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October 1, 2019

Are You Living Your Best Life? UYTI216

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How’s Life Treating You?

Let me ask you a serious question, how was your day, are you living your best life? If the answer are you feeling fulfillment and happinessis yes how do you know? If the answer is no why not?

Even if you are not aware of it your deepest innermost yearning is to exactly that, to feel that sense of fulfillment and happiness. What is life, and your true purpose if not to be happy? With all the battering you receive from media and the internet you may find it difficult to live up to the physical and emotional standards set by these word spinners.

They can make you feel inadequate or less than you should be. Not true! You are exactly who you are and should be. You are after all the light of the world. I didn’t say that. One of the great teachers and spiritual masters did, Jesus.

How’s Everything With You

It is easy to lose touch with those things that will truly bring a sense of security and happiness into your life. You get caught up in an ever more hectic world. Jobs, family, friends even recreation seem to be sucking the life energy from you. Life balance can be a foreign concept. Then you add the spiritual search as well just thinking about living your life to the max will just add to the stress of trying to be happy. Seems like such a contradiction doesn’t it, having to work at being happy?

Learning How To Live Your Best Life

I have some very good news for you. You can achieve happiness and fulfillment in your life. There are some things you can do to help you do exactly that and they are not momentous changes like moving to some tropical climate. Mostly if take the time to truly examine your life and give yourself the love and respect you truly deserve things can change quickly for you. Self-love and self-care are two very important concepts that you can implement immediately that will go along way to fulfill your search for happiness.

Living Your Best Life

Learning how to start living your life to the fullest may seem like a daunting task but it is not.

Here are a few simple changes you can make in your life to help eliminate the stress and bring forth good times:

  • Stop Setting Goals… Yes, I did say stop setting goals. Your life coach will freak. Set Intentions instead. Goals are written in cement. Example: You want to lose 10 lbs by a specific date. The time limit comes up and you have lost 9.5 lbs. You failed. Your goal was 10 lbs. Consciously;y or subconsciously you will beat yourself up.

If you had set an intention to lose weight even a specific 10 lbs and hit the 9.5 lbs you came close and close in intention setting and manifestation counts.

  1. Visualization… Remember the adage “I’ll believe it when I see it” is so wrong. It should actually read “I’ll see it when I believe it”. The best way to do this is to take a page out of the advertising textbook. Keep putting an image or a product in front of their eyes and they will buy it. It works. Just look at some of the dollars spent on advertising budgets of the large, successful corporations.

Become your own media person. Visualize, keep pictures around you, make a vision board. These visualizations will install a belief in you and this belief will manifest into reality. You truly create your reality, your life. I see it all the time with my students. The Law of Attraction works.

  • Meditation Practice… Meditation is a very powerful tool. It can help you reduce stress, anxiety, and many other issues. The one thing that many people do not know about meditation is that it actually connects you with your higher self, Spirit. You are Spirit in human form. Spirit is not bound by time or space. You can access this power.learn to love yourself and show yourself the compassion
  • Stop Personal Criticism… You are human. You will make mistakes. You are not perfect. So what? Stop the judgment. There is no need to belittle or berate yourself. Love yourself and show yourself the compassion you would show any other living being even your plants. Instead, use lots of compliments and positive statements about who you are to yourself. What is life? it is a series of events. They can be fun and beneficial or downgrading. Which do you choose?
  • Take Walks In Nature… There is energy in mother nature. The trees the plants, the birds, the flowers, they all have this positive energy. You can feel it. Allow it to penetrate you. Allow it to uplift you. Get out there and reconnect.
  • Live In The Present… No matter how much you may regret the past and would love to change it, it is what it is. Good or bad it’s gone. Allow them to be just that, things of the past. They have no control over you. A for the future an infinite number of possibilities lay before you every millisecond. Only so many are probable and they will all fold into the one present eventually. The keyword here is “eventually’.

You can try to predict or desire a specific occurrence but what will be “will be”. So why worry about it. There is nothing wrong with planning. What does throw a spanner into the works is getting attached to the outcome. Don’t! Live today for today and you will be happier immediately if not sooner.

A Free Life Purpose Reading

Get Your Free Life Purpose Reading

Any of these tips can and will improve your life. Take your time with adding them into your life or just jump in with both feet. Either way, it will help you along your path to true happiness.

These tips that you have just read are not all of the things that can bring a difference in your life. There are many more but there is one particular one that can really help you along and we have a special guest interview with Ani Anderson to introduce that to you.

Ani Anderson has a unique view on purpose and how to define your own. In this interview, she will describe how knowing your Soul’s Agenda can create deep contentment no matter what your life circumstances or what you have been through.

Ani Anderson, MS, OT, LMT, CEMP, SBMC is the author of the Find Your Soul’s Agenda process and co-creator of Sensation-Based Mindset coaching. Her mission is the assist people like you to navigate life’s challenges with grace and gratitude.

She believes that you should shed those toxic negative emotions that ultimately affect your happiness and even your health, vitality, and quality of life.

Here are some questions we ask Ani along with many more about living your best life:what is life for other than to be happy

  • Why do you say the Soul has an “agenda”?
  • In your book, you say that trying to be normal is dangerous. Why?
  • How did your training in Tai Chi help you figure out your life’s purpose and Soul’s Agenda?
  • In the Soul’s Agenda process, why do you have people define words rather than looking them up in the dictionary?
  • Do you believe in soul mates?
  • Some people say that negative emotions cause disease. Do you believe this is true? And how can finding our Soul’s Agenda help with this?
  • Why doesn’t a person’s Soul’s Agenda tell them what to “do” specifically?
  • The Find Your Soul’s Agenda process is part of Sensation-Based Mindset Coaching. What is the Sensation-Based Mindset?
  • You say that guilt can be reconciled. How does that work?
  • As a practitioner, how does knowing someone’s Soul’s Agenda help you help them?

You can find out more about Ani Anderson at http://www.anianderson.com/

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Are You Living Your Best Life, and learn some secrets to activating your true purpose.

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