth, the Earth of peace and love and acceptance. Do it by anchoring your light, by being present within your own body. Do it by managing your vibration, thoughts, and emotions so that you are not contributing to the dysfunction.

So once again, tune into this color of gold light that’s flowing to and through you. Tune into your central column of light. Recognize you are spirit, create your reality, recognize and co-create the mass reality with every other human being on this planet. And choose what kind of world you would like to live in.

And the simple way to do it is to anchor your light. Be a source of love and light and radiance. And then you’re doing what you came here for. So take a moment now, pat yourself on the knee. Have a stretch. Open your eyes.”

That completes our meditation for global peace and our declaration of peace and security. Also, what would be really powerful is to give yourself permission to listen to this meditation again. Also, share this meditation with others and grow the golden light and positive energy.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Share A Meditation For Global Peace – A Declaration Of Peace And Security as we all get involved with meditation for peace around the world. You too can be a global peace ambassador.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Share A Meditation For Global Peace – A Declaration Of Peace And Security:

  • Mike – When I am doing meditation I get a vibration through the body and also the head mainly in the head with the sensation of the vibration and also I can close my eyes through the day and the sensation will come back and stay with me for an hour or 2. I am trying to understand what is happening in the body and also I do have ringing in the ears either right or left at different times throughout the day.
  • Jacqueline – Hello, I’m curious to know how many spirit guides/guardian angels I have helping me navigate through life and what their top priority message is for me at this stage of my life in terms of guiding me to discover my intended life purpose.
  • Prasad – Hi Dr.Leslie can you tell me about any message from Kantu Vantekar of Vante Sattari? I will be grateful.
  • SG – Hello, I asked about a feminine product a while ago and you said it wouldn’t make a difference if I used it. do you see anything that will help me in my feminine health? I battle with candida. Thank You.
  • Brian – Dr. Lesley, regarding the situation in Russia/Ukraine, is that similar to what you described with Hitler, where he strayed of his life purpose to a darker nature, is that what’s happening with the Russian leaders?
  • Cate – Dr. Lesley, thank you so much for inviting us and guiding us to help us contribute to making a difference. I am grateful to be part of it.
  • Celia – Hi Dr. Lesley, do you have any messages from my guides for me? Thanks for the lovely meditation.
  • David Is world peace possible?

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