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What Are Animal Totems Exactly, Do You Have One Too?

I have been asked so many times, “I have heard of them but what are animal totems exactly and what is my spirit animal?” Whether you have heard of Animal Totems or not they are present in everyone’s life and what is my spirit animalthere are ways to find out your true spirit animal. Many of us think that these spirit guide animals are just for the aboriginal peoples of the different countries that practice this belief. This is absolutely not so! 

Wikipedia states “While the term totem is Ojibwe, belief in tutelary spirits and deities is not limited to indigenous peoples of the Americas but common to a number of cultures worldwide.”  There are so many ways these totem animals can bless your life. They bring special abilities and power to your day to day life as well as your spiritual nature. You can easily find which is your animal totem if that is your pleasure.

Alongside spirit animals and totems you will find spirit guides. These can be these spiritual creatures, people or archetypes. These guides can help you with every aspect of your life.There are a few ways in which we can accomplish this. Also you can visit “How to find your spirit animal”   or “Spirit animal list and meanings

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Are Animal Totems Exactly,to learn all about how to find your animal guide.

what are animal totems exactlyIn this Podcast you will learn about Animal Totems:

  • What are they really ?
  • How to recognize them.
  • What they can mean to you.

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