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Listen To Your Heart Center And Receive Guidance

 Do you follow your heart or mind in love? Listen to your heart center because it offers true guidance. Learning how to listen to your heart and not your head takes training. We have always heard that following your heart in love can get you in trouble. Trusting your intuition in relationships is one thing we should all learn. Firs,t though you must master how to access your intuition properly. When you listen to your heart and not your head it can be very enlightening.

Pictures on greeting cards show an image of a heart and it is meant to be a caring portrayal of love and affection. There is much more to it than just that. Your heart center contains your inner guidance in the form of oneness and affinity.

Affinity is a universal force that attracts similar vibrations. Humans experience it as passion and attraction. It provides guidance for your life decisions by showing you what excites or repels you.

Oneness is the inter-connection of all things. It helps you understand where you fit in the world as a unique individual. Through oneness, you learn why spiritual competition and unworthiness do not make sense. When you understand exactly who you are, Spirit, and see where you fit and know why you are here you can let go of judgment.

When you are faced with challenges in life it is not just the brain that can find you a way out. The heart center can actually be more of an ally than that logic center which has to think in black and white. Always listen to your heart even though it’s on the left

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth in discussing why you should listen to your heart center for advice and how to strengthen your intuition.

In this podcast, you will learn:-listen to your heart

  • Definition of affinity and oneness.
  • Top 5 signs you are experiencing each of them
  • How to follow the guidance of your heart

During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes we also answer email questions from our listeners as well occasionally do readings live on air for our call in guests.

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