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October 31, 2023

Do You Get Messages In Dreams And What Do Dreams Mean UYT392

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Are Your Dreams Telling You Something?

Do you feel you receive messages in dreams? Do your dreams have meaning? Well, dreams are virtually riddled with information. There are different types of dreams, but one thing most of them have in common is they contain hidden or overt messages for you. But the trick is uncovering what your dreams are telling you. This episode of Unlocking Your Truth with Dr. Lesley is about dreams and receiving messages in dreams or through dreams.

Do You Get Messages In Dreams And What Do Dreams Mean?

Types Of Dreams And Their Meanings

Different types of dreams have different meanings and serve different purposes. Dreams of transitions in and out of Life. Have you had dreams of a new life being born into your family, and you connected with them in the dream state? Have you had dreams when somebody in your family was about to leave, and you received the message in the dream state?

For example, I would like to share a dream I had recently. Unfortunately, one of my friends passed away over the weekend, and the week before, I had a dream. I was going about my business in my dream. I think I was shopping.

This friend just appeared unsuspectingly and surprisingly in the middle of the street. And there she was in the front of the shop. I said hello and asked what she was doing in my dream. She replied that she had come to say goodbye and gave me a big hug. It felt like this was it for here for this lifetime. She was moving on. She had a group of people with her, and we had a final hug, and then she left. She passed away the weekend after that.

This is an example of one type of dream that brings awareness of big life-and-death messages. Science has studied dreams for a long time, searching for the types of dreams and the meaning of dreams. Depending on the study, they have discovered 7 or 8 main variations on themes. what are your dreams telling you

One of the most common dreams they discovered are dreams about death and births. There are many documented cases of people having dreams about a dying or deceased individual. These dreams include dream communication or visitations with these people around the time of their demise. When people I’ve known have passed away, I tend to have a dream regarding the individual.

When you consider this, it can be evident that these occurrences transpire. Death is simply a change in the energetic field of that individual. It’s a transition from the physical realm into the nonphysical realm.

Other Vivid Dreams

Another common type of dream is when expectant mothers dream of their unborn children. They have conversations with the unborn children in their dreams. So it happens on both ends of the spectrum of your life cycle, on the way in and out. You can have these etherial meetings or conversations in your dreams.

Scientists have talked to pregnant women, and 78% have dreamed of what sex their child will be before being informed. They know it will be a girl or a boy because they’ve dreamt it. So, you have connections beyond the physical.

The dream interpretation and purpose of these birth and death messages can be to say goodbye at the end of Life or to forewarn somebody to prepare somebody that you are in the process of leaving. They can also introduce a new personality coming into the world, what that relationship will be, what the agreement is, how those individuals will respond to one another, and what type of relationship it will be.

Another individual related a recurring dream he had. Whenever somebody in the family would pass away, he would always dream one of his teeth would fall out. He counted about a time he was on holiday. He had a dream on the same night that he lost a tooth. Then, a week later, his mother passed away. So this was like a family dream, where losing a tooth equated to losing a family member.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams

Sometimes, dreams have deeper meanings than one would think. For example, I can relate a dream about my mother, which I found to be a rather spiritual dream. About a year before my Mum passed away, I dreamt that she and I were dolphins. We were surfing the ocean waves together. There was this deep meaning within the dream that we were travelers together in Spirit and journeyed together, in and out of physical reality.

For some reason, I knew in that dream that she was telling me she was leaving. But there was also a commitment to say the journey continues and that she would be back in another form. Because we are committed to each other as fellow travelers in spirit and Life.

Dreams of transitions in and out of Life. Have you had dreams where a new one would be born into your family, and you connected with them in the dream state? Have you had dreams when somebody in your family was about to leave, and you received the message in the dream state?

Why Are My Dreams So Weird And Random?what do your dreams really mean

When you are dreaming, you are going more into a multi-dimensional realm. These states can include dream experiences such as premonitions, past life visitations, prophecy, mediumship, and more.

So the idea is that you can meet somebody who you know in the dream, and they appear differently. Maybe you see a past-life version of them, but you can recognize them by their unique energy. Their frequency.

It’s interesting because it’s very clearly them.

You have no qualms about understanding who they are and things like that. These can be called visitation dreams. And most of these will involve people who are still incarnate. You remember portions of people clearly. However, only some of the details you receive are exactly like them.

These visitation dreams allow you to connect and communicate with people you know. You may exchange information about what’s going on in your lives, staying updated with each other.

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Common Dreams And Their Meanings

There are other common dreams scientists have studied and identified. You will most likely recognize these types of dreams. You all have had all of these types of dreams at least once, if not many times.

Have you ever dreamed that you were at school? Doing an exam? That’s quite a common one. Many people have dreams where they are in a classroom. They may actually dream where they have been teaching a classroom of people. premonitions and visitations are vivid dreams

What’s happening in those types of dreams is that you are learning in the dream state. You are attending school in the dream state. You can expand your consciousness not just through your physical lifetime but also in your nonphysical extension. There are plenty of reality constructs on the astral plane. Places that you can visit and revisit places of learning.

One is like having an exam and experiencing that panic around having an exam. And the other is like the halls of learning that exist on the astral plane. Many of you have had dream experiences where you are taking a class on the nonphysical level.

Another common dream is being late for something crucial and entering a panic state. Then you can combine two and be late for an exam.

The Interpretation Of Dreams

Books on interpretation of dreams are great, but they generalize. And it is hard to believe it’s the same for everyone. It is similar to the horoscopes in newspapers. One horoscope prediction can’t be accurate for everyone.

Another common dream is finding yourself in your childhood home or a house you used to live in, not your current one. And so often, those place dreams represent something particular.

If you have a dream where you are in your childhood home, then you are exploring that dimension of your childhood. The dream content may be you exploring beliefs that you laid down when you were a child or events that happened when you were a child. Indeed, it revolves around the realm of your childhood. Perhaps you are in your family dynamic that still has energy attached to it.

Can your dreams come true?

The same can hold true when revisiting an old job that represents a specific time or area of focus or growth. Somehow, you are revisiting that theme when you go back to that place in your dreams. So you want to treat that as a symbol of what was happening in your Life back then and how it relates to what is going on now. What does that place mean to you? What did that job mean to you? What’s it symbolizing?

Lucid Dreams

Dream of falling. Most people have them. My explanation is that you think sometimes that’s happening when you are transitioning through different reality dimensions. Or you are about to wake up, and you are coming back to the Earth plane.

Other people have different explanations. If you read the classic books on the interpretation of dreams or dream journals, it says you feel like your Life is out of control or something along those lines. Speeding out of control.

Need Help Interpreting Your Dreams?

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Dreams of falling relate to flying in a way. It is most probable that you have all had a dream about flying. These are some of the very best dreams.

Many of you have had dreams where you are flying. Lucid dreams that you are just enjoying flying over different parts of the planet. Or it’s just becoming conscious as you astral travel that you are propelling yourself around flying.

Why Do We Dream?

Often, what you will do in your dreams is try to figure things out. You work on things that are going on in your life that you have not figured out in your waking Life. You can take it offline into our dream world and figure it out there when you are not bound and limited by your intellect. This is when you have more of an expansive field of exploration available to you. You will figure it out in the dream and bring the solution into your waking Life.

You may be working on a physical project or something around the house and need help figuring it out. You will check out Google for a solution, but it may still be unclear. Then, you will dream about it and wake up with a completely different solution. And sure enough, you get it done. It’s fascinating. Mind you, you can have dreams where you try and retry solutions and do it 30 times in different ways. And you wake up in the morning exhausted.


There are as many dreams as there are dreamers. And each dreamer is a unique representation of their true nature, Spirit. So, each dreamer’s dream can have a different meaning. Don’t let anyone judge your dreams and what you should do about them. A daily meditation practice can help clarify your nocturnal voyages into the astral plane. One thing is sure. No matter what you feel, you will never stop dreaming, so enjoy them.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Do You Get Messages In Dreams And What Do Dreams Mean, and receive some dream interpretation answers and do dreams tell you the truth?

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Do You Get Messages In Dreams And What Do Dreams Mean:

  • Brian – Dr. Lesley, I had a dream with you in it a few weeks ago. I remember you clearly being there. I can’t remember what it was all about. I know you were upset about something. I used to remember those kinds of dreams very clearly, but lately, it’s been more challenging, I think, because I dream and receive so much every night.
  • CK – I have dreams about people I do not physically recognize, but I do energetically.
  • Brian – I had a dream about my parents. They were in a local restaurant (though I didn’t recognize it, I did feel it was). My parents are both alive. They surprised me with a visit. I remember that pretty clearly. I call them visitation dreams. Most of mine involve people who are still incarnate. I remember portions of them and the people clearly, just not all the details lately, unlike it used to be.
  • Zachary – I saw a rotary phone with both my grandpa’s and heard “Call your Grandpa Charlie, now or never” in 1986. Same with Grandpa Wy in 1991. Both died 2 days later. I was wide awake, though.
  • Kimba – I dreamt about meeting my son before he was born. He told me where he had been a bit and how excited he was to be born again. I asked him what he wanted to be named. He laughed and said it really doesn’t matter. I was so speechless that this conversation was happening. All I could think of to say was, “OK, well, come in and stay until you’re ready to be born now.” He smiled and poofed into me, and I woke up.
  • Cole – I’ve had dreams of old jobs. They’re not quite the same as I remember them, but I have some conscious awareness and confusion that I left that job. It’s not enough for a lucid dream, but I have awareness. It’s like the past being in the present.
  • Andarini – I have many dreams of being tested or having to solve problems, but not in a class setting – it’s like survivor but not that wild.
  • Zachary – I did see my late mom, who passed on 1/15/2009 months ago, in a dream following a lady named Lisa in a park setting I knew whose daughter had cancer. I feel my mom was helping her. The daughter just passed. I trembled seeing my mom. Reached out to hold her hand through some invisible barrier like a fence. Very profound.
  • Katie – I have had a dream a few times where I am driving and have to step on the brake pedal to the floor to slow down, and sometimes the car doesn’t come to a complete stop.
  • Tracy – I had a dream that involved an unborn baby. I did a reading for the mother before she was pregnant. Spirit told me what to tell her so she could become pregnant, and it worked! Right before the baby was born, I dreamed of him, and he gave me a beautiful poem that I wrote down. The poem was about being born as light into a dark world and how your light is unique and needed. I loved this experience.
  • BC – Yes, I dreamt of a family home, not my childhood home, but a house in the family that was haunted up to a few years ago, they were creepy because I was aware of a presence there, upstairs. I believe I had some experience there but repressed it, and those dreams may be linked to that, like a subconscious expression, though I feel it’s more. Perhaps you could briefly look at it for me, as I’m curious?
    • BC – Thanks, Dr. Lesley. My brother told me I saw a ghost in that house and when it happened, but I don’t remember it at all.
  • Katie – My understanding of interpreting dreams in or about houses and homes is that it represents the person who is dreaming OR if it is unknown whose home it is, it could represent our unexplored or unacknowledged parts of ourselves.
  • Brian – I did have a nightmare where I approached a window in my room (I didn’t know I was dreaming), and some creature like a werewolf leaped up at me, and I woke up. I found out much later my dad also had a dream of some Bigfoot-like creature trying to pull him through a window. It scared him badly, but I don‘t know if we had it the same night, but the similarity was so bizarre!
  • Bee – We just had a death in the family, and the night before my sis in law viewing, I had a dream, and at the tail end of the dream, I had flashes of a death scene of a male. I woke up so sick because I felt as though I caused this man’s murder. I was convinced it was me. I asked friends if this happened, and they assured me no such thing occurred. With days passing, the idea of me causing this left my mind. It seems like it did not happen, but I can’t help but wonder if it was a past life thing or something triggered by my sister-in-law’s death. I was trying to do regression days prior.
  • Zachary – Remember, a Pharaoh’s dream of 7 skinny cows coming out of the Nile meant 7 years of drought.
  • Cole – I can count on one hand the number of nightmares I’ve had. I always wake up at the climax of it, so I luckily never find out what happened!
  • KB – I’m not sure if you’ve covered this topic in another show, but maybe if you’re doing a show on Halloween – Can you tell us about the different intuitive card decks, their uses, and common misconceptions, such as Tarot and oracle cards, or even your portico card deck?
  • Brian – I had a nightmare where someone or something approached a door at my house (where no door exists). I was trying to get down the hallways past the door, but it beat me to the door, and then I woke up before it got me!



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