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March 30, 2021

Vivid Dreams Examples And The Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams UYT284

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Do You Have Vivid Dreams?

You all have vivid dreams, different types of dreams, but do you know the spiritual meaning of dreams? Dream interpretation is one of those topics that many people disagree on. Dreaming is a state of Astral Travel. Astral Travel is a function of your higher self, Spirit. So when you look at the spiritual meaning of dreams, it does not mean religiosity. It is related to your higher self which you can also refer to as your psychic self.

Vivid Dreams Examples And The Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams

Why Do you Dream?

You use the word dream in your life quite often but concerning different goals or aspirations. Today, you will examine the dream state itself. From this perspective, dreams are more than just haphazard nightly visitations with no real meaning.

There are two basic types of dreams. One type of dream is really just the body’s way of processing a busy day. If you have had a busy, stressed-out day, you might recognize the type of dream where it’s just all of a jumble. Maybe you watched a tv show or something happened at work, or you were in a traffic jam. Often a dream can be a jumble of all these events. The main reason for this is your brain continues to process these occurrences. Those types of dreams don’t necessarily follow a timeline or a story. They are a mixture of many things that happened to you, and your brain is rerunning them.

The other type of dream is where you have an actual out-of-body experience. These are also knownwhat are the dangers of astral projection as an O.B.E. As mentioned earlier, you all dream whether you remember it or not. Also, you all have O.B.E.s and most commonly at night when you are asleep. You travel outside of the physical body. Mostly you occupy another body that you have which is called your astral body. You are having experiences of our own consciousness in the out-of-body state. This happens in a different realm of reality than your ordinary reality. This is referred to as the astral plane. This is an expansion of earth plane reality, so it does relate directly to our earthly experiences, but it allows you to experience yourselves as a pure spirit.

There are many differences between being awake in your physical body and being awake in your astral body or being asleep and traveling in your astral body. One of the main differences is that you’re not limited by time and space in your astral body. You are not restricted by the ordinary laws of physical matter. That is why in dreams, you can walk on water; you can fly in the air, you can walk through walls, you can dive deep in the ocean without an oxygen tank. This is because you are in a realm of reality that is not governed by the same limitations that physical reality puts on you.

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What Do Your Dreams Really Mean?

You all do this. You all have these out-of-body adventures. Sometimes what you are doing is relating quite directly to who you are in your physical lives. Yet, it isn’t possible for you to do so in your physical body state. While it’s possible for you to travel in your out-of-body state, I’ll use the word upward, although it’s not the right word. It is upward in dimension. So it would be traveling to a higher dimensional, higher levels, and realms of experience. These states would not necessarily make any sense at all to your waking physical human brain. This is why when you recall a vivid dream, a lucid dream, you may not remember it.

This is due to a few different reasons. Generally, you don’t remember what happens in your outer of body state, but sometimes you do. When you do, it can be because it has something to teach you. There is a specific message from your higher being. There will be something from these experiences that you are having traveling through the inner psychology that you need to hear with your waking consciousness.

Dream Interpretation Answers

The trouble is that in your out-of-body experience, you can be experiencing realities relatively farlearn to explain your dreams removed from the earth plane reality. And for you to remember it, it has to get stepped down in dimensional level. This then dilutes and distills the experience and translates it into a form that you can understand.

Generally, the form you can understand is represented in symbols. This is where dreams become a form of another language, a multi-dimensional language of symbols. This is a way of packaging a multitude of information into something that you can recognize. Then when you wake up and you remember your dream, you can look at the symbols in the dream to interpret and extract some spiritual meaning of dreams that makes sense to you.

How Do I Interpret My Dream?

Not all of your dreams are remembered. In fact, most of them are not, but when they are recalled, they are distilled down into a language and a form that you can comprehend. In regards to dream interpretation, one of the keys is to look at the main symbols in the dream. What was the sign in the dream that stood out to you in the most profound way? This is better than using a dream book. These books tend to generalize the meanings of things. Like a snake or a house or a car mean this specific thing for everyone.

As the dreamer, what does that symbol mean specifically for you? Because this is an internal conversation. This is you communicating with yourself through the language of your own internal symbolic language. A cat might mean one thing to me. It may signify femininity or love, or allergies. To you, a cat may mean danger and fear. It depends upon the one who is dreaming what that dream means.

In dream interpretation, you always want to reflect on that within yourselves. The same applies to the main characters in your dreams. Those characters can be in the dream as a symbol. Your spouse or your boss shows up. They symbolize something specifically for you.

Suppose you dream about your boss and you have a good relationship with them, and they are kind and supportive. In that case, that dream may be a symbol of a supporting influence in your life.

Vivid Dreams Meaningare dream meanings important

What you want to pay attention to in a dream is whether there is any emotional content. Were there any strong or powerful feelings, or repulsions, or attractions? By asking yourself those questions, you can begin to process the meaning of your dream.

There can be some universal dream symbols that frequently might have a similar underlying spiritual meaning of dreams for many people. As an example, often driving your car can have to do with the direction of your life. Where you are taking yourself. However, please don’t take these as blanket statements about everything.

The best way to interpret your dream is to meditate. In meditation, you get in touch with your higher self. As your higher-self, you can formulate the meaning of your dream experience.

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As for remembering your dreams, a straightforward method is to create a dream journal. You can use a recording device kept by your bed to record your dreams when you wake up in the middle of the night. Once you become accustomed to you may find you do not recall recording your dreams, let alone the dream itself. This can be a powerful tool.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Vivid Dreams Examples And The Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams, and understand how to interpret your dreams and their meaning.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Vivid Dreams Examples And The Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams:

  • I had a dream last night that I had open-heart surgery. And as I got sedated, I traveled in my astral body. Just spent time with my childhood friends, so nothing too crazy, but I knew I was in my astral body the whole time. Does this dream have spiritual significance?
  • Sometimes I’ve had dreams that are only in 2-dimensions, flat and full of abstract and unknown symbols, no way to understand it at all in terms of my regular life. What’s that about?
  • Keep seeing a being on a white horse with others accompanying and ‘spider’ energy…it resonates. Yet, I don’t understand the spider /spiders associated with it. Is it more clairvoyant?
  • Been moving through immense grief from the loss of my spouse in October. I have been Recently experiencing a strong energy presence from him, and I have had experiences of flying fast within my body.
  • Is there a way we can remember our dreams right when we wake up rather than later in the day when we’re busy?
  • I repeat the dream of not opening my eyes, and when I pry them open, I can hardly see. I can still do things without my eyes open, like driving a car.
  • I woke from a vivid dream. I was flying/floating around my house. I heard leaf blowers outside of my windows and hovered against the floor, trying to hide. I saw a male face peeking in the window.
  • I always attributed the fact that I never remember my dreams to me being a light sleeper. I want so badly to remember my dreams. Sometimes I asked my angels in spirit guides to please talk to me in my dreams and tell me something while my busy mind is at rest, But I can never remember anything profound. Is there a way that I can change this?
  • Can an induced O.B.E. help one find answers that might lead to self-discovery and a cure for addictions like psychedelics?
  • Occasionally I experience sleep paralysis. It’s a terrifying feeling to be trapped in your body, conscious but unable to wake up. Sometimes it feels like entities are trying to disturb me during this.
  • Over the past few months, I’ve had dreams about mundane things, such as a conversation or being in a particular location. Then weeks later, I find myself having the exact same experience in waking life. I don’t experience it as deja vu. It’s just a realization like, oh, hmm, I’ve already done this. It’s caused me to wonder what is happening. I’m wondering what’s real, what’s an illusion, and if free will exists or if everything is destined or how these things work together. Can you provide any insight?
  • I often have reoccurring dreams about past lovers (ex’s). This has been over decades. I have repeated dreams with the same 2-3 lovers. We are together and very much in love/passion (different storylines each time) in the dream. I’ve wondered why I have these repeated dreams.
  • I recently had a dream involving most of my family living on a boat. The boat sprung a leak, but I don’t recall feeling frightened that the boat may be sinking. I spoke to my sister a few days later, and she almost the exact same dream. Is this common?
  • The last dream I had, if I remember correctly, I was looking at my body in what seemed to be the present. Still, there were pockets of holes in my body, various areas.
  • Can you read me, and just tell me if there’s a reason why I don’t remember my dreams? Perhaps I have a block someplace?
  • I have had a few dreams in the past several months, Then their messages have manifested in my life. For example, I dream of finding some of my deceased mother’s clothes from when she was young. When I woke up, my dad had texted me about going through an old closet with my mom’s clothes from 17 years ago. Other dreams seem to manifest themselves days or weeks later. Is this part of my intuitive abilities? If so, how can I tune into it more?
  • I recently had a vivid dream about my mother, who passed away a little over three years ago. In the dream, I heard her voice clearly, and I even remember asking her questions. However, when I woke up, I didn’t remember anything else about the dream. Except that she said she was having trouble finding the right pockets of energy to reach me. I’m not sure exactly what this means? And could this really be her visiting me?
  • I’ve had a lot of precognitive dreams throughout my life. Still, most of the time, they’re tiny moments of minor significance (like bits of conversations with coworkers I hadn’t met at the time I had the dreams). It’s almost like deja vu, but instead of thinking, “I’ve experienced this before,” it’s “I had a dream about this exact moment”. Is there any significance to this?
  • For many decades I am having a recurring vivid emotional dream of my first love. We are rekindling the relationship – yet the person who came between us is still around. (married) emotional dream -?
  • I also saw that I shouldn’t remain at the job and location I am at, and I uprooted my home and am looking for a whole other field of work.
  • We spent the day together yesterday and did an entity clearing. Last night I had a dream. It was that a spider web FULL of spiders was “blown” onto my face, and I was struggling to get them off. I’m worried!
  • I remember so many of my dreams for days, weeks, months- I even remember several from childhood. Is there a reason for remembering dreams for long periods of time?

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    1. Hi Kimberly, I’ve never heard that one before. We often incorporate the need to pee into dreams, which can be because the body actually needs to pee, or the peeing is a symbol of releasing and letting go of something. I wonder if your lucid state is also including an awareness of the body having a full bladder and actually needing to pee?

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