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November 2, 2022

How Psychic Abilities Support Your Why, Your Life Purpose UYT350

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Your Why, Discovering Your Purpose

Fact, you are all psychic. Fact, you all have a life purpose. But how do your psychic abilities support your why, your life purpose? There is a reason why you, Spirit, have selected to be here in a body.

How Psychic Abilities Support Your Why, Your Life Purpose

What Is The Purpose Of Life, Your Why For Your Life?

You all have a reason for being here, and an excellent place to begin is with the idea of your soul. Your soul or your oversoul is a container for all your multi-dimensional experiences. So your soul, your oversoul, is infinite and creates in multiple realities. It has garnered such infinite wisdom and experiences that it’s beyond your comprehension as a human being.

So on the level of that oversoul, there is so much that you have to draw from and way more than any one lifespan could possibly include. When the oversoul decides upon an incarnation, it decides on a general theme it would like to explore. You, as Spirit, look at the idea of a particular cultural setting, location, family group, and so on that would be an ideal match for exploring that specific theme.

You make up different themes each time you reincarnate. Let’s say your soul wants you to explore the idea of self-righteousness and judgment. You may incarnate in a particular religion at a very polarized time. A moment in history when that religion was pitched against another religion. The family you were born into has a rigid adherence to a specific religious doctrine. That might allow you to explore that particular theme in that specific lifetime.

Another theme you, as Spirit, might select is to consciously develop your psychic abilities. For example, it might be to incarnate as a healer and expand your consciousness on the level of being a healer. Your soul will select the key specifics of that particular arrangement. And give you access to everything that that incarnation might need to be fully equipped to explore that particular life purpose.

The Importance Of Knowing Your Whyunderstand your why

A good metaphor for the importance of your why is the idea of a toolbelt. A toolbelt must be loaded with the proper tools for your specific purpose. You put all the things that you require in your tool belt. For example, let’s say you are going to be a carpenter. You would include carpentry tools such as a hammer, screwdrivers, nails, and all the things a carpenter might need in the tool belts.

But if you were going to be an artist and explore that creative aspect in that way, your toolbelt might have a palette, paints, brushes, and canvases. Or, say you are going to be a gardener. Your toolbelt might have a lawn mower, fertilizer, a rake, and seeds. And so you get the idea.

How To Find Your Purpose In Life

So how do you know what tools you put into your toolbelt? Even more important question, which toolbelt do you wear? How do you find your why and your life purpose? Your why and all the tools you need to fulfill your true life purpose can be sourced through your psychic abilities. And your psychic gifts are keyed into your chakra system. These are the psychic abilities that relate specifically to your life purpose.

So each and every one of you are distinctive. In turn, each and every one of you has a unique life purpose. The same holds true for your psychic makeup. You each have a unique psychic ability blueprint.

Intuition Blueprint

Get Your Psychic Abilities Blueprint

Find Your Why Exercise: Your Psychic Ability Blueprint

Your psychic ability blueprint is the list of all the 22 psychic abilities you have and which are moretake your personal psychic blueprint active. So then, by exploring the results of this exercise, your psychic ability blueprint, you can develop an awareness of your purpose this lifetime.

Your Why And Life Challenges

You can also look at your life and life purpose in a different manner. The other way around, you might say. This approach would be to step back and examine what life challenges are showing up for you this lifetime. Then determine what chakras those challenges map to. Finally, you can identify what psychic abilities are channeled through that specific chakra related to a specific challenge.

Understanding the relationship between the chakras, your challenges, your psychic abilities, and your life purpose is how you transcend those difficulties. As you learn and develop yourself in that particular theme, your psychic abilities are revealed and become more apparent, as does your why.

What Is The Point Of Life?

Many of you think you have discovered your purpose in life. But in actuality, you haven’t. You have not delved deeply enough. Mainly because you have carried out your ‘finding your why exercise’ in your intellect. Your true life purpose is a spiritual concept.

Some of you do the opposite. You see your life purpose as an outwardly spiritual thing. You have got to do extraordinary things like going on a massive trek in a faraway land, studying with a yogi, visit the mountains of Tibet. But that is not what it’s about. You are here for a reason. Your life purpose is not necessarily this big huge thing. It can be the slightest little thing.

There is purpose in every moment and in every small activity as well. So your life purpose is meaningful to you. You have a unique life purpose, and you came here to shine your light. Another way of saying that is to channel your unique frequency. You are a unique aspect of divine consciousness. There is nobody else who is the exact same perspective of God that you are.

What Is The True Meaning Of Life?discover the true meaning of life

So if you think about the One that contains everything, the Great All That Is, you are a fragment of that One, like individual pieces in a massive jigsaw puzzle. Each one of you is an entirely different aspect of God. And so one principal purpose that you all share is that you have come here on Earth to reflect that unique aspect of divine consciousness that you are. And just like a giant jigsaw puzzle, if you have a missing piece, it ruins the whole puzzle.

So you are part of this great design. You are all part of this great design. Spiritually you all fit together. And the jigsaw puzzle only becomes complete when each of you shines your unique vibration. So so many of you get here and then get messed up. You go through life challenges and don’t know how to transcend them. You get caught up in competition levels, invalid action, or unworthiness. Then soon you are not being the one you came here to be. You become something else entirely.

And then, the harmonics intended for the human species are out of alignment. So you are the relationship between your life purpose, spiritual gifts, and psychic abilities. You are keyed in at birth to support your life purpose and follow ‘your why. And so exploring your psychic abilities is an excellent way to reveal your life purpose. It helps give you some understanding of what’s unique about you, your unique flavor.

Life Purpose and Your Chakraslearn about the chakra system

As mentioned earlier, there is a relationship between your life purpose and your seven chakras. An interesting aspect of this relationship is that your seven chakras and my seven chakras are not the same. They are keyed differently. Your chakras relate specifically to you. And each one of you journeys through your own chakra systemon a unique path and in a unique dance.

You encounter challenges, life lessons, and things you must overcome, transcend, and learn about. And as you do that, you reveal more and more of yourselves and your divine aspect to yourself.

What Is Your Purpose In Life?

As an example, you are here to fulfill your purpose of helping people. Looking at your psychic ability blueprint can help you understand how you might best be able to do that. If you have a strong clue that you are here to be a healer or a reader, understanding your unique psychic ability blueprint can give you information about how you might do that. It will expose your strengths.

Intuition Blueprint

Get Your Psychic Abilities Blueprint

You have 22 Different psychic abilities as Spirit, and you carry them into this world. Some will stay strong within you. For example, one of your strengths may be Clairvoyance, knowingness or clairaudience, or telepathy. Any or all of these psychic abilities can lead you to become an animal communicator.

Or you are here to be an inspirational speaker, and your strong point is telepathy. There can be a solid fundamental relationship between your life purpose, your why, and your psychic abilities.

What Is Your Passion In Life? is your why your passion or is your passion your why

Again, don’t mistake a physical life purpose for a spiritual life purpose. Sometimes passion can be mistaken for a purpose in life. You may feel a business path is a true passion. And your life purpose is to become the president of a company. This is more of a physical drive or passion. Another way you can look at this is that your life purpose is to be able to do good for people, and as a president of a company, you carry this forward. You know, there is a difference.

For example, your life purpose coming to this life is to learn to balance giving and receiving. So you could be a stay-at-home mom or a CEO of a big multinational company. Either of those scenarios allows you to work out your life purpose of balancing, giving, and receiving.

Or your life purpose may be to open to unconditional love. Again, being a nurse, a carer of an invalid person or a prisoner with a life sentence helping other inmates will fulfill this purpose. Any of these life circumstances allow you an opportunity to explore the theme and fulfill your purpose. ‘Your why’ always relates to expanding and growing on the level of your higher being.

Why is it important to find ‘your why’? Regardless of what you feel or think, you are unique, and your life purpose is also. Following your passion can lead you to open that door. Learn to follow your heart, not your head.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How Psychic Abilities Support Your Why, Your Life Purpose. You may find the answer to the question, “what is my life’s purpose“?

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How Psychic Abilities Support Your Why, Your Life Purpose:

  • Lorie – How do you discover your life purpose?
  • Karen – How can someone trust their intuition when someone in your life lies and gaslights you frequently? This leaves you questioning if you are being gaslit or have an imbalance in your psyche.
  • My Yoga Essence – Do we have a global collective life purpose?
  • SG – My life purpose could be connected to 2nd chakra. Because I not only have had issues there my whole life but have been told I’m very empathic and clairsentient. However, I don’t know what to do with
  • it. What’s the point of being able to feel everyone’s energy?
  • Loriewag – Thank you, it makes sense. I would like a blueprint reading.
  • Brian – What could the life purpose be if you seem to receive a lot of wisdom beyond the intellect? You can see connections and signs and know what they’re about rather quickly? Teaching, maybe? I’m curious as these things are happening to me, and I know they’re important.
  • Brian – That makes a lot of sense. I wish I had felt like I had overcome those life challenges. It still feels challenging. But there is a flow of some kind. And things have changed for sure.
  • Tina – What is the chakra/psychic gift associated with the challenge of sexual abuse?
  • Tina – I agree, Corry, and I’m actually grateful for my life challenges and the growth that has come from them.

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