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What Is My Life Purpose And The Importance Of Having One?

What is my life purpose? Why am I here? Many individuals ask me to help them discover their reason for being on this life journey. what is the purpose of lifeOne of the questions I ask them is “What drives you?” What makes you wake up in the morning, jumping out of bed with a raring to go attitude?  I believe life should be lived with passion. So where is the passion in your life? Do you feel passionate about work, chores, shoveling snow (cutting the grass if there is no white stuff) or even your kids sometimes?

These type of things may not be what you would call life purpose, but you can find purpose in everything you do in your life on this beautiful planet as a human. Life purpose is a spiritual path. You can feel filled with purpose when you perform these simple tasks. A wise Buddhist monk once told me that when you do something be present. Be totally there immersed in the project. If you are doing dishes wash them with love in your heart. Don’t be thinking about how quickly you can get through them so you can watch the game or have a cup of tea. When you eat stop and taste each mouthful chewing, enjoying. Do not sit shoveling more food on your fork or cutting your meat. Focus on the taste. You will be totally amazed at the rich flavors you never noticed before.

It Is All About Living Purposefully

It is about living to the fullest in a spiritual way. Doing everything with love in your heart! Then living every moment to the fullest becomes your life purpose. Of course, we do all have a unique life purpose, which is the thing or things that you can do for the betterment of all, for the highest good. I bet you if meditate on it it will not be going out to earn more money to buy more things. Don’t get me wrong. The pleasure of material things is a wonderful aspect of physical life, but if you are reading this my guess if your purpose probably relates to being of service in the world.

How to truly discover yourself can be an amazingly challenging task, to find the real you and your spiritual reason for being. Many people wander the globe aimlessly in an attempt to find a sense of purpose. Living a purpose-driven life is truly a goal worth fulfilling. There is a plenitude of things to learn in life. Whether it is what do I want in life or how to find my career – the challenge can be daunting.

It really all boils down to the one ultimate question, how to truly discover yourself and having a sense of purpose.

Finding A Sense Of Purpose

What do I want out of life or what is my life purpose? This is definitely one of the most asked questions by searchers today. Why am I here? Basically, we are looking for some kind of fulfillment, which for most people seems elusive. Making decisions about your life direction can be a very scary task. If only there was a clue to the answer.

If only you knew the meaning of life! Listen to this exploration about life purpose and how to discover yours in today’s episode of Unlocking Your Truth. We show you how meditation can help unveil your true purpose. We also discuss past life readings and life purpose readings and how they really can uncover the true nature of your existence.


In this podcast you will learn:what is my life purpose

  • Your 2 life purposes; one that is unique to you and one you share with others.
  • The 3 common reasons people are blocked from knowing their life purpose.
  • Why being a conformist and living your life for others doesn’t work.


Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is My Life Purpose, and how to go about living a purpose driven loife?

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