No Sense Of Self Can Lead To Personal Disaster

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No Sense Of Self May Lead To Taking On Too Much Responsibility For Others

 No sense of self can lead to personal disaster and no sense of self meaning. This can happen very suddenly and without much warning oneness and merging are confused.  In the last blog post, I talked about two aspects of the fourth chakra called oneness and affinity.

Many people misinterpret these aspects of the heart chakra, especially as played out in personal relationships. A common point of confusion is to believe that oneness is the same as merging. This is not true and merging is a body level concept that deals with personal identity and self identity which are critical to being able to develop a sense of self worth.

What Is Merging?

Merging is what happens when people misinterpret affinity and oneness. If you have these concepts confused then you may have a tendency to take responsibility for others. You may judge others, have expectations of them and not accept them as they are. You might even attempt to control them and change them into how you want them to be. These traits are very common in family dynamics between husbands and wives, between children and parents and also to some extent in the workplace.

Merging causes you to experience the physical reality of another, such as their emotions and a lack of sense of self. You may even find yourself mistakenly feeling an emotion that you think is yours, but is really that of another person. It is therefore important, while in a body to maintain a sense of self. Then you are able to better relate to your body and its emotions, as well as to other people and the physical world around you. When you maintain your space from others you can tune into your unique life purpose and be empowered to make decisions about how you wish to live your life.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth that discusses, No Sense Of Self Can Lead To Personal Disaster.

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