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September 5, 2023

How To Find Purpose In Life Using Your Psychic Abilities Blue Print UYT387

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The Purpose-Driven Life

Do you believe you have a life purpose? Is understanding how to find purpose in life important to you? In a group of what you may call awake people, when asked, “Do you have a life purpose?” almost everyone will raise their hand. Most human beings do believe that there’s a purpose to their life. Yet when asked, “What is your purpose in life? If you know what your life purpose is?” keep your hand up. Not many hands stay up. It’s funny because so many people believe they have a purpose, yet most are scratching their heads about what it is.

How To Find Purpose In Life Using Your Psychic Abilities Blue Print

Man’s Search For Meaning

Do you know how to find purpose in life? What is it? And in a way, you may think that it is a specific group of people who are also interested in spiritual stuff that search for their personal WHY. It may reflect only a particular group of humanity out searching for meaning in their life.

Are you part of those searching for the “What is your purpose in life answer?” You and your group may believe there is meaning to your existence, and you want to find it. Do you do so because you believe when you find it, then that’s when everything gets juicy and amazing? Because you believe once you’ve found your life purpose, then you are in that phase of evolution where you are expressing that purpose, where you are expressing your unique vibration, your unique sense of Divine Source energy here on Earth. Your Why.

When you are in tune with what your divine gifts are and you are using them, you are in alignment with your higher being. And you are embodying your gifts. So it’s something that you all intrinsically feel within you is a core truth of your existence. It’s something that you all want, and you all crave. And most people are searching for it.

What Is The Real Purpose Of Life?how to find purpose in life

Let’s talk about your divine, higher being, your soul, in terms of evolutionary cycles. The evolutionary cycle that the soul goes through when it starts incarnating on planet Earth. Let’s start with why. Not “why do you search” but finding your why. It is the clue to why you decided to come here, as you, at this time.

If you’ve never had an incarnation on this planet before, you are learning how to survive. You are in survival mode. Trying to figure out all the aspects of being in a physical human body, in the physical world. So, survival is one of the basics of your purpose at that evolutionary stage. And if you take a look at how many humans are in that phase, it is quite a lot. It runs at about 65% to 70%.

But then, as you figure out the survival phase, the next thing is wanting to fit in and belong. And so this is when you start to join groups. You seek the meaning of life from within the group. So now you belong to a religion, a culture and are part of a family dynasty. And, your life purpose meaning is prescribed to you by the group. You benefit from that because you are protected by the group if you don’t stick out as different. You belong, and that’s your comfort zone.

The Life You Were Born To Live

Of course, there’s an overlap between these two areas of life purpose. And then the next phase is what you call the spiritual seekers. There are those of you who are starting to awaken, read, and realize that there is more to life than survival and merging with a group. Whether it’s merging with the group in the corporation, the political party, or whatever group it is, suddenly you realize that you are limited by this.

You feel like there’s more than this. You don’t agree with everything within any group structure. So you start bursting out of that. And then, you are in this phase of seeking meaning and seeking purpose. And this is an experimental phase, where you might try all sorts of things to find meaning. Some of you may search amongst various spiritual belief systems to find meaning.

You could venture into the areas of taking different courses and workshops, reading books, trying things out, and experimenting until finally you discover that the answers are within you. And you canget in touch with your own higher guidance to combat challenges in life channel those answers. You can channel that energy from your divine source, Spirit.

And that’s when you start to fly because now you know who you are, and as importantly, you know why you are here. Do you know your higher being and trust your higher being? You are the vessel that expresses the energy and information flowing from your higher being.

What Is My Purpose In Life?

So, experiencing your life purpose is what you all want. And you find it inside of yourself. In some sense, you might say, “Well, where does my life purpose begin?” It begins with accessing your higher being, whether you want to call that label your soul, your oversoul, or your higher self. It’s that greater part of you that exists beyond the physical realm. It has a higher perspective than you, the physical being.

The first purpose is evolutionary expansion through experience, especially when projecting itself into the physical realm. And so there can be a theme of exploration within your soul. There can be a particular way to express and explore that theme in any particular lifetime. So your higher being knows your life purpose in each incarnation. It knows why you are here and the entire design of your life.

Finding Purpose And Meaning In Life Through Connecting With Your Higher Being

So even though you might be standing there knowing you have a life purpose, you do not understand what it is. If you can find a way to connect inside yourself with your higher being, then you can start to know yourself more intimately and know your life purpose more deeply.

How do you do that? The simplest way you connect with your higher self is through meditation. Meditation is a great way to turn within and connect with your higher being. And to start listening to your still inner voice and conversing with yourself. It can allow you to start channeling your own energy.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding and Centering

Another clue to unveiling your life purpose is discovering what you feel passionate about. What thrills you? What excites you? What would you do all day, whether or not you got paid for it?

Life Purpose And Your Psychic Gifts

After 25 years of working within the psychic realm, I am confident that I am knowledgeable in the areas of chakras and intuitive abilities. I have done this work within myself, and psyc

learn about your psychic powers list

hically read 1000s of people’s energy fields. From reading their chakras, I have personally discovered that there is a relationship between your intuitive abilities and your life purpose.

You have 22 psychic abilities that you came into the world with. Those

22 psychic abilities are channeled through your chakra system. Different ones may be emphasized at different times of your life. Different ones may be emphasized in different lifetimes and expressions of your higher being. And you have all of it going on at the level of your higher being.

But because of your life theme and focus, there might be a particular configuration of psychic abilities that more directly supports your current life purpose. My book, Intuition And Chakras, has an excellent metaphor that helps explain this concept. So, one of the metaphors is as follows.

Learn More About Your Intuitive Energy

Get Your Copy Of Intuition And Chakras

Let’s imagine a little speck of light is waiting to be incarnated into Earth. And let’s say we’ll make up some funny life purposes just for the sake of the metaphor. Let’s say it is a girl with one possible life purpose: a ballet dancer. Other life purposes are chef, school teacher, and gardener. So, depending on those life themes, those life explorations, and those life purposes, there will be a need for different abilities and different tools to support her in achieving those purposes.

  • The ballet dancer needs a pair of ballet shoes and a particular body physique.
  • The chef will need pots and pans, a good set of knives, a nice white apron, and a chef’s hat.
  • The teacher will need a chalkboard, a set of chalk, and a stern look with a pair of glasses.
  • The gardener will need a rake, hoe, spade, seeds, shovels, and other things.

And so, whichever one of these life purposes or life themes is selected, that aspect of the soul going forward into physical reality is provided with what it needs. As for you and your spiritual path or life purpose, if you are exploring being a healer, you will be equipped with healing abilities. You may also have some telekinetic ability, the ability to listen to your inner voice for insights about the healing work that you are doing. Your clairvoyance will be helpful so that you can see into somebody’s energy system or their physical body so that you can help them. Suppose you are exploring being a spiritual author. In that case, you can use your channeling ability, trance mediumship, knowingness, and manifestation ability.

The intuitive abilities you will need will be emphasized in any life purpose. So, you start to see a direct relationship between your psychic abilities and your life purpose.

Life Purpose And Your Chakraslearn about the chakra system

Your psychic abilities and your life purpose are intertwined. Your chakras are channels for your psychic abilities. Your chakras also relate to different things and aspects of your life. As you go through life challenges and growth cycles, you will call on the energy levels of each of your chakras.

For example, some people might have a lifetime where they’re focused on their second chakra their entire lifetime. Facing challenges, overcoming those challenges, and dealing with things around that particular area.

And so, in dealing with and transcending those challenges, there is a natural emergence of the psychic ability channeled through the second chakra, Clairsentience. Thus, the life challenge can be initially reflective of the life purpose and is present to deal with, overcome, and transcend.

But then utilize the gift that emerges on the other side of the challenges and use your Clairsentience for yourself or others.

A lot is going on within you. There is a relationship between what you are experiencing through your chakras and your life. Whether your psychic abilities are blocked or slowing, you align with your higher being. You are aware of and express your unique purpose. It all is reflected in your life experience.

So, if your chakras are blocked, your intuition is blocked. If your intuition is blocked, it’s doubtful that you are in alignment, actively listening and receiving the messages from your higher being about all things spiritual, including your life purpose.

So, this path of spiritual awakening is a pathway where you turn within and heal yourself. In knowing yourselves, you assume the responsibility for your life challenges. And you work your way through them to emerge as an awakened human.

Life Purpose And Your Psychic Abilities Blueprinthow to find purpose in life and your psychic abilities blueprint

So, your Psychic Abilities Blueprint is my signature psychic reading. This is a session where all of your chakras are examined in conjunction with your 22 intuitive abilities as you express them in this lifetime and this moment.

And then the same abilities are examined but at the point of your entry into this life. And then, the two states are compared. Questions that are answered during your reading:

  • Are you making the most of your gifts?
  • Are you in alignment? Or, if not, why not?
  • What’s happened in your life caused you to turn your various abilities down so that you can receive help to open them up and heal yourself.

Guidance to get you back on track with your goal to express your unique vibration in the world.

All of the above questions are answered, and they all help guide you to understand your true life purpose and how to live it to the fullest.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Find Purpose In Life Using Your Psychic Abilities Blue Print, and discover what is the real purpose of life and how to answer what is your purpose question..

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How To Find Purpose In Life Using Your Psychic Abilities Blue Print :

  • Andarini – Can we measure the before and after – the “unlocking”? I’m interested to know “where I am now” – and what’s important to maximize to support my purpose/current life.
  • Brian – I wonder sometimes.
  • Monotone Maiden- Thank you, Dr. Lesley. I still have your book in my Amazon Cart, waiting to be purchased, and I really enjoy your videos. Unfortunately, I have no questions. I’m still struggling with blockages and grounding. And Psychic attacks, so my mind is not clear. I would love to join one of your courses in the future. I would love some insight.
  • Granny Clanger – Hi, I feel stuck at the moment and unsure what path to take now – I would appreciate any guidance.
  • BC – I wonder if you could tell me a little about the growth cycle I’m in. Part of it focuses on relationships, which I find interesting because I’m assuming areas we’re drawn to may have to do with that growth and our purpose. I’m kind of curious as to what the sudden interest and draw to relationships is. I ask, too, because it differs from what I’m used to.

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