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September 28, 2021

Who Are The Ascended Masters And Ascended Angels? UYT309

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Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, And Ascended Angels

Who are the Ascended Masters and Ascended Angels? This topic was selected because our theme was Spirit Guides last week, and Ascended Masters was touched on briefly. So that’s why we’re doing this show to expound on that exciting topic. Are you one of the many people who are not familiar with the Ascended Masters and their roles in your life?

Who Are The Ascended Masters And Ascended Angels?

Ascended Masters List

Spirit Guides is always a popular topic. As a human being, you may tend to categorize everything. You like to put things into packages and say, “well, it’s this and it’s that.” So from your human perspective, you do tend to do the same with spiritual matters. So one of these spiritual elements is seemingly to categorize the different kinds of spirit guides and put them on a list.

So, of course, for this reason, there is a list of Ascended Masters. And these are, as the wording suggests, ascended beings who are available to assist anyone and everyone on the planet. They are beings who have, just like you, lived in a physical body on Earth. Therefore they directly know the ups and downs of living here on this planet. They understand the challenges of being alive on Earth because they experienced it themselves. And just like us, they went through many incarnations, and they learn through trials and tribulations about life in this world.

And these individuals, unlike other human beings, got to the point where they mastered being alive in a physical body on planet Earth. They mastered it. They became masters of balance. This form of mastery can be very challenging because Planet Earth is a planet of duality, of ups and downs. And so, to become a master on this Earth, one must become a master of balance.

So many of those beings on the Ascended Masters list learned how to live in a body on planet earth. They then ascended beyond this realm of learning and had the choice of whether to stick around and help everybody else or not. And so the ones that you tend to refer to as guides and to be available to all of us are those Ascended Masters who have elected to stick around and help us.

How To Contact Ascended Mastersmeditation is the best way of communicating with spirit guides

And so, Spirit Guides have evolved to the point that everyone on the planet could contact and be in communication with them and asking for them for help at the same time. So each of them is a nonlinear consciousness. They are a multi-dimensional consciousness capable of helping many people simultaneously. You can think of it as each of the Ascended Masters have ab individual and unique frequency. You might say they have their own unique personality or aspects of personality.

To contact them, you must also achieve the ability to tune your spiritual nature to the same frequency. It is somewhat like a shortwave radio set. Both the receiver and the transmitter must be set to an identical channel to communicate with each other. This can be achieved through a daily meditation practice. And then by simply asking for their guidance. They are waiting for you to ask. There is no worthiness requirement on your part.

Names Of Ascended Masters

One of the questions I often receive from my students and clients is, “who is my Ascended Master?” Well, there are a plethora of these wonderful beings. They come from all the different parts of the globe as well as various strata of past societies.

There are examples of Ascended Masters from all the major religions and those not associated with any religion whatsoever. There are Ascended Masters that you have all heard of and ascended masters that you have never heard of. You can encounter individual guides from any of those areas. Many of you may have a particular favorite one you resonate with more than others. This might depend upon the faith that you have been brought up in.

It might depend on other things. For example, in Christianity, a favorite, Ascended Master isis buddha on the ascended masters list Jesus, also known as Joshua. He is an Ascended Master. His mother, Mary, is one of the Ascended Masters found on the list of female Ascended Masters and Goddesses. Both of those souls have dedicated themselves to helping and assisting any of you who want to call upon them. You can learn from them, receive healing from them, receive information, and get help in any other way.

So all around the world, there has been evidence of these beautiful souls. Some examples of more well-known Ascended Masters are Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Muhammad. Some less recognized Ascended Masters are Confucius, Lao Tzu, Saint Germain, Hilarion (the incarnation of St. Paul), and Quan Yin. While they were alive, they dedicated themselves to promoting God the cosmic consciousness, their personal evolvement, and the general advancement of love and light.

Many more individuals on this list of Ascended Masters are not written down in history. No one knows their names. I was recently involved in a Mystery to Mastery group session. Ascended Masters showed up connected to the Native American and Aboriginal heritage. One told us his name was Sarasota. And he has not been written about and not been talked about. He worked with us in our group, helped us, and offered lots of information. There are many like that that you can meet through meditation and by using your intuition. They would be delighted to connect with you and assist you.

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Differences Between Archangels And Ascended Masters

Other Spirit Guides are the angels and Archangels. There are differences between these angelic beings and the Ascended Masters. The significant difference is that the Ascended Masters are really like us, but the angels are not.

Ascended Masters are kind of if you want to use the word ahead or further along the path. They have lived in bodies and experienced what you have experienced. They have become a master on the level of being in a body and physical reality. They are the ones who have chosen to grow and expand by being all the way in physical reality.

The angelic realm is predominantly nonphysical. And angels have a different path of ascension, a different path of development that does not involve incarnating in a physical body. After experiencing many incarnations, The Masters found their place amongst people and community. And then, after many incarnations, they have found their true life purpose. They discovered who they were and why they were here. They then became Ascended Masters.

So the angelic realm also has an evolutionary pathway. And just many different humans are all at different stages of evolvement. So one could say the same thing for the angelic realm. And just like you have many humans who specialize in different things, the same is true in the angelic realm.

You might have some Angels who specialize in healing, manifestation, or specialize in workinghow to command angels to work for you on a planetary level with the magnetics of the planet. Some may specialize in working more with animals or and so on.

So Angels and Ascended Masters follow parallel evolutionary paths. They are both aspects of the Divine. One is choosing a pathway in an incarnated form, and one chooses not to incarnate.

However, on occasion, angels may manifest in physical form. So there are examples of angels who sweep in and momentarily manifest in the physical world. Still, generally speaking, they are nonphysical beings. And there are plenty of examples of that. For example, there are many stories of somebody who was about to be run over by a car. And then a man appeared and swept them across the road faster than humanly possible and then disappeared.

So no matter what challenge you may be experiencing, there are Angels and Ascended Masters that are there at your beck and call to assist you with your difficulties. All you need to do is call on them.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth Who Are The Ascended Masters And Ascended Angels as we explore the realm of the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Angels as spirit guides.

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Ascended Masters And Ascended Angels:

  • Hello, I’ve been trying to connect with my spirit guides through meditation which I’m still practicing. However, I do see synchronicities almost every day. So I want to know if it’s any way you can see who my spirit guides are & what I can do to better connect to my inner self?
  • So are ascended masters, people who have been ‘good’ during their lives on Earth? Or how about someone like Hitler who was ‘evil’?
  • Hello Dr. Lesley, I would like to know what my strongest Clair is and if I can call upon any particular guide to help me develop any gifts, I may have.
  • When is the appropriate time to contact each of my guides?
  • Dr. Lesley. I just ended a 9-year marriage, and my whole world opened up. I am on several different new paths, just wondering if you are seeing the openness of space that I am feeling now?
  • Do our bodies, as we evolve, become more ‘talkative’ when we are out of or in alignment? Specifically, I was selling something and received a good offer for it. I became aware that the item was actually worth twice the amount of the offer. I was at peace with accepting the offer before this knowledge. It seemed to be an intuitive yes. However, when I tried to change course and hold out for a higher amount, my body went into a heightened response. It didn’t seem in alignment, yet the logical response should have been to wait? I felt kind of sick. I’m struggling with this. I went with the offer, and maybe fear played a part in it. But they were such extremes, and I’ve not had that happen before? It seemed like it opened up a core wound? I wish I knew if I had made the right decision or not. It seemed like some kind of important lesson. Maybe you could look at this, it may seem trivial, but it seems essential?
  • I’m a young woman, and my skin has been wrinkling and getting moles all over my body quickly. It could be age-related, but I feel it’s another cause. What is affecting me, and how can I improve my skin?
  • How many guides do I have with me right now, and what roles are they playing in my life? Also, I get migraines (have done since I was a young child). Does this have anything to do with my spiritual side?
  • I am very interested in Past Lives. Is there anything you can tell me about my last one before this current life?
  • Hi Lovely Lesley! I would love it if you would read my energy.

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