Meditation At Work

According to the W.H.O. Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century. It costs US businesses $300 billion per year, and Canadian businesses ~$30 billion. Meditation has been studied extensively in clinical trials, and been shown to have many benefits. Many multi-national corporations have meditation programs, and can testify to its positive impact on the bottom line.

Meditation can increase your concentration, help you relax, improve your physical health, mental and emotional well-being. 

Meditation benefits people in stressful jobs because it teaches you to still your busy mind and focus your scattered thoughts. This creates peace, happiness and relaxation.

As well as stress reduction, meditation alleviates depression, increases mental clarity and reduces incidence of stress related illness, like heart disease, low immunity and high blood pressure.

More Info: Corporate Meditation Workshops  and Classes or Drop In Meditations or call 604 359 5183;

Corporate Meditation Workshops and Classes

Regular meditation supports your mental, physical and emotional health, but finding the time can be hard when you have a busy career. Participants will receive support to create a meditation habit that enhances their lives, be guided to use tools to reduce stress, manage overwhelm, increase your focus and creativity. Classes & drop ins can be delivered live via webinar or in person.

Participants learn how to reduce stress, increase focus, or stimulate creativity using meditation and mindfulness techniques. We can help your team to be:-

  • Calmer & more easily able to cope with stress.
  • Mentally focused & better able to make effective decisions.
  • More creative & able to clear blocks & solve problems instantly.

Depending on the time allocated, attendees are taught 2-3 techniques. They will have time to practice them during class and ask questions. You can book a one hour - half-day session. The longer workshop includes demonstrations ans role play to simulate the work environment so the group can incorporate what they learn into real life situations.

1. Meditation At Work (8 Week Class)

This 8 week course addresses work-life challenges in a safe supportive environment. It is appropriate for a groups who are committed to their personal development through meditation. Students learn foundation techniques and build on them as the series progresses. A certificate is provided on completion of all classes. This option is best when you have a dedicated group who can commit to attending every week for the duration of the course.

2. Drop in Meditations (Ongoing)

This ongoing drop-in meditation provides a weekly meditation experience. The focus is on using breath work and simple foundation meditation techniques for stress relief, calming the mind and emotions and 3 R's (re-setting, re-energizing & re-balancing). This option works when your group can't commit to coming every week. Yet you want the benefits of meditation to be available for them. This way they learn tools to support their health and well-being, but it doesn't matter if their hectic schedule might causes them to miss a session here & there.

3. Meditation Customized for You

You may also request a workshop for your private group that can be customized to your needs. Private tuition can be arranged for those not wanting to participate in a group or who wish to focus on a specific area of growth.

  • Classes available for groups, teams and corporations.
  • They include practical techniques for all aspects of life and work.
  • We use meditation to reduce stress, increase mental focus or stimulate creativity. 
  • The content and length of your workshop are customized to your needs.
  • Sessions for your staff & leaders can be offered at your location or via Zoom.

Book for your leadership retreat or staff appreciation or training day.

A Selection of Clients

What Clients Say


Lesley contributed immensely to creating a successful annual Team Build for our company. She provided all of us in attendance with lasting tools to enhance our personal and professional lives. Lesley has a very engaging & accessible style & is an excellent communicator. I recommend her without hesitation. My team and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Heather Stieh

Whole Body Team Leader, Whole Foods Market


Thanks for the workshop. Our whole team benefited from it and spoke highly of your ability to create a calming, fun and engaging session. We came back to the office so rejuvenated that the team we share our office with wanted your contact information for their own team day.

Helen Van Wart
Social Worker, Child and Youth Special Needs, Ministry of Children and Families


Lesley did an excellent meditation workshop for our group that was experiential, interactive & tailored to our needs. Her techniques applied to the challenges our leaders face & she gave practical suggestions on how to use meditation to enhance their performance & daily lives. The feedback from our group was tremendously positive & I highly recommend her as a speaker & an expert in her field who understands the needs of the corporate world.

Tara Cree

Tara Cree, Forum Chair, Mackay Forums


I’ve now been booking Lesley through this year & next for a variety of exciting workshops. It’s been wonderful having her come in & do workshops on a variety of topics, as the Seniors get pretty bored always having medical guest speakers. I highly recommend Lesley as she is always a joy & lots of fun!

Wendy Belfare

Amica at Rideau Manor


You held the audience spellbound with your talk and wonderful guided meditation, it clarified the reasons & benefits of meditation & got the point across that the practice of meditation does wonders for the body & soul. As usual, you also gave much joy & encouragement to all & had the audience in the palm of your hand.

Nataya Anderson, 

The Board of Directors, First United Spiritualist Church of Vancouver


I have known and been a student in classes run by Dr. Lesley Phillips for the last 20 years. In addition to my personal experiences, she has presented workshops at wellness events organized by my company. In all cases I have found her to be professional & her instruction to be both approachable & informative.

Larna Pike
Director- Chair, Natural Echoes Wellness Initiative.