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January 28, 2020

What Is A Spirit Guide? UYT227

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What Are Spirit Guides?

The simple answer to the question, “what is a spirit guide” is that they are nonphysical are gueardian angels spirit gudesbeings, like guardian angels, that support us in our personal corporeal and spiritual evolution and guide us through life. They have the power to help. I have been asked numerous questions on this topic and will answer the most popular for you.

Like many other components of the realm of spirituality, Spirit guides have been profoundly stained, monetized, and cheapened both online and in reality. Still, notwithstanding the obvious attempt at lessening their value, spirit guides are nonetheless a human experience shared by many.

I deem you all have spirit guides of some form. As you develop a rapport with them, you will obtain explicit, sage guidance to support you in every sector of your life.

From an early age, I’ve sensed a presence of spiritual guidance within my being, surrounding me and joined to me.

Ultimately, I to invite that guidance into my life as a routine habit. These spirits have become more than just occasional guides or mentors. Still, friends, companions, and a guidance system that has directed me encouraged me and opened my eyes, both physical and spiritual, that I may not have acquired independently.

The Power Of Spirit Guides And Angel Guardians

10 Answers To Common Questions On Ways to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

The first question has already been answered earlier. The next question I receive is based on the forms that spirit guides will take and their work. There are many distinctive examples of entities that can be classified as spirit guides.

  • 2 What are some examples of the types of Spirit Guides?

Angels… Specifically, angels that have never taken on a human container. They never lived in a body.

Ascended Masters… These are spiritually knowledgable presences that lived once and now have passed on to beyond the veil but still linger around to help us still on this worldly plane.

Ancestors… Members of your family are joined to you through hereditary and even genetic associations. They can act as mentors, protectors, or guardians for you on your life journey. Sometimes, they can clear traumatic ancestral issues that have endured through the past generations.

Ancestral guides are beings that have a variety of blood kinships to you and your genealogy. An ancestral guide could be a newly departed member of your family (mom, dad, aunt, grandmother) or a long-dead relation that you have possibly never met in your life.

Spirit Animals… These Animal Totems are the collective energy of any specific species. do i have a spirit animalTheir qualities can be of assistance to you in different ways and times to help you grow.

Galactic Beings And Highly Evolved Species… These Inter-dimensional and higher dimensional beings, such as Hathors, occasionally take on the role of spirit guides.

Devic Realm… Such entities as fairies, elves, brownies, sprites all can act as helpers for you on your life journey. These are all elementals.

Gaia… The consciousness of the planet can assist you in your journey.

Groupings of Collective Consciousness… This is the mass-energy that can help guide you. This is one of the forms of spiritual guidance that is often misunderstood or uncomprehended.

-Collective Consciousness Itself… Otherwise known as God or The Universe. You may receive direction from this immense source of knowledge and love.

Anything and everything with energy can use it to reach you with thoughts, emotions, and healing regardless of what or who a spirit guide may be. The main thing you want to understand is that they are there to assist you at times of need and growth.

  • 3 Does everyone have a Spirit Guide To Work With Them?

You may want to know how many spirit guides do we have. Each of you not only have a spirit guide but a team of spiritual aides that are at your beck and call at any point in your life for any reason. They are there to help you. This is one of their mandates and missions.

  • 4 Will my guide be there throughout my life?

Just like your teachers in school, each had a specific purpose or set of purposes to help you with scholastic education. Your spirit guides all will have a distinctive, specific purpose, and some may cross over slightly because they are your team. They may come and go as your teachers did. Yet some may stay with you for life as a guardian watching constantly. But one thing is for certain you will never be left without a full list of spirit guides.

  • 5 Are there different types of guides for different purposes?

As in the previous example of teachers, some are very specific in their field, and some are similar to generalists. The right guide will show up for you when needed.

Some of the more common guides that you may encounter are specialists in healing, manifestation, helping people develop their intuition, influencing the evolution of your material world, and much more and protector spirit guides or guardian angels as some may call them.

Asking Spirit Guides For Signsmeditation is the best way of communicating with spirit guides

  • 6 How can I meet my spirit guide?

Training how to communicate with your spirit guide can seem challenging at first, but there are simple ways to accomplish this. There are simple ways you can learn how to ask your spirit guides for help, such as:

  • Asking spirit guides for signs, specific spirit guides’ signs is not uncalled for. There are assorted ways a guide can let you know they are there. One of the cutest I heard of was someone’s guide would leave a feather every time they were near.
  • You may have visitations from spirit guides in dreams.
  • One of the most reliable ways is through Meditation. Just ask to meet your guides and then enter a meditative state, and they will make themselves known to you.

How To Ask Your Spirit Guides For Help

  • 7 How do I communicate with my guide?

There are assorted ways of communicating with spirit guides. The simplest and most effective are by using psychic, non-physical senses. By honing your claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairvoyant skills, you can make it much easier to meet spirit guides and commune with them.

Occasionally, you won’t experience a direct result, but will rather obtain a hint, a clue. Remember, spirit guides are great presences with their own dispositions and personalities. Just summoning them will not surely make them want to expose themselves to you instantly. Oftentimes, by hiding themselves and making you strive to find them, you receive valuable teachings along the way.

One comparatively manageable way of contacting your spirit guides is by using visualization techniques. There are quite a number of these available on the internet which you can access easily. You can create your own as well. Relax using some meditative music if you wish, and imagine walking along a beautiful sandy beach. Be sure to set the intention for your meditation. In this situation, it would be, “I wish to meet one of my spirit guide” or something comparable. Then let it happen.

Take A Psychic Ability Quiz

Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz
  • 8 Why can’t I connect with my guides?

There is a simple answer to this question; you are blocking yourself from spiritual contact. You are too far into your left brain, logic. Guides are of the Spirit realm, which is not bound by time or space. They do not abide by logical principles. Acquiring the skill to let worldliness pass through some of the techniques mentioned earlier, meditation is best.

  • 9 How can I discern a good spirit guide from a bad one?

Are there evil spirit guides, or do spirit guides get angry?

  • There is no simple answer to this question, but there is an easy solution. Ask if they serve the light and are in alignment with source energy three times. They cannot lie. If they have some ulterior motives, they will expose themselves by trying to answer the inquiries falsely.
  • 10 Can I be my own guide?

Yes, you can. Your higher self, soul, and oversoul are your true essence, Spirit, and perpetually guiding you. Learn to listen to your inner voice. It is talking with you constantly, but you are not always listening.

All your psychic abilities are channels to your higher self and the guidance provided there.

Two bonus answers…

Can spirit guides help with relationships? Yes!

Is asking spirit guides for help with love okay? Yes!

Spirit guides are often considered spirit beings that lead us, but I find they are celestial forces that guide our spirits to higher understanding, liberty, happiness, tranquility, and harmony.

Regardless of who you are, you have spirit guides that can help. Don’t be shy. If you need assistance, contact me, and I will intercede for you and help you meet them.

A Free Psychic Reading

Get Your Free Psychic Reading

In this podcast, you will learn about:

  • Spirit guides and angels.
  • How do I know if I have a spirit guide?
  • Animal spirit guides.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is A Spirit Guide, as we explore the wonderful world of special friends that want only the best for you, Spirit Guides.

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