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January 10, 2023

Can You Answer The Question Why Am I Here UYT361

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Why Am I Here? What Is My Purpose?

Why am I here? No matter how many people you speak to about spirituality or life itself, this question eventually surfaces. It is one of the most common challenges that you get. This topic has been addressed before, but we can give a different spin to it.

This profound and pertinent question comes in different forms but has a common root, what’s mydiscover the true meaning of life, the why am i here answer purpose? You will hear things such as

  • Why am I here?
  • What’s the purpose of my life?
  • I’m seeking fulfillment. What I’m doing now isn’t fulfilling me.
  • I feel like there is something that I’m here to contribute to the world. And I’m not quite sure what it is.
  • What is the real purpose of life?

As a generality, this is a search for life’s purpose. Are you in a place where you want to know what to do with the rest of your life? Do you feel deep inside that you have a purpose and are searching to find it? You are not alone.

A large majority of people, possibly including you, share this quest. When polled, most will state that they know they have a life purpose. But then, when asked what it is, you will get 5% or less who can actually name it. And so if you’re one of those people who, who knows, that’s fantastic. But if not, it’s pretty normal to feel confused about that.

Why Am I Here In This World?

Knowing the answer to “why am I here” can be fleeting. You didn’t always know why. And even more confusing, at different times in your life, your purpose may have been different than it is now. Or the perception of what your purpose was, was different than it is now.

Why Am I Here On Earth?

Most of you feel that your life purpose is set in stone. There is one specific reason that you are here at this time and place. Well, this is not true. Just as your goals can change, so does your life purpose. Depending on your life circumstances, you most probably have had more than one life purpose and will others. These can be divided into a few categories.

Different Life Purpose Categories


Enlightenment.life purpose is your path to enlightenment

You are all Spirit having a human experience. You have heard this before. So, in turn, there is some level of spirituality floating around within you. This is what all spiritual masters came to teach us. And whether you call it by another name, enlightenment is a common path humanity searches for. You could call it the search for God.

Enlightenment is about learning how to consciously operate Spirit through your physical body. Because you are Spirit, you are not your physical body. You are pure consciousness, and your body is a vehicle. You are projecting that consciousness through that vehicle into the physical world.

And so enlightenment involves transcending your ego and other body levels so the light of your consciousness can shine brightly through you here on Earth. So that you can consciously create in the world of form as Spirit. That’s enlightenment, and it is the state that you are meant to reach. So Jesus said in Matthew 5:14-16, “You are the light of the world, unable to be hidden. No one puts a lamp under a bowl because a lamp is designed to help people see in dark places.”

And that is purpose number one. However, you may consider enlightenment as this far-off state you’re meant to reach. But in actuality, it’s a journey. And the more you can be consciously present in your body, the more you can be consciously awake and aware. And the more that you can be in charge of driving the vehicle for your Spirit, your body, which is your life journey, the more likely you will be able to make that unique conscious contribution that you want to make. Again, your life purpose.

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Your Unique Contribution.

And then that’s your second life purpose, your unique contribution. And this is more of what most people mean when they ask, “why am I here? What’s the purpose of my life?”

What you often hear on the spiritual bandwidth airwaves, we are all one. We’re all connected. Yes, we are. But we are all also unique individuals. So there’s nobody else like you on this planet. You’re the only one. Just like a fingerprint, you are a matchless aspect of divine consciousness, with a seed of unique creative potential meant to shine through you.

And so you have unique gifts that nobody else has that you can use to create within this reality. You can channel that creativity through a career, a business, helping others, or another form of contributing to the world.

An interesting analogy to describe this is to consider an orchestra. You can think about humanity as though it is a giant symphony. Together, all the different musical instruments make one incredible sound. So when there’s harmony, there’s one great sound, one piece of music you all want, and you all contribute to this oneness. And yet, there are individuals within that orchestra. Each with their own unique instruments playing their individual notes. If you didn’t play your notes, or you played someone else’s notes, then the symphony would be out of harmony. So there is something specific that you’re meant to do.

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Eternal Expansion.

The third life purpose is eternal expansion. You are eternally growing and expanding. While alive onyou are eternally growing and expanding Earth, you’re going through cycles of growth and change. And there is not a moment of your existence that is without purpose. So every moment of your existence is imbued with purpose.

Whether arguing with somebody, going through a difficult time, or having a wonderful time, there’s a purpose in everything. There’s purpose in all life, in all experience. All occasions are valid. This is the third type of life purpose. Purpose can be drawn from every moment and everything that happens to you.

You may ask what can be drawn from a bad experience. What did you learn from that? How is your consciousness expanded due to going through that negative experience? This planet and reality are based on duality, a series of ups and downs for everybody. It’s a succession of choices that you’re making about your life. You’re navigating through your life path. You are constantly deciding, no to that, getting yourself into trouble here, having a great time there. And sometimes, you may see this as not living your purpose or being true to your purpose.

For example, say you believe your purpose is to be a great teacher. And then you are at home looking after a bunch of children. And you feel you are not living your purpose because you are a mother. And you are tied up looking after these children. And it would be best if you were a professor at a university.

Yet, it’s a different way of expressing the exact purpose of being a teacher, whether it’s bringing up children at home or being a university professor. So your purpose can be expressed differently at different times of your life.

Are Life Goals And Life Purpose One In The Same?

Let’s look at different perspectives on this theme. So one question is, is life purpose the same as having a life goal? Not necessarily. For example, you might believe your life purpose is to be an Ambassador. But that’s a goal rather than a purpose. But you might be attracted to being an Ambassador because your life purpose is exploring peace within yourself and others. So, you can see the difference there. goal setting coaching and planning can help expand your life purpose

And the same with the example of the stay-at-home mom who’s frustrated because she believes her purpose is professorship. Maybe her goal is, but her true life purpose is to mold young people. Or it could be to express her authentic voice and learn to own her personal space. So whatever she’s doing can be considered an opportunity for her to do that.

Often, when thinking of their life purpose, individuals go into this place of not being good enough or not having enough of this or enough of that. You compare yourself to others. You are eternal. There is no beginning, and there is no end. You are wise and all-powerful. When you create a body, you cannot fit the whole of who you are into that body. This is because your body is finite, and you are an infinite being, Spirit.

If you fit all the energy you possess as Spirit, which is infinite, into a finite space, you could start another big bang. It’s not possible. So on a soul level, you choose a specific purpose for this lifetime. You include specific experiences that you want to have through this particular life. And even what you plan, given your intention and overall purposes. This includes aspects of who you are that you will channel through this body this lifetime.

And I’ll use another analogy. David has the potential to be a physics professor, a carpenter, a gardener, a chef, or an athlete. And maybe he spent many lifetimes being all of those things. And for his next job, he decided to be a carpenter. So there’s no point that he should take up his gardening tools.

He will take his screwdrivers, sandpaper, and other carpenter tools. He doesn’t need his calculator, pots, pans, or all those other things. So what he brings forward to express in this new job or life is the relevant skills, abilities, knowledge, and wisdom. And that’s an excellent way of looking at the idea you are so much more beyond the personality you’re expressing.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Can You Answer The Question, Why Am I Here? You may find the answer to the question, “what is my life’s purpose“?

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