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April 22, 2017

Work Life Balance Is Key To A Happy Fulfilled Life – UYT073

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Why Work, Life Balance Is Crucial!

Do you understand the benefits of work life balance or do you have an issue that many people in our world are suffering from? In today’s society, it is no longer just about making a achieving work life balancecomfortable living for most people. It is about trying your best to get by. To be able to afford the necessities and a few extra creature comforts as well as keeping up with everyone else. The media has us needing this and not being able to live without this product. We need to be driving the newest cars wearing the most current clothing. We no longer can do with just one computer we need a smartphone and a tablet that can do the same. We cannot cope with just one family computer but each member must have their own. Our children need cell phones with huge time and data plans to text and surf. Let’s not forget to mention the cost of health care and education. This causes a real to know how to balance work and personal life.

These are just a few of the things that we are chasing these days. By chasing I mean earning a living, making money to pay for these things. To achieve this now, moms must work outside of the home. A two person income home has become the norm as opposed to the exception. So now that we are spending all these hours traveling to and from work, the time spent at work, the time we chauffeur our kids to ballet, and all the other activities they need to be a part of, we have to create lives that find balancing work and family to be increasingly more difficult.

Are you like a large percentage of people in our society today? Do you suffer from an issue balancing work and home life to some degree? Workaholic or stressful work environments can result in many joyless symptoms. The work-life balance of employees has become a major concern. These may result in creating physical and mental afflictions not to mention relationship problems. It is not just the regular employee that is having issues but work life balance for managers is even more at risk. Creating a balance in life is one of the most difficult challenges for many individuals to overcome. There are answers and solutions, however. A good life and work balance can be created with very little effort. Simple changes to your home and needs criteria, diet, or your workspace environment can produce wonderfully positive results.

The Benefits Of Work Life Balance Tips

The borders between work and home have begun to blur in our competitive marketplace. The lack of work life balance importance has increased and work has begun to spill over and invaded your personal life. The segregation between your work and your personal time has started to dwindle. work-life balance is no simple task.

Achieving Work Life Balance

It used to be that we as a family structure would be one spouse would work outside the house and one would stay home and raise the kids and manage the home. Now because of economic restraints and the job market, and the rising costs of goods and services this has become a challenge. In today’s society, both adults in 60 percent of families are working. Another factor is that many of the positions that are out there are work from home jobs. Even though you can stay home this doesn’t mean that it is a cakewalk in regards to the time you can spend with your family.

Even with all the challenges that may arise when trying to create a workable balance between your nine to five and your personal life it is not out of grasp. First, take a serious look at your relationship with your career and work. Once you have understood that then you can take steps to discover a better balance.

Before we look at the benefits of a balanced work and home ethic let’s examine some of the results of an improper work-life balance.

Your Health… generally overworked individuals tend to fall prey to poor health and stress-related illness. Stress affects your immune system which will heighten the negative effects of illnesses. Stress itself can cause all kinds of diseases all the way up to death. It also drives people to substance abuse.

Physical and emotional Burnout… Because of the long hours and lack of playtime, relaxation your productively suffers. This can affect your worth in the job market itself as well as make you a stick in the mud with your family and friends.

Work Life Balance Tips And Techniquesneed of work life balance

  • Prioritization… you have heard of yes men? Well, learn how to become a no man. you do not have to accept every request made of you in your work and home life. Prioritize.
  • Time Management… First and foremost the term I would like you to take in is learning how to set limits. Time is a limited resource. If you overextend yourself time-wise then there will be less of it left for those important people in your life and you are one of them.
  • List Generation… Stop guessing. use to-do lists and a calendar to effectively schedule your precious commodity, you.
  • Boundaries… Stop taking your work home with you. It is too easy to jump on your computer at home just to catch up a little on your emails or the such. Leave work at work. Email and reports don’t “rule” your life. You do.
  • Control… Examine options and then take advantage of them. Consider job share, flex hours, 4 day work week, or even telecommuting which is becoming very popular.

Benefits Of Work Life Balance And Self Care

Health is also one of those limited commodities. Once you lose it you lose it. To play hard and work hard, you need to be healthy. Diet, sleep, and play is all-important factors of a healthy lifestyle.

Another thing that many people forget is to have a sounding board for those times that you have challenges. Keeping things on the inside can cause a build-up of negative emotions which can become a real situation. Occasionally it is difficult to see the forest for the trees. Trusted friends and family members are great. However, sometimes a professional can help you. I have lots of clients that come to me for advice on their work and personal lives.

Work Life Balance Tips For Employeeswork life balance tips and techniques

If you search the internet there are all kinds of individual’s ideas of work life balance examples as well as examples of work life balance initiatives and work life balance policies stated by employers.

Learning how to achieve work life balance is critical. However, it isn’t important how many of these positive activities that you take on as long as you begin to make those changes that will set you on the right path to respecting yourself, your time, your family, friends, and your job.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Benefits Of Work Life Balance as we discuss the advantages of building an equilibrium between work and family.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • A beneficial diet to reduce stress.
  • The need for work life balance.
  • Ideas to improve work life balance.

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