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March 31, 2020

The Global Healing Meditation For Wellness Aftermath UYT235

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Free Global Healing Meditation To Help All To Cope

I had been looking at the state of the high-stress levels, mental, emotional, and physical health around our wonderful planet, and I thought that I would do something positive and hopefully change it. I also knew that you would care, so I arranged what I consider to be global healing meditation online on Sunday past.
I invited my network and anyone else to attend this mass global healing meditation. The purpose was to hold a unified gathering, a specific guided meditation event for healing the body from this epidemic that has the world in its grip and create a change in the frequency, and you showed up. There was an excellent response. It shows you care about the lives of others and the planet. I know meditation works. However, we will never know the exact results, but hopefully, it will help cleanse the negativity and promote wellness of any sort.

The World Global Healing Meditation For Wellness

The Global Healing Meditation For Wellness Aftermath

We all can have an issue along our unique personal journey, and the solutions are not always organic. However, you can use natural guided meditation practices to heal the problems with emotional and spiritual health and healing illness for yourself. Still, in this case, it was to provide healing on a global scale. It was a deep meditation for healing a specific disease and all the effects that came with it.

Most people find that following a guided meditation practice is lovely and simple and allows you to relax and go with the flow and reach the center of your being. You can access more information and a guided meditation script to help you with grounding negative energy on my site.

Free Guided Meditation

]Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding

Meditation Benefits Overview

A personal meditative program introduced into your life may be the best start to health and fulfillment. You can surely improve the quality of the whole Being based solely on your inner direction. Food, medicine, supplements, and a vitamin now and then are essential ingredients in the missions of individuals to living a long, healthy life. However, the latest opinions of the experts are saying that a mindfulness or meditation practice can be considered a foundation for a full life. Not only have the different traditions of meditation through history proven their effectiveness on a personal basis but research from one of the leading centers of education, Harvard University, states that “Those who learn its techniques often say they feel less stress, think clearer.”

Here are some of the other benefits of meditation that you can reflect on:

  • Guided meditation for anxiety
  • Guided meditation for emotional healing
  • Personal Spiritual healing meditation
  • Emotional healing techniques
  • Guided meditation for pain relief and healing
  • Meditation for physical healing
  • Guided meditation script for inner peace
  • Meditation for healing emotional pain

What Are We Learning From The Virus?experience a guided meditation for healing the body

The experience that the world is having is not all bad, however. Some things are changing for the better.

  • Politics- opponents are working together. Countries are agreeing on united efforts.
  • Healthcare-The health care system is genuinely focused on helping the people, not just profits.
  • Economics- people are taking a look at what their chase for money is all about. They are beginning to understand the real purpose of this energy. People and systems are opening their purse strings to help others.
  • Social- This illness is a real equalizer. People volunteer to offer help to their neighbors.
  • Technological- The technology sector is focusing on a common goal. I.E., the automotive manufacturing plants are retooling to help make medical equipment.
  • Environmental- Smog is lifting in places. The dolphins are back in Venice after a prolonged absence. We are traveling less, and the environment is feeling the positive effects.
  • Business- CEOs and other company heads are placing individual health and welfare over their business centers and providing products and services.

Comments About The Deep Meditation For Healingwhat people had to say about this free healing meditation

Globally, people’s hearts and minds are feeling both the negative and positive effects of this pandemic. Here are a few of the shared comments with me after the World Global Healing Meditation For Wellness.

“Very grateful, Lesley. You did such a beautiful job and helped us turn something so scary into healing personally and globally!” Xoxo Celia

“Thank you, Lesley! Your meditation was amazing! It brings back beautiful Astral memories! I am very much looking forward to reconnecting with you very soon. Love and Light Always!” Shahiroz

“Thank you 💜Felt one of the lessons of this crisis is to dissolve our ideas of differences which has to do with status/money.” Louise

“I’m so glad I recorded this. The energy was powerful from the get-go. At the point of expanding out with gold light beyond the city, I conked out and came to just as we were brought back with the deep breaths in and out! What transpired, I’ve no idea, but I sure felt refreshed. Also, I didn’t expect to be able to participate, but when my shift should have started, it was unexpectedly canceled – yay! Thank you all.” Lux Unda

“Thank you, Dr. Lesley and everyone! 🙏 That was so powerful and amazing! People are going to feel calmer, and they’re not going to know why. I felt like people, animals, nature, bodies of water, and all life on the new earth was receiving this healing. I felt the synchronization of our hearts and how we are so much more powerful than fear and anything that can go wrong. I will continue to send out this cleansing light of Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Pink all over the new earth and its inhabitants.“💖 Natacha

“Thank you again; I found the energy that was present to be very exhilarating. The sense of the power of love was very present and enjoyable.” Tim

“Thank you again for this powerful meditation. The platinum healing light, wow, super high vibes! The virus joined me in it, as an equal, both of us safe and loved. There is no need to push it away. It then drifted away out into the Universe. At one point, I saw all kinds of different people floating outwards from it, being released, safe and free.” Susan

“Definitely, a higher vibration than I have traditionally operated on. I learned more about my healing and was reminded of the need to spend more time being intentionally grateful and allowing the universe to do its work. Thank you for your guidance.” Adam

“Dr. Lesley- thank you. I feel that the virus is teaching me to resolve fear. I distinctly heard “fear is not real” I also believe that this new world is going to be most compassionate.” Candace

“It was great. When we went on the human consciousness field, there is so much resistance at first, and we were fighting the fear, and then it dissolved. I felt like the lessons that the virus is teaching are to consider other paths of connection in addition to economics and money. That there are other important metrics and values, we could focus on. It is asking us to be more conscious of our relationship to the earth and how we helped give this virus strength through our lack of connection. I feel like this virus is teaching me personally the power of relaxation and calm – it so important, and I have a role to help people be calm and themselves again.” Nicole

“Sharing some experiences: The virus was here to teach me gratitude for all I have…my home, my family, the resources surrounding me, the job that supports me with remote work, so all this does not impact my livelihood. It’s here for all of us to slow down and look within. I appreciated the violet flame, it was wonderful to connect to the new earth, and I thank the high vibrations and guides for working with us. I found it challenging to get through some denser vibrations on earth, but it felt successful when we joined forces. I saw a few unfamiliar faces pop in on me, male, and kept seeing the statues from Easter Island 🗿 , not sure what that was about!” Kelly

“I wanted to share my experience with you. Before the mediation started, my room became really cold all around. My spirit guides and the team gathered with others. I remember meditating and falling into a deep trance. It’s as if my body was there, but my energy was being consumed. I could hear everything you were saying, but physically I wasn’t able to respond. Spiritually I was able to do the meditation from outside of my body. I ended up passing out for 2 hours after feeding, really drained but knew it was for a good reason. My room went back to the normal temperature. The day of receiving the email from you, the thought of doing a healing meditation for the world came to mind while driving. Hours later, I came across your email. Thanks for hosting! ” Tabitha

“Thank you SO much, Dr. Lesley, for your beautiful and healing world meditation today at 1 pm. I received your email and used your link to connect to your Live YouTube broadcast. I feel uplifted and believe we all made a tremendous difference for people all over the world today. Thank you for your light, love, wisdom, generosity of spirit. I am hoping to be able to repeat it as a prior taped YouTube and to share it with some like-minded friends. God bless you, and I love you, and I am grateful to you, all the guides, all the angels, all participants, and of course, our Source. Thank you again and again. I feel such a personal shift. I feel reassured. I feel like we all made a significant and much-needed contribution to healing people and our planet today with love, light, and gratitude.

Hi Dr. Lesley, Thank you for sharing this beautiful meditation with me (again) and so many others. I wrote a thank you email to you yesterday about how reassured I felt, how helpful I felt in making a difference with healing the whole world, and the deep feeling of oneness. I felt a great sense of love for everyone worldwide and felt like I was sharing healing and love. It was beautiful, and I am grateful that I was able to take part. I have been doing this on my own—love & healing for all thru prayer and meditation. To do it with you guiding and with many others was powerful and much more impactful. From a physical standpoint, I did not mention anything in the other email. But I can tell you I felt very warm the whole time, felt very loved, felt like I was love, loved the brilliant colors of pink, gold, silver, platinum you guided us to use. The moment you mentioned the silver color being brought in, I had many, many tiny “chills” running up and down my spine and down my arms and spreading out away from me. Much love, light, and appreciation for you!!” Cate

“Dear Lesley, I meditated 24 hours after your initial session, using your guided hour. While tapping into the collective consciousness, I had a strong physical reaction, requiring light work to balance the energy around me again. I am grateful for your initiative and will continue to send light and loving thoughts to all. With love.” Jules

I hope you can take the time to experience the World Global Healing Meditation For Wellness for yourself and share it with others. Let me know what you have felt.

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, The Global Healing Meditation For Wellness Aftermath, as we explore and share one purpose, global healing.

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