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November 2, 2021

What Is My Purpose In Life? Do I Actually Have One? UYT313

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A Purpose Of Life And A Purpose In Life

Have you ever wondered, “what is my purpose in life?” Each person that has ever lived has asked themselves the same question at some point in time. So do you actually have one? Well, the answer to the latter is a simple yes. You have a special purpose in life. So what remains is the answer to the question, what is the purpose in your life. And how do you find your purpose in life?

What Is My Purpose In Life? Do I Actually Have One?

What Is The Purpose Of Your Life?

You are all alive. You are in a body. So there must be some form of purpose, right? That is what you all understand. So there are different ways that people look at the idea of Life Purpose. And you think most people when they ask the question, What is my purpose in life, they’re looking for, perhaps, a role that they can take on, or a contribution that they can make.

Many of you want to make a contribution, to make a difference in your life. You desire to be able to help other people. So you think often where that question is coming from is that desire to be of service, that desire to help people. That is a good thing. And generally, it comes from a spiritual perspective. Yet many of you look at the purpose of your life “what should my career be.”

Discovering Your Purposehow do i find out what is my life purpose

As humans, you often think that your life purpose is something that you do. It is something that you succeed at, or it is something that you achieve. But from a spiritual perspective, that is not necessarily what it is about. Because you are Spirit, and you exist in a human body. And one of the things that you’re doing here in a body is bringing that light of spiritual consciousness all the way here into the material realm. And that is really not a doing; it is a being. So it is the process of you shining your light here through this body.

It is the process of becoming more and more authentically yourself and anchoring your light in this world. Anchoring your light so that you can share your unique essence with this world. What Is The

Meaning Of Life, The Universe, And Everything?

We had an excellent conversation in one of my classes this morning about a related topic. Somebody was asking about oneness. And the analogy that was used to talk about oneness was a giant jigsaw puzzle. You can think about the jigsaw puzzle as God or Divine Source Energy. Or you can just think about it as the human species on Earth. Either one of those works for the analogy. And so God or source of energy is everything, is the oneness, is the complete jigsaw puzzle. But each one of you is an aspect of that as an individuated, God particle. So you could think that each one of you is one piece in that jigsaw puzzle, that jigsaw puzzle of life.

And your piece, your individual piece of that jigsaw puzzle, is entirely unique. So there is no other jigsaw puzzle piece exactly like your piece. So each piece is totally unique. And to make the jigsaw puzzle whole and make it work, each of you must occupy that place within the jigsaw puzzle. To take your place where you fit. So it is up to you to honor your uniqueness and be yourselves.

Because if you tried to be a piece that isn’t you, it wouldn’t work, would it? If you tried to swap places, you just wouldn’t be a fit. So when you think about your life purpose, it is about honoring yourself and being true to yourself in many ways. So that the result is that you can be that unique one that you came here to be. And therefore, that involves you, knowing yourself. Knowing who you are and connecting to that unique divine essence. And then expressing your spiritual nature, your life’s purpose through your body in the physical world.

Another Perspective Of What Is Purpose

Our reality is a world of duality. Light-dark, good-evil, hot-cold as examples. Much of what is present in reality is duplication in the sense of the spirit world. And so, if you consider your bodies as a whole, each part has a unique purpose in its being. And for your whole being to be at 100% tip-top perfect health, each of those parts must be working at 100%. So, as an example, your liver needs to function as a liver. And it serves the whole body by being the liver. So this represents your individual purposes in life, melding with everyone to create this world.

Do You Know Your Why?what is your passion in life

It is essential to understand your role in the universe. A good analogy is an orchestra. So the clarinetist doesn’t want to play the violin, and the violinist doesn’t want to play the oboe. The main reason is that disharmony would occur.

Also, there is no unnecessary piece of the orchestra. It all functions together, fulfilling the score written by the composer. And when one piece doesn’t function properly, the tones in the music might still be there, but it is just off a little bit. And so when you look at the world, maybe one of the reasons that the world is off is that we are just thinking and acting as individuals, as independent groups and countries.

Are You Fulfilling Your Personal Mission Statement

This is an excellent example of not living your true purpose where you are trying to be doing something other than what you should be doing. When you are being some other than yourselves. Regardless of what you are doing, learning at school, at work, or playing a sport, you may probably compare yourself to others. When the human emotion of envy comes into play, it takes you off your individual life purpose.

You are trying to meet someone else’s external expectations, which may not align with who you really are. This is why all of the ancient mystery schools, the prime directive was, get to know yourself. Because you might think you know who you are, but who are you really?

And often, you may identify with labels. Your job, how much money you earn. You may think I’m a doctor, and my purpose is to be a doctor, or I’m a financier, and that is my purpose, to make money. But that isn’t who you are. That is the label that has been attached to you. That is something that you’re doing, as opposed to, you know, being. 

Life Purpose and Your Chakras

Free Life Purpose and Your Chakras E-Book

So to really know yourself, to know your true purpose, you have to look more deeply beyond the labels. Look beyond the words you would use to describe yourself. They are just the surface-level expression of more profound truth and reality within you. And, you know, that process of finding yourself can actually take time. It can involve peeling away layers. Layers of labels that you have either given yourself or that someone else has projected onto you. And you have all had a lot of programming. From the time you were kids to the present. You have been told how you should behave and what you should do with your lives. And so, for many of you to understand how to live a meaningful life, let alone fulfill a life purpose, can be a real challenge.

Getting to honestly know yourself. You have to take off those garments that are not your actual choice. So that you can finally connect with that inner spark, that unique god particle that you are, and then know yourself as that. And when you know yourself as that, all of those labels fall away.

And then you can connect with that divine spark of light that you are that, co-creator with the divine. So you can see yourself as the source of your own life and as the creator of that life. Then you can feel the passion and momentum within your unique spark of divine existence actually is. It can be pretty confusing when all sorts of people or society’s projections say that you ought to do this, and you shouldn’t be. And mostly that is not what your heart’s affinity would lead you to do.

How To Find Your Purpose And Passion In Life?do you look for a purpose in your life

There are paths to unfolding what is the meaning of life answer you are searching for. Meditation and activating your intuitive and psychic senses are some of the methods you can use. In learning to meditate, you can use your clairvoyance and your other intuitive gifts like your knowingness. Those inner senses help you explore the inner dimension of self. So that you can reveal who you really are. They can help you with what was just talked about. Answering the question, what is my purpose in life. Knowing yourself can also help you identify what really isn’t you and peel away the layers of non-self. And once you have the clarity about who you are and why you are here, you choose to do.

You can identify and follow your life purpose. And then, as your life evolves, your intuitive gifts can help guide you. It can help you in making choices and decisions. It can help you answer questions like, is this in alignment with my highest and greatest good. They can support you in many ways.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is My Purpose In Life? Do I Actually Have One? Learn about how to reveal your life purpose and more.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Is My Purpose In Life? Do I Actually Have One?:

  • How do you define or find your purpose without labeling it or listing what we “do”? Do you have an example?
  • Hi Lovely Lesley and Mr. Corry! I’m so grateful for you both. Lesley. I am wondering if you can see insight and tune in to other people’s purposes. I’d love to see what you see for me?
  • Hello, My question is about a specific friendship. We recently stopped talking over an argument and I want to know if this friendship is worth the wait and will it improve or is it time to walk away for good?
    the idea of us ending makes me sad but if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.
  • I’m unsure if my purpose is my childhood passion (baseball) or something completely different. I would love some quick insight.
  • What if you can’t feel your emotions enough to try to find your purpose? Like, I’ve realized I can’t feel anything and it sort of scares me. Sometimes I used to wake up and be clear-headed to the point of “this is what I need to be doing,” but it’s brief. Then it’s like an abyss closes. Is there a way to get around this block so I can try to fake my emotions enough to see what I should be doing with my life? I feel like this is wrong to say, but I can’t find an answer.
  • How to accept the truth if the ego is in front of the truth?
  • I’ve been in work/career transition for over a year now, leaving a business faculty job after extreme burnout. I have so many interests that I feel scattered in my work search. How can I focus?

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