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May 28, 2020

What Is My Spirit Guide Animal Trying To Tell Me? UYT242

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How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guide Animal

One of the more popular topics I receive questions about is spirit guides and spirit animals. Manyhow to communicate with your spirit guide animal people are aware of and believe in spirit guides and spirit animals but have issues communicating with them, receiving messages. They want to know, “what is my spirit guide animal trying to tell me?”

This topic was stimulated by a question from one of my listeners:

“Could you talk about spirit animals? For example, do you have a meditation or technique that you recommend for finding out what our spirit animal/animals might be? “

Types Of Spirit Guides

Spirit animals are just another form and category of spirit guides. There are many different types. Here is a small list of spirit guides that may be on your team:

Angels– An angel is a being that has never been human. An angel is more than just a guardian. Being spirits and angels can, however, see and understand your turmoil and needs.

Ascended Masters-These masters are special beings of great wisdom that have lived and been spiritual masters, teachers, gurus of sports. However, now they are on the other side of the veil, yet they still are present, and their mission remains the same, to help those on the worldly plane.

Ancestors– Of course, members of your family who have passed may come back to help you navigate your life journey.

Galactic Beings- These Inter-dimensional beings are rarer, but they occasionally will act as spirit guides.

Devic Realm… These are entities such as brownies, elves, fairies, and sprites. Many may consider these to be playful creatures, but they can also serve as assistants for you in your life. These creatures are called all elementals.

Collective Consciousness Itself– Of course, this is the big one. Also known as God or The Universe. You receive guidance from within from this higher infinite source of light and love.

What Is An Animal Spirit Guide?

These guides are also called Animal Totems. They are the collective energy of any particular variety of animals that will help you grow in your true nature and often protect you. They can assist you in many different ways. They have been connected to and present in many cultures across the history of humankind and around the world. You will find a story in almost all countries repeating a similar theme.
Early societies recognized and were personally aware of the potential of connecting with animal spirit guides and the value of our harmony with these kindred creatures. As of late, they have been popularized in our aboriginal culture and have made a move into the metaphysical realm.

Shamanic customs held the belief that each animal has its own particular energy and spiritual essence. These specific powers of each animal can help you guard against struggle, disease, and negative energies. It is also believed that each animal totem has certain healing capacities.

They can serve you as a spiritual life partner, a safe road sign through your trials and tribulations, a teacher, and a source of strength.

Tips On How To Find Out Your True Spirit Animal

how to ask your spirit guides for help like a shaman

In aboriginal culture, their Shamans seem to possess the ability to recognize and access trance states where they will communicate with these animal guides. Many times the Shaman will help you in getting to know your animal spirit guides. One that is best adapted to you and your lifestyle and challenges. They can also rekindle the bond between you and your spirit animal that has been separated from you.

It is common practice in most traditions and lore that someone does not try to contact and select your animal spirit guide. The way it happens is that you do not pick your animal spirit guide, but it picks you. Unlike regular spirit guides, the animal totem can make itself known to you in a dream state, specific meditations, visions during out-of-body experiences, or specific initiations that can be considered introductions.

Power animals represent your most profound self and symbolize your qualities, which are often secreted away in your deepest spiritual places.

How Do I Know If I Have A Spirit Guide?

Understanding how to ask your spirit guides for help seems to be a confusing challenge for many people when they first set out to do so. Mostly it is thought that it takes special abilities or specific rituals to master to meet or call upon your spirit guide or animal but not so. Spirit guides will make themselves known to you when you ask. Learning how to see your spirit guides can be as simple as asking spirit guides for signs or their names.

However, interpreting messages from spirit guides and spirit animals may be a little more challenging until you get to know them and work to build a communication channel that works for both guide and receiver. Again meditating helps the process.

All spirit guides and spirit animals exist to support you. Whenever you hear anyone speak of these wonderful beings, it is only with love and admiration as well as a sense of gratitude.

Here is a website that has a spirit animal chart that may be of assistance https://whatismyspiritanimal.com/spirit-animal-birthday-zodiac-birth-animal-totems/

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is My Spirit Guide Animal Trying To Tell Me, as we begin the amazing experience and journey of meeting and communicating with our spirit animals and guides. Everyone has spirit guides and animals waiting to realize a connection with them.

In this podcast, you will learn about:

  • What is my spirit animal guide?
  • How do I know if I have a spirit guide?
  • How to ask your spirit guides for help and interpret their message.

Here are some of the comments and questions that came up and were answered during this episode.

  • How do you know who your spirit guides are? I mostly connect to my relatives that have passed as my guides.
  • I can hear my guides, but I can’t see them. Is there something I need to do to see them? Is it important to be able to see them?
  • Is Melchizedek from the Bible a spirit guide? He comes to me often.
  • Thank you for your response. I am shown/see many things (images, past lives, future scenarios), but I don’t see my guides.
  • I did a meditation to connect with spirit guides and saw a buck and an ancient-looking woman with deep wrinkles like a tree, though she had black hair and an orange gown, crazy boreal forest in the back.
  • Can we ask guide yes/no questions?
  • Can I trust a message from a spirit guide?
  • When you saw my spirit guide, would you say the being has a male presence to it?

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