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June 20, 2023

How to Navigate The Ups And Downs Of Life You Face UYT377

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Are The Ups And Downs In Life Affecting You?

Do the ups and downs of life, the challenges you face, activate strong emotions within you? Would you like to learn how to navigate through these emotional times? Knowing what to do when you feel out of control of your emotions can be learned.

How to Navigate The Ups And Downs Of Life You Face?

Seeing Your Emotions Through Spiritual Eyes

As a psychic counselor, I have recently seen some clients who feel very much at sea regarding their emotions. This can stop you from obtaining a spiritual perspective and taking charge of your life.

In the world today, there are lots of things to challenge you. Life is full of surprises. Whether it is in the context of the collective consciousness or the individual. You only need to tune in to a News channel. It is challenging to find something positive presented in most of them.

You will find coverage of war and its ravages, mass shootings, devastating fires, and many significant challenges affecting individuals or people en mass. And if you live in one of those regions where those things happen, it can be terrifying.

And then you also have the things which happen to you in your life, like a severe illness. You may have been the victim of a terrible accident, diagnosed with cancer, or had a serious operation or amputation. More familiar to most of you would be the ending of a relationship that throws you into emotional upheaval.

How Do You Handle Emotional Turmoil In Your Life?

So ask yourself two questions. The first question is, if an emotional cataclysm is happening within you, how do you handle it? And then question two, if that is happening to somebody close to you, how do you handle it?

Out-Of-Control Emotionsreleasing repressed emotions through self-love

So let’s talk about out-of-control emotions. One of the simplest ways to do so is through metaphor. So often, emotions can be like the weather. And you have different types of weather that you will experience in life. Notice the verb in that last sentence. You will experience. It is not might or may. It is positively so. You will experience the ups and downs of life. No one is exempt.

And so, if you are in a healthy emotional state, the weather comes and goes. You can have sunny weather, feeling joyful, happy, and at ease. Or you can be experiencing stormy weather, and these emotions are like blizzards, where you are snowed in. You can’t go anywhere or do anything.

You encounter heat waves, extreme or gentle wind, rain, etc. And on top of that, other things are happening on the planet now. Things like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will contribute to the weather. So you have this personal and general emotional landscape, and it’s like the weather.

And suppose you have a healthy emotional state. In that case, you allow the different phases of the weather to come and go without phasing you. But suppose you have a challenging relationship with your emotions. In that case, it can be like you are a boat on a very tumultuous ocean. It can seem like the rain is lashing at you, and the waves are bashing, crashing against the rocks. You are barely keeping control and avoiding a shipwreck.

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Is Your Energy That Of A Victim Of Circumstances?

a victim of circumstances does not exist

That is what it can be like. It can feel like you have little or no control whatsoever. You think of yourself as a victim of circumstances and being tossed around. You feel like you have no control over your life and what’s happening to you.

So as a victim, you feel highly anxious, highly stressed, and any other negative emotional states. Any or all of those types of emotions. And what can happen when you are going through a challenging time like that? You have these charged emotional states. And when you think it couldn’t get worse, your mind begins to join the party and goes a little crazy with negative thoughts.

Negative Future Projection Is Fear

And so if you have something in your life to worry about, then what do you do? Most of you will project into the future. You will conjure up all sorts of horrendous future scenarios. What if this? What if that? What if you die of cancer? Or what if you lose your job? What if you can’t find another job? What if you can’t get your act together? Whatever the stimulus, the end result in your mind will probably be adverse outcomes.

You tend to project your energy into the future. And sometimes you invest it into the past. What did you do wrong? Why did that happen? Why did they say that? Why were they so hurtful to you? Why were victimized by that person? So you spread your energy around. This is all fear-based thinking. It is not real. Fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

Remember, you exist in your body, and it exists right here, right now, in present-time reality. It can’t go anywhere else. But you slosh your energy about. So like before, when you were on that boat on the stormy ocean, you were sloshing around. You were madly bailing and sloshing the buckets into the future and into the past and splashing it all around. This gets you nowhere but now. All of that bailing, and you are still here in your present, so stop.

Emotions And Co-Dependance

And then the other thing you sometimes do when you have all this terrible unwanted pain inside yourself is to look for a way out. You try to find someone to listen to your woes. And when you do, you tend to be emotional vomit all over that person. So that that person ends up feeling bad as well. Because generally, no one else can cure your emotional ills but you. And so, it can just be a completely out-of-control emotional state.

How To Control Emotions And Feelings?learn how to control your basic emotions

It seems hopeless. And if you don’t have any spiritual information or spiritual techniques to help combat these negative ills, it can seem absolutely hopeless. So, what can you do? Are you going to be saved? Will somebody save you from this nightmare? Will somebody wave their magic wand and make it all okay?

The good and bad news is that you create your reality with the energy you are, and you are the only person who can save yourself. At the end of the day, if you are in a downward spiral, the only one that can shift the trajectory of the downward spiral is you.

That doesn’t mean that other people can’t be kind and helpful. They can give you a helping hand, but they can’t do it for you. So you need to be present within your body because it is the body that is having the emotional tantrum. It is the body that is all stirred up in that way because it has a message for you. It’s telling you you’re out of alignment. Something is wrong. Something is awry. Please listen and pay attention.

The body needs parenting in some way. So, first of all, you need to be there within your body. Many people will just run away from and disassociate from the body. They believe the body needs to cope with it all on its own. So you need to be in the present time with your body. And you will need all of your energy at your fingertips. So instead of spending all day long worrying, projecting into the future, you need to pull your energy back into the Now moment.

Instead of feeling depressed because of what happened in the past or because you lost something and you don’t think you will ever get it back, you need to pull your energy out of the past into the present. Because if you don’t do that, it won’t help the body. You will be in a state of Fear, really frightened by those projections. And it will be really depressing going over and digging up the past.

Use A Mindfulness Practice To Be In The Now

So, you being in the present time with the body is the number one fix for controlling the effects of the ups and downs of life. Have your energy for yourselves instead of disassociating or spreading it out. And so there are lots of things that you can use to help you do that. And one of them is by practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice where you use the physical senses of the body to help connect you to the body.

So a simple thing is to focus on the breath. Because it’s the body that is breathing. So focusing on the breath will start to bring you into connection with the body.

Another way to do this might be to listen to your heartbeat and feel the pulse that is happening in the body. It will help bring you back into your body and the now.

So the other things in a mindfulness practice are the five physical senses.

Free Guided Meditation

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Focus on what you can feel. What’s the sensation, the feeling of your clothes against your skin?

  • What are you hearing? What are the noises in the local environment that will bring you into the here and now?
  • What can you see around you?
  • What can you smell?
  • What can you taste?

All of these things bring your focus to the present moment. And guess what, when you’re in the present moment, those things you were projecting are not happening. At this moment right now, you are somewhere and reading this. That is what’s happening to you at this moment.

But suppose you sat there and said you are worried about such and such, and you started projecting your energy into that. In that case, it is actually not happening. It’s just a projection. You are projecting it. You are stirring up your reality for no reason whatsoever, and you are not in control of what you are doing with your energy.

Or if you sat there, preoccupied with something that happened to you in the past, and you are feeling bad about it, the same thing isn’t happening now. What’s happening now is you are reading what a person wrote. Or if you are listening to the podcast, you will be present listening.

And so, by focusing on your body, you bring yourself into the present moment, and you stop those negative projections.

How To Control Emotions And Angerrepressed emotions can be dangerous

So now, you’re left with you. And, of course, you can still be splashing it about into other people. That is a common thing. People get angry. If you’ve been in the presence of an angry person who’s not controlling their anger, they will throw their anger at people. If you’ve been in the room, in the presence of a terrified person, that Fear gets spread out to everyone. It’s quite common for everyone to stiffen up and shut up. It doesn’t feel safe to be in that room anymore.

And you can project out into someone else’s space. So it’s the same thing. Learn to contract your energy and bring your energy back to you and have the integrity of your own energy. Own it so that you’re not doing that. So the idea is when you get overly emotional, you tend to spread out. And it would help if you pulled back in.

What if there’s somebody else that is doing that? How do you handle when someone in your life is emotionally overwrought, overwhelmed, and challenging you because they are challenged? What do you do? How do you remain helpful without being dragged down? So So, let’s see, how do you do that?

Sometimes, when somebody is feeling bad, you want to let me embrace you. Let me give you a hug. Let me pull you in. It’s that parental instinct. But what you might be doing is inadvertently absorbing some of that negativity in an attempt to help the person.

Anger And Judgementis it hard to stop judging

And the other thing is to maintain non-resistance. Because as soon as you start resisting that person and what’s going on with them, now you’re stuck. Now you’re stuck in it. Judgment brings the same result. If you judge them. Why is that person acting that way? Why are they being so mean? Or why can’t they pull themselves together? Then that judgment will keep you stuck as well.

Or if you’re resisting. Oh my God, you wish they would stop. You wish they wouldn’t be doing that. You’re stuck with it.

How To Meditate To Stay Grounded And Centered

So if so, you need to be nonjudgmental and non-resistant by being neutral; there’s no better way to learn the art of neutrality than meditation. And a spiritual centering and grounding meditation technique help develop your psychic abilities and is extremely helpful in this set of circumstances. They help you be here and now. They help you be in charge of your energy. And they help you be and stay neutral.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How to Navigate The Ups And Downs Of Life You Face, and learn how to stay emotionally grounded.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How to Navigate The Ups And Downs Of Life You Face:

  • Pete – I had a dream where a large dark figure pushed me down very hard onto the bed. I woke up because I actually felt the pushing. It was frightening. What was it?
  • Denise – I went for a walk during an argument.
  • Denise – That explains what my partner goes through at night. He fights a lot during sleep.
  • Susan – My mom started to bring her energy close to her body before going into the hospital to visit my aunt. She does this whenever there are many people around, and it has helped her 100%. She walked out of a normally stressful environment, calm and happy instead of riddled with anxiety. So it’s good for people who are extra sensitive to others’ emotions/energy.
  • Brian – For me, everything feels different. Sometimes doesn’t even feel like I’m in the same timeline as my past occurred to someone else. Sometimes the changes and energy shifts seem a bit much. In those moments, I release attachment, and I kind of connect with the flow, it seems natural now, and I feel that more profound sense of peace, that everything will be ok, that all is as it should be, resistance falls away, it’s hard to describe with concepts, it’s experiential!
  • Tracy – I have a client with bone cancer in the spine and lower back, and she cannot seem to work through the physical pain. I have tried to help her understand the pain. She has made progress but still cannot get it under control. I know I cannot fix this for her, but on the other hand, I feel helpless because I can’t seem to lead her to take care of this for herself. I go back and forth with my emotions and keep reminding myself that I am not responsible for her. Any suggestions?
  • Lorraine – I’ll be seeing my daughter-in-law in July, and she can’t overcome the loss of her son, who committed suicide any suggestions on how to help her?
  • Andarini – Thank you – it seems like you read my mind. I have been in a storm of emotions and overhauled by it. I don’t know whether it is caused by my chemo treatment or my own feeling. And so I feel I need a healing. This emotionality has also affected my relationship.
  • Susan – For 2 weeks, I felt out of my body. Like I was separate from everyone around me, not myself. I couldn’t meditate or do anything I usually do to feel better. It was scary. Is there any insight you may have on what was going on? I am feeling better now. Not 100%, but I’m finally back in my body if any of that makes any sense.
  • Omyda – Not sure of the topic b/c I just joined. But from what I listened to, I wanted to share that I work with violent & psychotic people at a state psychiatric hospital – and the energy that we bring to the interactions makes a tremendous difference in how the patients respond to us. I often wonder what spiritual journey is going on for those with lifelong psychotic illnesses.
  • Cole – It so depends on where people are, I have a friend who was in emotional distress, and a message came through that I felt was perfect for her and relayed it. She wasn’t aware and present enough to hear it. She still wanted someone to just vent to and listen to the problems over and over again. So I let it be what it is!
  • Brian – Communities like this definitely help navigate these challenging times.

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