How To Meditate For All Levels UYT183

learn how to meditate for beginners

Learning how to meditate can be a real chore for some. Understandably when you start a new practice of any kind it can be a challenge. My intention today is to provide you all you require to move forward…

What Meditation Should I Do? UYT159

which meditation is right for me

How Many Types Of Meditation Exist?
Contemporary meditation tools used to deal with modern challenges are derived from traditional, ancient meditation techniques, practices and techniques. Meditation is an incredible old practice that underpins all spiritual practices in all countries and cultures.

Spiritual Benefits Of Meditation – UYT157

Can a regular meditation practice help

So far we have studied the emotional, physical and mental meditation benefits so we understand that a regular practice of meditation is beneficial to the body and psyche. When you choose to follow a new spiritual path it is quite often that one would find some challenges along the way. These challenges can be a hindrance to your growth. So what does meditation do to help? It focuses your resolve for one. More important however it allows you to create or discover that connection with source.

Emotional Benefits Of Meditation! UYT154

what are ways to improve emotional health

Once you begin a regular practice you will definitely experience all the benefits of daily meditation. I believe that emotional health, as one of the paybacks of your efforts,  is one of the most important aspects of a full rounded individual and a happy life.

Meditation Is Amazing For Your Mental Health ! UYT152

how meditation changes the brain

There are so many reasons for meditation however today’s Focus is Mental Health. Meditation affords improved health and wellbeing. This is now a scientifically proven fact. There have been many thousands of scientific studies and clinical trials on meditation.

Benefits of Meditation And  Physical Health! UYT155

reasons for meditation

Today’s focus is on the physical benefits of meditation. The scientific research on meditation shows that it affords improved health and wellbeing. There have been many thousands of scientific studies and clinical trials on meditation. The meta analyses of these studies has built a consensus on how meditation helps improve your physical health and wellbeing.

How To Deal With Fear And Doubt Easily – UYT090

learn how to deal with fear

What is life all about for you? Do you experience it to the fullest? If not what holds you back from doing the things you long to do? There are lots of excuses that one could come up with but…

Meditation Benefits Part 5, Why Is Resistance So Painful- UYT088

why is resistance so painful and tiresome

When you want to remove yourself from having a specific experience or feeling you put yourself into that space first. Then you try to stop it. Well in essence what you have done is called it into the present. Basically manifested more of the same in your life.