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July 18, 2023

The Art Of Choosing – How To Make Better Choices UYT380

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Why Do We Make Choices In Life?

You make choices every day of your life, but what do you know about the art of choosing? Making choices is typical behavior for all people and even most animals. Making choices in life is extremely common. You do it almost continuously during your time in this body. You do it because you are human. You would think that learning how to make better choices would be important to you. Your choices and decisions are usually directed toward creating a happy life for yourself and those in your life. Yet many of you leave the creation of a joyful life up to simply stumbling on happiness. It may be time to take charge and be responsible for your choices regarding the quality of your life.

The Art Of Choosing – How To Make Better Choices

Channeled Messages About The Art Of Choosing

I am usually excited to see what shows up in my day. On Tuesdays, I often use an event of the day as a stimulus for what I choose as a topic for the next episode of Unlocking Your Truth. And that’s what I’m doing today.

Today my agenda consisted of teaching a medical intuition class and conducting client sessions. Psychic readings. And there were parallels between some of these client sessions. The subject I have chosen to share is some material that was channeled within one of these client sessions. However, I’m not sharing the entire client session. The topic of the session was specifically selected for that client, but it is being adapted as a general teaching.

meditation is the best way of communicating with spirit guidesOccasionally, in a psychic reading, you might have a spirit guide to assist the person. And so, in this particular reading, there was a channeled message from Jesus and Mary. And there are quite a few interesting threads in this session. But rather than weave all of those interesting threads together, I choose to share one of the two channeled messages and hope it makes sense in a general way for you.

Who Is My Spirit Guide???

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The person this message was intended for had a vision of Jesus being wounded. And that’s why Jesus showed up. He came to talk about it. But the client is also working on some issues with her mother. And that’s why Jesus’s mother also showed up for her in this channeled message.

So the first message relates to Jesus talking about the lessons around some of his most challenging times, namely the crucifixion and 40 days and nights. And then you have a channeled message from Mary talking about the mother’s wound.

Jesus And How To Make Big Decisions

The first message is from Jesus and is a message of faith, so have faith.

Jesus – “In spite of everything that happened to me, I held my faith in God. I forgave everyone and everything, and I focused on my connection to God. I didn’t focus on the wounds (my client had a vision about him being wounded). My attention was on God.”

And then He said to her, “Your vision is related to the fact that you are focused on the wound. And you are picking away at the wound, digging deep into the wound.” The difference is that He didn’t focus on the wound; she is focusing on her wound.

He also shared a metaphor for a more recent event that somewhat parallels the message He wanted to talk about. He talked about the Jewish people in concentration camps and what they went through. “So much has been taken away from them as it was taken away from Me. So much was done to them as it was done to Me. But there were the ones who held their faith. They said, “You can do anything to somebody’s body. But you cannot control their spirit.” And so for the one with strong faith, their eternal life is intact, regardless of what’s happening to them.let your light shine and approach your ascension

She asked him to give her some information to help her understand what she was going through and the healed version of herself. And so he talked about the Roman soldier who wounded him. “I am showing you an image of the Roman soldier who wounded Me. A fundamental step on the ascension journey is to be able to look in the eyes of your enemy and recognize that this is also you.

All those things that you would fear about that person, that you would hate about that person, that you would judge about that person, you choose to embrace them. You choose to embrace it and accept it as part of yourself. You make the choice to accept it as a reflection of all of the things that you would judge in fear. And in doing so, it ceases to have any power over you. You become whole. A wound becomes neutralized when you accept it as part of yourself. So I chose to love the Roman soldier that injured Me. I was able to do that. When you accept everything, the wound ceases to be a wound.”

Choosing The Path Of Acceptance

And after He had a little bit of a discussion about the suffering of his body, my client asked if Jesus was or wasn’t in his body. And He said, “Well, what’s true is that I was in my body, but it wasn’t the only place I was. I was in my body, but I could operate beyond the ordinary human level. And, then, I wasn’t just in my body. However, I owned every cell of my body. I loved every cell of my body. I didn’t reject any part of my body. I accepted the wounds in my body. And I also saw every other individual human body as my body, and I loved that.

I would see having an enemy and that harming that enemy would be like cutting off my own hand from my own body.” And He was also showing us images of his life, which was full of amusement, laughter, joy, and happiness. He did so to show us the contrast between these events that people are always talking about. He filled his light system with amusement, which is very high vibration.

So and then I chose to keep asking him about suffering because the client was suffering. The question was, by the time you were on the cross, knowing this to be the end of your mortal life and you have been through all of this suffering, did these lessons and growth help you transcend the pain and agony? How can my client, as a human, transcend her suffering? Please show us something you went through that is similar to what she is experiencing.

How To Make A Decision And Not Regret Itget sharper decision making and mental clarity

So then Jesus talked about the 40 days and 40 nights in the desert as a metaphor for His suffering. So he showed himself as a boy when he was about 12 or 13 years old, camping in the desert with a donkey and a fire. And then again, as a way of illustrating this, he talked briefly about other spiritual masters and how they sublimate the challenges of the physical system. Some Buddhist monks meditate in the snow, in subzero temperatures, naked all night long. And in the morning, the snow has melted around them. So His experience in the desert was in extreme heat. But it’s his version of the Buddhist monks in the snow.

And He said, “There was a sense of hopelessness of fear of what was to become of me, or questioning will I ever get out of this.” It was a survival situation, and his body felt weak. So I asked how He got out of it and what he learned. He responded, ” I think this is the main teaching of this channeling, “I learned I had a choice. At first, I felt like I didn’t have a choice.”

My client feels like she doesn’t have a choice. And everyone gets into situations where they feel like they don’t have a choice. So you said you learned you had a choice. “I had some beliefs around that? At first, I felt anything worth having has to be hard. I had a belief that it had to be trial by fire. I did have an idea about what transformation was and what it was like to transform. I was in spiritual training at that time in a spiritual mystery school. And I’d learned from my teachers what transformation was and how it could be attained. And I believe it was a great show of strength.

He said, Sometimes it’s true, but it depends on your definition of strength. If you think strength is endurance, it will be a trial by fire. But if you realize strength is just about being balanced and in alignment within your own cells, then it’s a totally different definition of strength. And you get a different experience using that definition of strength. I learned that life didn’t have to be hard. And I had a choice of how to create the life I wanted. And once I realized this, I walked out of the desert transformed.

That transformation relates to seniority over physical matter, over the material plane, over my physical body, and over physical reality creations. I realized I had a choice because I realized I was God, the Creator. And instead of believing these things are being done to me or that these external forces are making it hard, I realized I’m the source of it all. I’m creating all of it. It can therefore be what I tell it to be, what I want it to be. I have a choice.”learn about making better choices the art of choosing,

And then He said to the client, or to all of you in general, “You are stuck in your own version of the desert or the ice. You don’t think you have a choice. You really believe you don’t have a choice. You really believe in the reality structures that you are projecting. And you don’t realize you are projecting them. So you are married to them.”

And I asked him for more information, and He began laughing but not making fun. Jesus said, “What humans do and what you do is you say, look at this, it’s in plain sight. It’s in my reality. Look at that. You can point to it. It proves that you don’t have a choice because here it is. It’s in your reality. Whether you say to yourself, look at my mother at what she’s doing to you. Or look at your credit card balance and how much in debt you are. Or something else appearing in your reality that you feel you can’t argue with. There it is. I’m fighting in front of my nose.

(And he’s laughing because) It’s all your creation. That’s why he’s laughing. That’s why it’s funny because it’s all your creation. The material world is a full-on projected illusion that you believe is real. But you, actually, are the projector of that reality. So he said, “All you had to do and all you have to do is crumble the old movie you are playing and put in a new one. Project something different. You have a choice.”

You Can Realize That You Have A Choicethe art of choosing

Do you realize you have a choice? He said, “That truly is the energy of miracles. When I realized I was creating it all, I took that parched, dried-out, dehydrated body, and all of a sudden, I got up and walked out of the desert. And I was fine. And then I could look at the water and go, I prefer it to be wine. And I understand that intellectually, you comprehend that statement. I’m the creator of my reality. Or at least some of you do.

You understand it to some degree. You understand the law of attraction. But there’s a whole other level that you can attain about this that you don’t comprehend yet. And so, that’s the difference between where I was versus where you are. So work with me. If you feel disconnected from God, I can help you if you let me. Walk the path with me, and I will show you the way. Because I am the truth and the light. And I can show you how to walk with me.”

So many of you think you don’t have a choice. Most of you get into challenging situations, and you think well, this is my luck. It’s the cards you have been dealt, and you can do nothing about it. You have to go on struggling. And the truth is that you always have a choice.

People, no matter what situation you are in, in essence, it is because you made a choice to be in that situation. And a crucial factor you overlook in the decision-making process is choosing yourselves. And it’s like you choose what your boss wants, what your spouse wants, what your friends want, and what your family wants. You do so because you have the belief that that would be a selfish thing to do. So that’s what you create. It’s what you call the paradox of choice. You choose things because you think you should, whereas you really would like to go a different way. But you are here as Spirit having this human experience of creating your life, your reality. Why not choose to make it an extraordinary life?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, The Art Of Choosing – How To Make Better Choices, and learn how to make great decisions, what are good choices, and the types of decisions we make that can make your life easier or more challenging.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of The Art Of Choosing – How To Make Better Choices:

  • Amber – This is one of my lessons on choices today! This really resonates! Thank you!
  • Denise M – My 5-year-old great-niece sometimes chooses to go into fearful, angry episodes. What is happening?
    • Denise M – That seems so true. It seems her mother is busy & doesn’t relate with the child at times. It all makes sense now. Thank you
  • Denise G – I’ve been learning how to set personal boundaries, which seems to conflict with Compassion.
  • Amber – I listened to a channel today that stated that becoming enlightened involves forgetting who you are not, not so much remembering who you are. Any perspective on this? I have heard many times, “Remember who you are.”
    • Amber – Thank you. Letting go! Wonderful!
  • Brian – Dr. Lesley, I’ve made some changes and decisions lately, and I’d like to know if you could look and see if I’m headed toward financial abundance/prosperity?
  • Andarini – Isn’t acceptance in contradiction with making choices?

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