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February 7, 2017

What Is The Purpose Of Life, Your True Life Purpose? – UYT053

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What Is The Point Of Living? What Is The Point Of Life?

What is the ultimate question in our lives? What is the purpose of life? Is there such a thing as a life purpose? This is the question mankind has been asking learn how to find your purpose in lifeitself since the beginning of time.

You have probably asked yourself this question about life because somewhere in your wonderful existence you feel that you are missing something. I can attest to you that many many people are in the same situation. One of the reasons I know this is because of the thousands of requests for answers to life’s questions I have received over the years it is by far the most popular. Let’s take a little look at why this is.

What Is Purpose?

I went through something similar, not understanding the purpose of my life, years ago. I have a Ph.D. in Micro Biology, and I ended up working in the Pharmaceutical industry in a fairly responsible position. I was earning a nice income that allowed me to eat where I wanted, to buy the clothes I desired, to live in a lovely home. I traveled extensively with work and saw the world. It was all very lovely. Or was it?

With the whole lavished lifestyle I kept asking myself the question, Is this all there is. I was kept on asking myself, “Is This It?” There must be more to life than what I was doing or feeling. I ended up feeling lonely because my friends and family just couldn’t understand how, with all I had in my life, I was still feeling Unhappy.

I knew deep down inside of myself, my heart, my soul, my spirit that this was not where I was supposed to be. For brevities sake, I will cut to the chase. I did some heavy soul searching and realize that My passion was in the realm of the metaphysical, learning, and eventually teaching. Learning how to find your passion is of great importance.

How To Find Your Purpose In Life

Over the next few years, I studied and eventually left my job to follow my heart. People thought I was insane. Jumping ahead many years to the present I discovered how to create my life as is and the way I truly desired. I now have a deep sense of purpose. I feel like I am making a difference. My income is so much lower yet I am being fulfilled in so many other ways. I do what I love, helping, and teaching people to live the happiest life they can, living their purpose.

Finding The True Meaning Of Life

Finding the answer to ‘what is my life’s purpose’ or any sense of purpose at all can be and is a challenge not unlike trying to find your way in a huge maze. I have heard lots of statements like “I feel like I havewhat is the meaning of life answer can be like a difficult maze no purpose in life” from my students before we start working with them on their issues. There are usually hidden reasons for not being able to find your true path in life. Many times it is because we, as human beings, are flawed in a sense. We do not use the gifts we all have. These are from our true nature, our spiritual core.

There are some interesting commonalities I have found with people suffering from an incomplete life, living without purpose or direction. Here is a list of some of the most common signs that you are not living your life’s purpose, your highest purpose.

Waking Up Reluctantly… Do you have to drag yourself out of bed in the mornings? When you are living your purpose you should be excited about life getting up each morning with arms open to accept the new day.

Look At Your Circle OF Influence… Actually the circle of people that influence you. If you take an inventory of the people that are in your life what are they like? Are they happy and joyful or are they naysayers always moaning and groaning ‘woe is me’. Your friends and associates are a great mirror for you.

Emotional Highs And Lows... Some people feel that are suffering from manic depression. They are elated one day the next they feel totally dejected with no evidence why. When you are on purpose you may still have these fluctuations but they are not as drastic. The difference between your highs and lows are much less.

Feeling Unfulfilled… You are in a wonderful position in your life but yet you have this nagging sensation that something is missing. You just can’t place your finger on it.

Neglecting Your Dreams And Aspirations… Do you think about what your life could be if only you … Have you forgotten what life you thought you could live if all was well with the world and you in it? If your bucket list hasn’t been touched because you just don’t have the time or energy?

Your Work Is An Energy Zap… Are you solely working for money and not feeling it, not enjoying it? are you just killing time until the weekend or vacation? You are probably missing the point and not living on purpose.

Have You Stalled Out… Is your main focus the future? You hear yourself saying or think about ‘what ifs’. If you were constantly in a place where your thoughts went to ‘What if I was doing this or that. What if this were different. What if I had a such and such’ then I would be happy. You’re missing out on life because you just don’t know what your purpose is.

If you are suffering from one or all of these you can learn how to overcome them. I have created a Life Activation System that can help you take control of your life. Check it out.

Overcome Life’s Challenges With Life Activations

Tools To Overcome Life’s Challenges

What Is The Purpose Of Life, Your True Life Purpose?

Sometimes we miss the point of life because we are too busy trying to live a crammed packed life full of busy making. Sometimes the purpose of living is just that, Living with purpose. How many of you are finding purpose in your work? If not, why not?
Maybe it is the wrong job for you but most probably the honeymoon phase has what is your passion in life, follow your dreamsworn off and it has become dull to you. Just change how You feel and the negative emotion will change. Finding your way in life is not always easy. Struggling, however, may be an option but not necessarily a mandate. Sorry if I am sounding a little harsh but it is what it is.

Occasionally people do not follow their dream or even try to complete their life purpose. The reason that they don’t is that they are afraid to fail. There are ways to get over this fear that are easy and actually beneficial in more ways than one. I suggest a specific meditation to release fear or anxiety.

Just having a purpose in life doesn’t make life purposeful necessarily. Try awakening to your life’s purpose and give it everything you got. Play full out. What to do in life and how to do it is your choice as well as your responsibility. Oops, there is that word I get a lot of feedback on, personal responsibility. As opposed to asking “do I have a purpose” try to do what you want to do and make it your life goal to do it the best that you can.

Discovering Your Purpose In Life

I have been telling you all about how to not live your purpose so far. Now let me give you some suggestions on how to do so.

  • World’s Opinions... with regards to finding your life’s purpose don’t presume that worlds opinions have anything to with it. It is your choice and societies’ constructs like the pursuit of wealth or position, wealth, and even beauty do not have to impact it.
  • Action… Taking Action is key to any success in any way in your life. Without action, there is no progress. So when it comes to personal or relationship development or your participation in any way shape or form in life it is up to you. You cannot be dependant on someone else living your life purpose so the cannot be responsible for it.
  • Be Willing To Fail… ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ neither will your life purpose unfold? Your life’s purpose is a changing thing. It changes as we change. No matter what you do it for yourself and be willing to learn and accept that you can’t know everything about anything instantly. If it ha[ppens that you do that’s a bonus. Don’t let fear stop you from stepping out of the box out of your area of comfort.
  • Values… If you are trying to determine what your life purpose is then you must have something to evaluate it on. These are your personal values that you find important in life. This may take some work but it is worth it. Sit and think or meditate on it for some clarity. Ask yourself “if a reporter was going to live with me for a week to determine the kind of person that I am what would be important for me to have them, witness?”stop the struggle and discover the true meaning of life
  • Stop The Struggle… You are a powerful being. As stated earlier you are Spirit and Spirit cannot be bound. Recognize your own potential, your strengths, and don’t waste time on your weakness because they will diminish as you grow.
  • Dodge Validation… You are who you are. When you look inside yourself you know who you are. You are you regardless of what others think of you. If you keep trying to live up to what others think of you or feel you SHOULD be then you a going to fight a losing battle. Have your image, you which people think you are, and the reality of who you truly are, be synonymous.
  • Listen… Listen to what your Spirit is telling you. Your Spirit is your true nature. You have heard that you are not a physical being having spiritual experiences but a Spiritual being having a physical experience. This is exactly true. Take to get to know who you are as Spirit. Spirit is not bound by space or time and has many intuitive gifts for you to uncover and use to create miracles in your life. Use them. Again meditation is the best way to get in touch with your higher self.

Regardless of your race, creed, or nationality you most probably have asked yourself this philosophical question. The main point, however, is whether you received an answer. There is an answer. This answer occasionally does take effort.

No matter how much work or internal struggle it is worth it. Discover your life’s purpose and act on it. Life has no meaning other than the meaning you give it so Live life with a purpose. Finding your place in life is very rewarding but not without its roadblocks.
In this Podcast, What Is The Purpose Of Life, Your True Life Purpose, you will learn about:

In this Podcast, What Is The Purpose Of Life, Your True Life Purpose, you will learn about:

  • What people search for most in life?
  • Discovering what truly drives people.
  • Breaking internal programming to fulfill your purpose.
  • What is the purpose of living?
  • What is the real purpose of life?
  • What is your passion in life?
  • What is your purpose in life?
  • What is the meaning of life’s answer?

Having no purpose in life can be overwhelmingly frustrating. Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is The Purpose Of Life, as we discuss discovering yourself and how to know your purpose along with many more questions with Dr. Lesley.

Life Purpose and Your Chakras

Free Life Purpose and Your Chakras E-Book

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