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October 9, 2016

Listen To Your Heart It Offers Sage Advice – UYT031

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Instinct Vs Intellect, Heart VS Head

Do you listen to your heart or your mind when you are making decisions about love or anything else that comes up? When you listen to your heart and not your head it can be very enlightening. Your heart center is a powerful tool because it offers true guidance. Your mind can sometimes be confused because it does not have the right how to know when your intuition is talking to youinformation or the data is conflicting. Learning how to listen to your heart and not your head does take practice.

Pictures on greeting cards show an image of a heart and it is meant to be a caring portrayal of love and affection. There is much more to it than just that. Your heart center contains your inner guidance in the form of oneness and affinity.

Affinity is a universal force that attracts similar vibrations. Humans experience it as passion and attraction. It guides your life decisions by showing you what excites or repels you.

Listen To Your Heart Center And Receive Guidance

Oneness is the interconnection of all things. It helps you understand where you fit in the world as a unique individual. Through oneness, you learn why spiritual competition and unworthiness do not make sense. When you understand exactly who you are, Spirit, and see where you fit and know why you are here you can let go of judgment.

When you are faced with challenges in life it is not just the brain that can find you a way out. The heart center can actually be more of an ally than that logic center which has to think in black and white. Always listen to your heart even though it’s on the left.

What Is Intuition?

Is intuition real? We have always heard that following your heart in love can get you into trouble. This is true. Again if you are inexperienced in truly tuning in to your heart center it can cause issues. This is not because your heart has misled you but you did not decipher the information properly. Trusting your intuition, in relationships and other situations are something you should all learn. Another name for this heart center information is called intuition. This gift is a powerful tool. First, though, you must master how to access your intuition properly.

There are some steps to take to learn how to know when your intuition is talking to you.

Here are six ways to unveil and trust your intuition:what level of intuition do you have

  • Clear Your Belief System… You all have beliefs. Your beliefs right? Wrong. Your mind is a computer. It stores data and then when you need it, it retrieves it. First, though it does its thing which is filtering through all the tiny bits of information that are stored in your subconscious. It develops the answer to your query and then regurgitates it back to you. Where does the data that it uses to make these decisions come from?

The data is information that was programmed into your human-computer by outside sources; parents, friends, co-workers, strangers, and the media. This is where the multi-billion dollar business called advertising makes its money. It uses this concept of embedding thoughts in your mind. It is not brainwashing. it is belief system inputting. It is just how it works.

This is also true for all the other people and events in your life. Even stubbing your toe is creating a belief in your mind; toe plus chair leg equals pain. To access your powerful intuition, you must learn and practice bypassing this programming by accessing your true nature, Spirit.

You are all spirit at your core and this Spirit is all-powerful. It is not bound by time or space. It, you, is part of the mass consciousness called the Universe or God if you like that term better. Spirit has many talents and skills of which Intuition is one of the many psychic abilities it has in its portfolio. There are several ways to tap into there and meditation is one of the best. You can learn more about how this works in several other posts.

  • Apply Self-Worth, Self-Esteem… You have lived a life that has been programmed from birth as we discovered. Part of this programming is guilt and unworthiness. You are perfect the way you are. Get out of your head when you are trying to get in touch with your heart. You may have made some bad choices along the way but your the light of the world and as so are amazing. Realize that. It will help with the long trip from your brain to your heart.
  • Stop Listening To Your Mind… Thoughts are interesting things. They come and they go. sometimes they contain interesting stuff, sometimes garbled junk. Your mind has a purpose. This purpose is to keep you safe. Again it will use an incorrect belief system to do so at times. There is absolutely nowhere in the ‘human being instruction manual’ that says you must pay attention to your thoughts. Let them come and then let them go. To listen and trust your gut feeling, your intuition, you must tune out your logical thought process. Logic is the enemy of intuition in most cases.
  • Self-Forgiveness… This is important. You have and you will make mistakes. You are human after all. Stop beating yourself up about it. Let it go. Love yourself.
  • Empty the Glass… There is an old proverb that says that you cannot add to a full glass, you must empty the glass first. Let go of the bitterness and negative attachments. Things people have done to you are part of the past. Do not cling to them. They are the only baggage that will weigh you down. This will give room to allow your heart to flourish.
  • Trust… The most important of all is to learn how to trust in yourself. You know what is right for you or at least your intuition, your heart does. Let go of the fear.

Where Does Intuition Come From?

Discovering this gift of intuition, that comes from your heart center, requires patience and love. You have what it takes to awaken the power that lies within you. Take that all-important first step in the voyage from your head to your heart. Trust yourself because your spirit will guide you if you just listen and follow. It takes practice. You can also find a mentor, a spiritual intuitive coach like myself, to help you with your newly uncovered gift of the heart, intuition.

What level of intuition do you have? You can find out in a simple free psychic test which you can access here. Have fun with it.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Definition of affinity and oneness.
  • Top 5 signs you are experiencing each of them.
  • How to follow the guidance of your heart.
  • The power of intuition.
  • Trusting your gut feeling about someone.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Listen To Your Heart It Offers Sage Advice in discussing why you should listen to your heart center for advice and how to strengthen your intuition.

Find Your Intuition Style

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