Your Life Has Purpose

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose if to give it away." ~ Pablo Picasso.

If you are in a place where you want to know what to do with the rest of your life or if you are searching for meaning this page is for you. You probably feel deep inside that you have a purpose. But you might not be certain what it is. You say "if only you knew it you would be happier & would make great life choices. All my decisions would be easy. As I could check them against my purpose and select the most authentic & aligned choice"

Don’t worry, most people feel this way. I did too, until I discovered my purpose as an intuitive messenger & spiritual teacher. I changed from an intellectual scientist & business woman to my calling. Having walked the path to purpose myself, I believe we each have three life purposes.

Let me explain, as depending on where you are coming from I can help you in different ways…


This is what spiritual masters come to teach. It is the common purpose of humanity. My take on it has to do with you learning to consciously operate as spirit through your physical body. That involves transcending your ego & other body levels so the light of your consciousness shines brightly through you. here on Earth So you can consciously create a spirit in the world of form.

If you want guidance in this area, receiving teachings through meditation or mentoring is a great choice. Or you could start with a one hour reading, where we review information in your aura & chakras to reflect where you are on your path right now.

Unique Contribution

This is what most people mean by life purpose. There is no one else like you. You are a spark of divine consciousness. There is a seed of creative potential & unique gifts that are meant to shine through you.  Some of the things you want to create could be your career, business, helping others, making contribution in the world, or creating abundance through meaningful work.

 A past life reading could illuminate skills and abilities developed previously. An intuition blueprint will show you how your unique spiritual gifts map directly to your current life purpose this life. As well as how you are blocking yourself from your full potential.

Eternal Expansion

The soul delights in new experiences. There are no good or bad life events. Only scenes to play out for the purpose of expansion. No matter what choices you make, you will fulfill your purpose to expand in consciousness. You will have new experiences never had by anyone before. In doing so you will add to the expansion of all consciousness. You will change and you will grow!

If you are struggling with life choices, or the ups & downs of earth plane reality, receiving an aura reading would connect you with your current expansion. Guidance through mentoring or a meditation course would help you navigate your growth cycles.

7 Chakra Guide to Your Life Purpose...

  • Learn to consciously live your purpose by mastering your chakras.
  • Discover the relationship between your chakras & your purpose.
  • Find out what information is chaneled by which chakra.
  • Get the specifics on how mastering each of the 7 main chakras supports your life purpose in different ways.

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