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March 4, 2017

Why Keep A Dream Journal – UYT061

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Your Dream Journal And Dream Interpretation Answers

Why keep a dream journal you may ask? In short, it was a tool to help interpret my dream (follow this link to learn more about standard dream interpretations). Way back when I wondered I started doing so many over thirty years ago and it has been amazing. At first, dreams, what they mean, and what they meant to me was a bit elusive. I remember I died in my dream once and really wanted to understand if I needed to worry about it. This got me very interested.

Much of our life is reflected in our dreams and when some of my students come to me for psychic readings we end up talking about their dreams. Your dream journals really help in recalling the small details which can be so crucial to the dream meaning. Without these dream journal entries, we would not have a clue.

Dream Meanings

Basically, one of the areas where we can learn much about ourselves and our relationship with the Universe is during lucid dream states and their dream stories. Dreams and journals are a door to the astral plane because when you dream you are actually entering the astral plane. some people call this astral projection. These out of body experiences contain lots of meaning in regards to our spiritual and physical lives. Because we travel as an astral or spirit body, your true nature, there are no limits. The spirit body is not bound by time or space and hence do not follow the rules you and I do in these physical bodies. One of the issues, however, is dream recall. How can you possibly translate a dream or understand its meaning if you cannot remember it?how do you start a dream journal

We have all woken from a dream in the middle of the night, and the dream has been very vivid and full of meanings. Then you fall back to sleep knowing that you will remember it because it was so intense. You may have even started to yourself ‘that was so amazing I know I’ll remember that in the morning.’ However when you wake the memory is gone. Just the understanding that you had a powerful dream experience remains. Well, you are not alone. You can change this by keeping a bedside dream journal.

What Are Dreams?

Dreaming and Astral Travel are not only fun but they can be very mysterious as well. It doesn’t matter if they are nightmares, love stories, or wonderful voyages to far off realms and fantasy worlds and existences we have been wondering about these experiences from the beginning of humanity. As long as we have been dreaming we have also been wondering and studying our dreams and what they possibly could mean.

People like you and Psychologists all the way back to ancient wise men and Shamans havedream interpretation answers can lead to amazing things been questioning their true meanings for a long time. If you look at some of the famous scientists, artists, psycho-analysts of history dreams were a major contributor to their work.

Many of their great inventions and explorations have started in the dream state. For example, Albert Einstein’s who is one of the more famous scientists of the history theory of relativity was sparked by a dream. Because dreams are a state of being outside of the physical, the spiritual, the intuitive powers of this realm come into play quite often. In a dream state, he was traveling down a mountainside very quickly and as he increased his speed to approaching the speed of light he was able to watch the appearance of the celestial stars change. He said:

“It is not intellect, but intuition which advances humanity.”
“What I say is more often felt through intuition than thought through the intellect.” – Albert Einstein

There are many other examples of these type of discoveries and inventions made in the dream state including:

  • The unearthing of the principle and structure of the benzene ring by August Kekule.
  • The invention of the sewing machine by Elias Howe.
  • The discovery of the theory of atomic structure by Nils Bohr.
  • The design of the experiment that proved how nerve impulses are transmitted by The Nobel Prize winner Otto Loewi.

These are just a smidgeon of the examples of famous people and the imaginative creations of novelists, poets and composers scientists, and more who had dreams and went on to change history.

How do dreams you and your life? If you were able to remember your dreams maybe you could go on to do great things as well or just simply figure out why you are the way you are. The best way to do this would be to remember your dreams by employing a dream journal.

What Is A Dream Journal?

A dream journal also known as a dream diary is a physical record of your experiences that you had while dreaming. I began by writing down my dreams and then moved on to digitally recording them. As I entered into this routine I eventually was able to turn on my recorder, record my dream, and never remember doing so when I awoke.

The main thing is to start the habit by writing down your dreams or recording them as I did and then you can move on to analyzing them.

Your dream journal is a kind of contemplative diary, where you can go to keep on hand information about what some of the important or unusual events in your life can mean. These can be then used when you meet with your spiritual or psychological coach or even just meditate on them yourself.

I found that there was a big difference in the accuracy and the frequency of my dream recordings as I progressed in using some varied techniques of this form of self-awareness not to mention just the habitual experience that had many benefits in themselves.

Why keep a dream journal?

Let me share some of these benefits with you:

One of the main reasons it would be beneficial for you to record your dreams is that they will learn about the spiritual meaning of dreamsgive you an opportunity to study yourself. Dreams are a window or doorway to your inner being consisting of your thoughts and emotions. Dreams can literally influence the emotional body as well as your thoughts. and think. How you dream, the feelings your experience can change how you feel about your reality. There is also the spiritual meaning of dreams as well.
First and foremost a journal will help in remembering things that may slip away from you in your sleep. Just the act of writing or recording your dreams will keep them more vivid in your mind for the future. Also, it is a good memory exercise.

More astute problem solving is one of the great benefits of keeping a journal. Again when you are dreaming on the astral plane you are not limited by time and space. These are no longer a constraint to your imagination. Just like with the scientists and physicists I mentioned earlier dreaming and the understanding of your dreams can open a whole new world of creation for you.

How To Lucid Dream

A dream can seem like a haphazard occurrence. It seems like there is no real reason for your specific dreaming topics and experiences. Not true! These vivid and lucid dreams have much to do with who you are. Once you travel the road of keeping a dream diary it will give you a real understanding of the psychology of dreams, your dreams. Eventually, it can act as a dream dictionary and will actually assist you in understanding and controlling your dreams.

How To Start A Dream Diary

So now that we established the Why of keeping your dreams journaled let’s look at the How. Here are some tips for you on doing just that.

The first thing is to always keep a pen and paper or a recorder by your bedside. The best way and the most accurate way of getting all the information is to get it down immediately on rousing. If you have to get up and search out a pen and paper you will lose critical portions of your dream. Urgency is most urgent!

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Just jotting down the topic or surface experience of the dream will not give you the strongest use of this task. Write or record as much of the minor detail. Be like a true journalist and take notice of the who, what, where, how, and even why regarding the content of your dreams. Again even the smallest of details can prove to be beneficial. Like everything worthwhile doing, is worthwhile doing well. Remember as well this is a new habit. Be patient with yourself. It will come more easily to you as time moves on.

One of the things that I have run into especially with the artistic types is that it may be easier to draw instead of writing or recording your dreams. If you are a visual type of person you may now be able to recount a story in words but you can easily in pictures. By all means, do so. If you can, however, include a small caption to the drawings because it can help as well.

One of the reasons people write diaries of their daily lives is so they can remember them. You do a mass of things during a single day. Remembering them all is difficult especially days, weeks, months, or even years later. If you carry your dream diary with you during the day, if possible, it can help interpret them concerning events that happen to you as the day goes along. In this way, you can start the task of interpretation and determine the benefits of the dream information to be.

You have heard of the term MO, modus operandi when it comes to police work. People often do things habitually. Dreaming is the same. You may several points recur on different occasions or even have the same dream over and over again. These are significant and by recording your dreams you can then later analyze these occurrences or get help doing so. This may be a clue that are facing issues in your waking state that need to be addressed.

Dream Journal Examples

I have come across many dream journal examples and stories however I am not going to expose them here for a couple of reasons. These are private. Also, and I think there is greater importance if you want to do something like this if you are using a system you created. It also has much more staying power in the long run.

I will give you this truncated version of one of my dream journal entries:

Leap of Faith: A Dream from 26th February 1998

I am watching the story of a girl unfold. She is being led up a mountain by her guide. She is given instructions all the way. He tells her “enjoy the journey.”

When they reach the mountaintop, the guide points out the beauty of the whole experience and especially the feeling of being on top of the mountain. The air is clear and crisp and the sun is shining and the sky is blue. There are a few puffy clouds dotted around.

The girl feels energized, buoyant, purified, and cleansed. She takes a deep breath and imbibes the energy and air. “This is all so good.” she thinks. The guide taught her to trust that everything turns out for the best. Just have faith to keep you going on the journey and you will be taken to ever higher and higher peaks.

dream interpretation of falling or flying

The guide tells the girl, now that he helped her achieve this level of trust, it is time for the next stage of the journey. She must jump from the top of the mountain. She must leap off a sheer cliff face. She must step off the precipice and while doing this, she must continue to enjoy the journey!

She does not know what will come at the end of her jump! It could be certain death, but she must have faith, trust her guide, and jump. The guide tells her she knows everything else he asked her to do up until now has been fine. So now she must do this… – whoosh through the air – feel its crispness and its speed whooshing past her as she goes…

She does it! She leaps, she trusts and she focuses on enjoying the journey back down to the Earth through the sky. She is wearing jeans and a white T-shirt and whilst she was carrying a backpack up the mountain, right now she is free of it and is traveling through the sky.

She is totally absorbed in enjoying this flight and she is not worrying about what the future outcome will be. She travels for one minute two minutes, maybe several minutes like this. Then flop – a parachute is released from her belt. It opens above her and supports the rest of her journey. She knows now that she will be brought safely to land. The guide had hidden a parachute in her belt without telling her because she needed to learn to trust. It was very clever of him. He did it so sleekly and seamlessly she didn’t feel the bulk of the parachute on the belt around her waist.

When the girl eventually lands she lands alongside her guide in the water. Among moored boats in a bay. She has her backpack back again and is wearing waterproof clothing. The guide is also dressed appropriately for the scene. She knows that they must now try and make their way out of the water. She looks at her guide in anticipation and waits for the next set of instructions.

Dream Analysis I

I analyzed this dream the day after having it in February 1998. These are my notes from my dream diary.

Most Significant Image: skydive

Most Significant Emotion: Learning to trust, learning to have faith, learning to be fearless, learning from experience to show that all will come out right in the end.

Comments: I spend too much time cogitating and trying to understand things from an intellectual point of view. “Is it the right thing to do? Should I do this? Should I do that? What if this happens? What if that happens? This attitude gets me nowhere – I need to just do it and trust that if I get into trouble I will be guided out of it. I will always be able to find a way out of it if I get in too deep.

Dream Analysis IIdream analysis and are dream meanings important

In October 1998 I was invited for an interview in Vancouver in Canada. I took a vacation to see the sites while I was here. When I visited English Bay I was astounded to see that the scenery was EXACTLY the same as in my dream. I was offered the job and by the end of November 1998 had moved to Canada.

This dream inspired me to say yes. At the time I didn’t know a single person in Canada. I made the move entirely based on trusting my intuition! Moving here changed my life significantly and it accelerated my journey to become an intuitive, writer, and spiritual teacher.

If you wish you can find some online as well.

If you have looked into dreaming and dream interpretation, death has come into the picture at some point. However, recording your dreams and analyzing them is more than just a past time. It is a powerful tool for your mental and emotional health as well as a positive aid to help you create proper sleep cycles. Also if you are the creative type it can really be an asset to your inventiveness. If you are not then it can help open that door for you if not just help you with a good night’s sleep.

In this Podcast you will learn about dream state Journaling:

  • How to remember your dreams.
  • Why a dream journal is important and how to create one.
  • How to interpret dreams.
  • What is the purpose of a dream journal?
  • The importance of dreams and remembering them.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Why Keep A Dream Journal, we discuss some dream journal benefits as well as some ways of how to start a dream journal.

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