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May 5, 2020

Do You Find Living Consciously Difficult In Our World Today? UYT240

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Are You Living A Conscious Life?

Today we are discussing a question from one of our listeners about living consciously:

“I would be interested to hear a discussion on living consciously and what it looks like for you in your daily life. How does it compare to someone who doesn’t? I am interested in the transition I have gone/am going through and what I see in others, from asleep and embedded in the physical world, to awakening and conceptual understanding of spirit, to embodiment and higher learning. And if we are really living not only our soul’s truth but also in a higher vibration, what does that mean for our thoughts, feelings, and actions and how they must/will change?”

Are You Living An Awakened Life?

Another word for living consciously is “awakened”. Living consciously means you are awakened to the true essence of who you are. each moment in everything you do. You are truly aware that you are Spirit. The adage holds so true, “you are not a human being having spiritual experiences but a spiritual being having a human experience”.

Do You Find Living Consciously Difficult In Our World Today?

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What Constitutes A Conscious Life?

Basically living a conscious life is about living a prepared and planned life and having the passion to doiving a conscious life is about living a prepared and planned life so. It’s monitoring your thoughts and making appropriate choices, every day. Every action you take has a stimulus, a trigger of some kind. Some of these are conscious and well outlined. Some are unconscious, things that you do on a more autonomic basis.

Living life consciously is about looking at yourself in regards to why you make all of these specific choices. It is about examining the base root of the reasons behind why you do the things you do. It is the main “why” of your life, your life purpose.

Many people just haphazardly live their lives not sure of where they want to go or what they want to do. They live in a state of bewilderment in regards to what they really want to accomplish, their “raison d’etre”.

Envision going on a road trip but not having maps to plan your route or even deeper not understanding exactly why you want to go on the journey. Living consciously would mean that you carefully select your destination and then study and use maps to plan out your exact path.

Astonishingly, most of you don’t practice living your lives in this manner. Unconsciously you live by the belief system, the life patterns, that you have been taught by family, friends, and society in general. Unconsciously, means without thinking. No thought is given to living in the present. Exercise greater attention and control of your mind and heart and you will find that you will become more successful in moving towards the evolution of a consciously driven existence. Mindfulness is key.

Overcome Life’s Challenges With Life Activations

Tools To Overcome Life’s Challenges

What Does An Awakened Life Look Like?

Living a conscious life will transform you. Your life is more inclined to be packed with positive elements such as satisfaction, joy, and happiness. When you are making choices deliberately based on your specific values and your authentic nature, your personal truth you will be in total balance.

This balance is derived from actively assessing your possibilities, your choices, and then your actions again based on your truth. Understandably, experiencing an expanded consciousness is not all that easy in our hectic and self-centered world.

Unfortunately, The World Is Not An Awakened Community. Yet!

You are constantly being directed on what to do, what to buy, what you should look like, how you should community can help you in living a consciously based lifestyledress, what you should eat, and most importantly what you should believe.

Living a conscious life gives you the power and ability to leave this barrage of negative information behind. You will make decisions based on your truth and decline the things that don’t make you feel whole.

You do not need self-help books or a guru or other teachers with their own interests in mind telling you what to do in regards to the choices you make or the direction you want to take. It is all within you. Rather, if you need a teacher it is to help you with coaching you to access this information at its source. A person that encourages you. Someone who teaches and helps you activate the Spirit within you.

You are an individual and everyone is different. One of the underlying pillars for all is that it takes deliberate inner strength and conviction in making the shift and achieving the goals related to living a consciously based lifestyle. Listen to the words of the small quiet voice within you. ;

Other questions and comments discussed on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth with Dr. Lesley about living consciously:

  • I used to be so asleep and now I am reeling in the aftermath.
  • Can you explain free will a little better?
  • Is conscious awakening also known as a mid-life crisis?
  • What can I do to awake? What would be the steps to do that?
  • I once believed that I didn’t really have to do much or really be here on earth as destiny would choose for me, through parts of awakening came an awareness that my soul has a core purpose/destiny that with choice/freewill I can either be a creator and make choices that align to this or deter me from the path, forever presented with infinite possibilities of choices, where comes the free will, ebb and flow comes when my choices lead back to that soul core truth and purpose, more challenging lessons come when I take the path that leads away from it to trigger me to get back to the aligned path but maybe with lessons that promote growth on the way, such as the other role of duality/polarity experiences as a human. Do duality and polarity have different meanings or are they much the description of the same thing
  • I dreamt of you the other day. I was asking you questions and you said, buy my book. I said I’d read it, and you said, not this one.
  • A great aspect to discuss, I noticed the word ‘compared to’ came up before, this really touches on that
  • When I was having an accelerated awakening time you used an analogy that really clicked in why all of what you’re saying and referencing to the book is so important, about the energy you harbor while awakening can go outward as a bubble and bubbles pop, so as it’s happening (and always, it’s important to use the techniques such as in your book to be a flowing conduit of that energy
  • Would you agree that the actions would align with love and compassion, even if that is saying no to truths or requests of others, there will be an underlying action of love and compassion for yourself and ultimately them also?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Do You Find Living Consciously Difficult In Our World Today, and learn the secret of how to center your life and begin to experience the joy of living an awakened existence.

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