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September 21, 2021

What Is My Spirit Guide Trying To Tell Me? UYT308

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How Do I Know If I Have A Spirit Guide?

You may have questions about your Spirit Guides like “who is my Spirit Guide” or “what is my spirit guide trying to tell me?” Well, this week’s Unlocking Your Truth episode topic is about just that. The theme question was suggested by one of our listeners, Katie. She asked an interesting question about meeting your Spirit Guides:

“Can we meet or sense our Spirit Guides “on-demand,” or must we wait for them to greet us? How do we know what they are here to guide us with? And how can we tell if they are an angel, fairy, or another being?” what is my spirit guide trying to tell me.”

What Is My Spirit Guide Trying To Tell Me?

How To See Your Spirit Guide?

The short answer to the question Katie asked, “can you communicate with your spirit guides on demand” is yes. People often think that they have to wait to be contacted by Spirit Guides and that it’s really all according to the Spirit Guides. Much of it is dependant on your specific desire of how you want this to happen.

There is so much guidance available to you. The main thing to understand is that how to communicate with your spirit guide and other benevolent beings is up to you. All you need to do is ask, and they will be available to you.

Occasionally you may have an awareness of a message from a guide. However, you may not be sure what they are trying to get across. You may wonder things like “what are they asking me to do” or “what do they want me to do?” Benevolent Spirit Guides are never going to contact you and tell you what to do. It’s not about them contacting you because they have a special mission for you to carry out. They exist to assist you, to help you out. So you will always have a choice, as well.

How To Ask Your Spirit Guides For Help?are guardian angels spirit gudes

You can learn to communicate with your spirit guides on-demand as well. So how can you do that? The simplest way to learn how to talk to spirit guides and angels is by developing your psychic abilities. And the simplest way to awaken your psychic abilities is through meditation. By turning within, focusing on your inner being and your inner world, and quieting all the noises of physical reality, you can start to become more sensitive to nonphysical reality.

And your spirit guides don’t exist in physical reality. They exist in nonphysical reality. And, and so the first step can be through meditation through quieting all that noise from 3d reality. Tuning into that nonphysical level of reality may be difficult for many of you. There seems to be a lot of internal noise when you try to focus on your inner nature. Your mind is constantly working; your emotions are running, and so on.

Meditation To Connect With Spirit Guides

The idea is to create and develop a practice to still the mind and to quiet your emotions. Your goal is to focus your conscious awareness in a particular way that stimulates your psychic abilities. This allows you to use those nonphysical, spiritual senses. And there are many different ones. And so, there are many different ways that you can tune into your spirit guides.

Tools To Help Interpreting Messages From Spirit Guides

Several psychic powers will put you in contact with your guides and angels:

  • You can see them with your Clairvoyance
  • You can hear them with your Clairaudience
  • You can have a sense of knowing about who they are and what they communicate to you through your Claircognizance.

And so, through practice, through understanding how to consciously access your psychic abilities, you can reach out to your spirit guides. Your goals are to see them, hear them, know all about them, and so forth. And it is then, at the point, that you can absolutely call upon them on demand. Once you accomplish this step, you can communicate with your spiritual guides and work with them.

You can call on them to consult your healing guide for information. You can ask for directions with problems. You can turn to them for help with making decisions. One of the beautiful things about reaching this level of interaction with these incredible benevolent beings is that you can source all of the preceding forms of consultations for yourself and others. Many psychics use their spirit guides for direction involving the people they are reading.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding

What Is My Spirit Guide Trying To Tell Me?what is my spirit guide trying to tell me

So the key to asking spirit guides for signs and understanding spirit guides is developing a spiritual practice of internal connection to your higher self and being committed to it. The relationship between you and your guides is not just something that will drop out of thin air. Just like any relationship you have, it can take a little bit of practice and dedication on your part.

Communication with your Spirit Guides is like anything else. If you want to have a conversation with someone, probably the easiest way to have a conversation is to start a conversation. If somebody is very shy or quiet and is not saying anything, try to start the conversation. The more chances are you’re going to have a good conversation. So step one, ask, reach out.

Step two is regarding how do you know what they are here to guide you with? For example, if you met a perfect stranger on the street, how would you start a conversation with them? You might ask, what do you do for a living? And they will reply. So the best way to understand what your guides are here to help you with is by communicating with them, by simply asking them.

Example Of A Spirit Guide Session

Interactions with guides can happen in many ways and for many reasons. So, for example, just before we came on air, I had a session with a lady who wanted to communicate with Spirit Guides. There were many of them, but the main one that came forward to communicate with her was a manifestation guide.

That guide introduced himself as being a specialist in manifestation. They were present to help her understand how to manifest consciously and how to create abundance. That information came through purely by talking to the guide.

Are There Different Types Of Spirit Guides?

There are many different types of spirit guides to help you in various manners. Some guides are specialists, like the manifestation guide previously mentioned. You may have another guide who is a healing guide. And that guide is there to help you be a healer, heal yourself, or facilitate the healing process for other people.

So there can be guides who specialize in certain things, and you can agree with a specific guide to work together on that particular thing. There are other kinds of guides which you might call more of a generalist in a fashion.

So, for example, many of us will have guides who are like a guardian angel or a guide that really is with you your whole lifetime. They may be with you over multiple lifetimes and generally helping you with everything about who you are, about your life, and so on. There are angelic beings, nonphysical beings, who are also serving different purposes. You can have angels that oversee the magnetics of the planet, for example or angels that act in a capacity to serve humanities specifically.asking spirit guides for signs

Then other guides are available to everyone on the planet, such as the great master teachers, Ascended Masters. This would be a notable entity such as Buddha, Mohammed, or even Jesus Christ. These guides are individuals who have reached a state of enlightenment and made a choice to serve humanity.

And so when you are tuning into your higher guidance, you might come across, you might have a particular relationship with one of those or other Ascended Masters.

How can you tell if they are an angel, fairy, or another being? The simplest way is to ask them? There is no limit to who they can be. There are infinite beings. Every single human has multiple guides. Some angels have been given names that you might find on a list in a book of angels. But there are infinitely more than you have even thought to categorize or name.

And the same thing with Ascended Masters. Some are remembered in history who are labeled as an Ascended Master. However, so many more are not recorded in the annals of history yet are available to us. And you may meet these tremendous beings of light and benevolence through your spiritual adventures.

Can I Always Trust My Spirit Guide?

And again, how do you know who your guide is? You definitely would recognize them in some way. Now, you always want to double-check because there are beings out there that might pose as somebody they are not. They may pretend to be your guardian angel or pretend to be an Ascended Master, but really, they’re not. You can tell by the frequency of their energy. You can ask them over and over again who they are and their purpose. If your intuition is telling you that there may be an issue, keep asking because they can not go on lying to you. Eventually, the truth must come out.

The Answer To What Is My Spirit Guide Trying To Tell Me

Now you understand that the guides are present to help with all and any kinds of issues. Ask, and you shall receive. The second significant fact regarding these beings is don’t get hung up with who you think they might be or not be. They are there for your benefit. So enjoy the fact that your guides are around to help you.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth; What Is My Spirit Guide Trying To Tell Me and learn more about how to communicate with those amazing etherial beings whose sole purpose is to aid you throughout your life.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Is My Spirit Guide Trying To Tell Me:

  • I love hearing from my guides. However, sometimes it is hard to decipher the messages. I hope Dr. Lesley will cover this in the podcast!
  • Is everyone born with specific spirit guides, or do we acquire them during life in the body or both? Also, do the same spirit guides stay with you across lifetimes?
  • I see flashes of lights and blue orbs and sparkles a lot. I always wonder what they are trying to tell me, and I can’t quiet my mind enough. Is there anything I can do to get clear messages?
  • What’s the difference between a spirit guide and a deceased family member who is communicating with you?
  • I have a tough time asking for spirit guide communication signs. I know I connect with mine, but sometimes I’ll ask for a sign, but I’m never sure what type of sign to ask for. Will my guides share with you a possible sign for me?
  • If our guides are trying to get a message or guidance to us, do they try different ways or methods if they have trouble getting their message through? I wonder if they ever get frustrated with us?
  • Do I have spirit guides? I believed that I did not have any because of something I heard. I think that makes it hard for me to connect with them. So I’d like to know what my spirit guides are telling me right now?
  • What about the idea of everyone having a “spirit animal“? The idea we have a kinship of a sort with an animal spirit. Is there merit to that? And if so, is it with the general essence of that animal as a whole, or a specific individual animal soul (like a deceased pet with who we continually reincarnate together with)?
  • How can we help a healing guide be effective if they haven’t had a human body in a long time (like hundreds of years)?
  • I have been told that I have quite a few spirit guides. Does everyone have several spirit guides? Can you ask for help with something that a spirit guide isn’t allowed to help you with?
  • I find myself trying to debunk possible signs, for instance, a feather. I see lots of feathers. So I don’t want a feather! (haha) I do feel that I receive one sign: the sound of a door opening and closing, but I feel like that could be because where I meditate at work, there is a public door nearby. How do I tell if it is a sign?

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