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December 5, 2023

Problem Solving Process & Using Your Intuition To Make Decisions UYT139

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Problem-Solving And Decision Making

Are you using your intuition to make decisions? I rely on my instincts to make decisions. When you are staring at the paradox of choice, most people defer to their intellect and rationality. Your intellect is limited to logical guessing, whereas intuitive decision-making goes beyond the physical. It is based upon spiritual principles and not limited by time or space. So, in examining intuition vs. rationality, doesn’t it make more sense to go down the more powerful path, intuition? Something we all want to do, right? And sometimes, it seems easier said than done.

Problem-Solving Process & Using Your Intuition To Make Decisions.

Decision Making: Discernment Or Dithering

Have you ever experienced dithering in decisions? Whenever you have a decision to make, you can have input from various aspects of yourself. The Body, Mind, and Spirit are often discussed in the spiritual realm. So, are these three aspects of you always in alignment regarding decision-making? Maybe not.

These three aspects of you as Spirit manifest in the flesh do not always align. This is especially true when you are not in tune with your Spiritual nature. Spirit is never wrong. The body or the mind, not so much. These two parts of humanity are fallible. So, when it comes to decision-making tools and problem-solving approaches, would it be wiser to depend on your intuitive gifts?

Decision-Making Process Opinions And Advicedo you have decision making anxiety

When faced with a decision or problem that you are challenged with, many of you seek out someone wiser. Often, people don’t want to just help you, but they want direct input into your life and decisions. Once again, these people generally are coming from their intellect or rationality. Their desire to help may be sincere, but is it better than the direction you can receive from your Spirit. Probably not.

Why Use Your Intuition?

Out of all the different incoming messages and voices, how do you know or differentiate the voice of your authentic intuition? Before you can follow the direction from your intuitive gifts, you need to be able to discern the communication. What’s the authentic voice of your intuition? Versus, what does my husband, wife, or friend want me to do?

These messages can be more than physical messages from individuals. This can go as deep as hearing what those voices you have internalized since childhood want you to do. It would be best to discern nonsupportive messages and intuitive insights from your higher information. That depth of discernment takes desire, training, and practice.

You And Your Decision-Making Biases: Your Body

What and where do some of the different inputs into a decision come from. The first one is your physical body. So you’ve often heard it said you are not your body, but your body is your vessel. It’s your physical instrument. It’s the vehicle that carries you through your earthly life and earthly experience. It does have sensory apparatus, but that sensory apparatus primarily helps it navigate the physical world. So, your body will tell you about your experience in the physical world. But is that your intuition?

No, because your intuition comes from your higher being, your higher self, Spirit. And your body is not your higher being. It’s a creation of your higher being that you are implanting into physical reality to go through different experiences. So, you have your body to consider in any decision or problem-solving model.

What is your body saying? Sometimes, your body might be in alignment, and sometimes, it might be fighting you, resisting you. It might be in a state of abject fear of the unknown. So your body can send you all kinds of messages. In the face of an important decision, you might want to ask, “What is my body saying?” Is it comfortable? or is it concerned? If so, what’s it concerned about?

Problem Solving Questions Regarding The Body And Emotions do you have issues around decision making

One of the best ways to tune in to how the body feels. Listen to its decision-making emotions. How is your body feeling? What’s your primary emotion when you think about this decision? Is it decision-making anxiety or even fear? You know? Or is it excitement? If it’s excitement, your body is in alignment, and all the energies are moving smoothly.

But if it’s in fear, it’s in some level of resistance. Then, it would be best to address what that has to do with. So, the physical body will give you messages about your decision-making process. And you need to listen and take it into consideration. But remember, that’s not the same as what your higher being is telling you.

Decision-Making Capacity And Your Energy Body

Another form of input involved in your decision-making process is your energy body or your energy fields. So you have your physical body, and part of this body is your energy field. This energy field reflects your thoughts, memories, beliefs, and past time experiences. All kinds of things can be stored there.

In someone who does a lot of spiritual work, it might be pretty clear and easy for it to fall into alignment with the higher being. But for someone who doesn’t, all kinds of things can be out of alignment and cause conflict.

So, when it comes to problem-solving and decision-making, what input comes from your energy body? Are you being triggered by some old, past-time traumatic event? Maybe you’re looking at moving, but the last time you moved was when you were a child. At that time, your parents got divorced. There can be all kinds of things going on in your energy system that can interfere with your ability to make a clear, grounded, present-time decision based on using your intuition to make decisions.

So, when making a decision, what’s coming up for you? In what way are you triggered? What kinds of thoughts? What kinds of memories are being activated? What kind of hard-headed limiting beliefs are you banging your head against? And also, where are these things stored within your energy field? You know, so you need to consider all of that as well.

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Problem Solving And Decision Making: Ego And Intellect

That can be other forms of information that you have to wade through when you are trying to navigate the decision-making process. Two prevalent forms of hidden roadblocks that will arise in using your intuition to make decisions are ego and intellect.

Your intellect is trained in decision-making. It does things like weighing the pros and cons while evaluating the situation by putting them into two columns, the column for and against, and determining how many things are in each. So you can get into analysis paralysis with your intellect. Your intellect isn’t your intuition.

Again, it’s part of the physical body system for helping you navigate physical reality. But if you get into a form of analysis paralysis, then you can tie yourself up in a myriad of things and find yourself in a lot of doubt. This can cause one to feel very stuck and unable to decide.

Then there is the ego, a self-made construct that Eckhart Tolle calls the pain body. There are different words for it, such as your inner critic and judge. They can cause emotions such as worthlessness to raise it’s ugly head. “I’m not worth making this positive decision. Things always go wrong for me.”

All those things you carry around as a burden can interfere with your ability to listen to and take action on your intuition. Because if you have a judging ego that beats you up and says that you’re rubbish, you’re worthless, you can’t do anything, you’re never going to get it right, well, that’s a significant impediment to using your intuition to make decisions.

How To Use Your Intuition For Decision Making.using your intuition to make decisions

Using your intuition to make decisions is a simple statement to make. However, recognizing your intuition and how it arrives into your conscious awareness is not always straightforward, but it is critical. And so intuition can arrive in many different forms into your consciousness.

Sometimes, it can be a “knowing.” So, by entering a meditative state, clearing the field, and tuning into that sense of being and knowing, you can become aware of the knowing. Simply being and knowing yourself, your truth, and what you want to do.

Your intuition can come in a “feeling” in your heart. You feel a sense of passion, a magnetic pole, in a particular direction, where it feels right to move in this direction. Your inner compass tells you not to go that way but this way.

Your intuition could be your “inner voice.” A voice you hear. This is the voice of your own higher being telling you what’s in your best interests. Or it could be the voice of a trusted spirit guide that you listen to.

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Your intuition could be that you “see” a symbol, a sign, a synchronicity, or a vision about this decision you are considering.

Using Your Intuition To Make Decisions

So, these are all ways in which your intuition can show up. And if you allow all those other four categories of voices to scream loud, it can be hard for you to listen to that intuitive voice. It’s always there, but it’s often drowned out by all those other things and other voices.

3-Step Intuitive Decision-Making Processproblem solving model

So, I will share a three-step decision-making concept and process to help you navigate this conundrum. Using your intuition to make decisions and answer the question, “How do I know it’s my intuition?” Also, when should you use your intuition or intellect to decide?

So, should you always follow your intuition? Your intuition, the voice of your own Divine Source, your own higher being, is always the ultimate source of guidance for you. It always has your best interests in mind and will always lovingly support you and take you toward your highest and greatest good. Sometimes, your highest and greatest good does involve learning some lessons along your path. But it will never take you down a pathway that causes you to be out of alignment.

When you want to make a decision, you’ve got many different inputs of information from many different places, and they’re not all intuitive. So, how do you discern them? And how do you navigate your way through them? The following is a three-step decision-making process.


  1. Clear away out-of-alignment messages.
    • Other egos.
    • Your ego.
    • Past time energy.
    • Programming.
  2. Listen and respond to legitimate concerns.
    • Your body.
    • Other bodies, if relevant.
    • Acknowledge but look beyond the intellect.
  3. Tune into and act on your intuitive senses.
    • What do you know, see, hear, feel as spirit?
    • What does your inner voice tell you?
    • What do your trusted sources and guides say?

So when you have a decision to make, spend some time to meditate and sift out all the negative chatter. And then follow the process. (listen to the recording of this program to follow a guided meditation employing this three-step process)

Your intuition can be one of your decision-making tools if you work at it with a sense of diligence.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Problem Solving Process & Using Your Intuition To Make Decisions, and learn about using your intuitive decision-making tools. And the advantages and disadvantages of intuitive decision-making.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Problem Solving Process & Using Your Intuition To Make Decisions :

  • Brian – It comes down to trusting your intuition when it comes through! When higher guidance informed me to leave my job, which had become toxic, it came through as images, feelings, a sense of words but not a voice. Yet it was a message. It was a strong knowing that went to my core. My ego didn’t like it. I knew it was the right move. There was no doubt. It was a peaceful feeling, a soft energy, strong yet gentle. I didn’t ask anyone else. Nor did I tell anyone so no one could interfere. It was also part of that inner knowing. It was a leap of faith into the unknown. For sure! When it is intuitive, the Energy feels expansive. When it’s my mind, the energy feels contractive/contracting.
  • Carol – I love that process! It’s simple and powerful. I got an insight from my higher being. It said not to get caught up in my stories, my fear-based thoughts. Thank you Dr. Lesley. I needed this!
  • Lorraine – Thank you. This was perfect timing. I am considering relocating and now feel secure about the move.
  • Katie – Thank you! I was having a hard time deciding what I needed to make a decision on. Bringing attention to my crown made the top of my head tingle. What came to me was which direction is best to take next. 
  • Andarini – I still struggle to differentiate between intuition and my intellect. Hence I am struggling with decision making. It is a slow process. What is it that is blocking me?
  • Zachary – ​On 3/13/2004, I said I will not doubt my intuition again. Knowing I knew beforehand using my intuition a friend’s baby boy was being born on my birthday at 2:15 am.​ I called him to confirm around 7 am, and he said yes. He hadn’t told anyone yet, including me.

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