Benefits of Meditation And  Physical Health! UYT155

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Part 1: Of A Series On The Benefits of Meditation. How It Helps Our Bodies!

Today we are looking at Benefits of Meditation Series – Part 1, the first of a 4 part series exploring how meditation helps. There is more than just reasons for meditationspiritual benefits of meditation. We will discuss some of the health benefits of meditation in regards to the body itself and give you some really simple ways to meditate.

So let’s define meditation:  “Act of engaging in a practice to change your mental, emotional or physical state or to attain a heightened level of spiritual awareness”

How Does Meditation Benefit You?

Today’s focus is on the physical benefits of meditation. The scientific research on meditation shows that it affords improved health and wellbeing. There have been many thousands of scientific studies and clinical trials on meditation. The meta analyses of these studies has built a consensus on how meditation helps improve your physical health and wellbeing.

There are many benefits of meditation on brain health. One study shows that people who meditate have a selectively bigger and better connected brain. Meditation alters brainwaves. How it changes them depends on the style of meditation you engage in and how deeply you enter the meditative state.

Meditation Changes The Structure Of The Brain In Several Ways:

  • “Long-term meditators have increased gray matter in regions of the brain associated with learning, memory processes, emotion regulation & executive decision making.” Sarah Lazar, PhD, Harvard School of Medicine
  • Grey Matter: Cell Growth, new dendrites, synapses, glial cells, blood vessels, which allow neurons to communicate more effectively.
  • White Matter: Increased Myelination (protective covering around the axons thickens). Neurons can send information more quickly.

Other important physiological reasons for meditation are that it aids with major areas of health concern, such as cardiovascular and heart health, immune system, pain relief and more.

So if you don’t already meditate – why not?

In this podcast you will learn:-benefits of meditation on the body

  • Specific benefits of meditation.
  • Mindfulness meditation benefits.
  • Some interesting statistics about meditation.


Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Benefits of Meditation Series – Part 1 Physical Health, and listen in while we discuss some of the less known benefits of meditation. In the next part of this series we will look at how meditation impacts mental health.

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