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April 21, 2020

5 Intuition Examples And Reasons For Developing This Special Gift UYT238

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Is Intuition Real?

What is your belief about intuition? Are you intuitive? There are so many reasons you should develop your intuition. Today we are going to answer the question of where does intuition comes from. We will look at some intuition examples as well as how you are influenced by them. And why they can relate directly to your life.

Here are a couple of good intuition examples for you to consider. They are expressed by many people but they do not understand that these are actually coming from your psychic senses.

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Example 1:

Trusting your gut feeling about someone… You have all had this happen to you when you are at a social trust your gut feelingor business event. You may get this certain icky inner feeling, this sense when meeting someone for the first time or you just see someone in the same room who is a stranger to you without any prior knowledge of the person. It is not based on anything specific or any logical evidence or biases. You are unconscious of why you are thinking this way. It can be an overwhelming rush of information that influences you. Maybe it is just a still quiet voice telling you to stay away, “there is a problem with this person”.

Do you pay attention? Sometimes, more often than not, you will try to go past this and ignore the sensation because “you can’t tell a book by its cover” right? But you shouldn’t ignore these situations. This intuition example is a clear warning to you to be careful.

Example 2:

Another great example is when you get a bad gut feeling something is wrong… This intuition example is one that can be very uncomfortable and difficult to ignore. It can wash over you lie a tidal wave of sick or overwhelming ill-feeling. If you are a parent you have definitely had this happen to you. You just “know” something is wrong with your child. They have had an accident, they are ill or they are in imminent danger. There is no real cognitive content or correlation for this. Therefore my argument is that you are most probably sensing this via your intuitive processes. Not everything can be explained by science.

Every day you receive a multitude of moments that you are receiving intuitive messages but just don’t recognize them. Many people will try to ignore these directions as mere imagination later to find out that they were absolutely founded in the warning. These were just two of the common stronger intuitive knowledge examples you may have received. Whether it is a strong intuition about someone in the or something you do not get a bad gut feeling for no reason. Learn to trust your gift.

Trust Your Intuition

Is intuition real? So what is intuition that allows us to be so aware and who has it? Who is intuitive? First of all, it is not just serendipity or a lucky guess. It is real and everyone and I mean everyone is intuitive. The reason why is that you were born with this special gift along with a slew of other gifts of the Spirit, over 20 psychic gifts actually. In fact, following these feelings can take a great conscious effort especially when you first begin to practice listening.

Remember you are Spirit having a human experience not the other way around. These were all abilities you had as Spirit and that transferred to you as became human. Spirit is not bound by time or space. It can go where or when it pleases. So can you because your true nature is Spirit.

Intuition Examples And Reasons For Developing This Special Gift

There are so many reasons why you should learn that understanding intuition is important and can be understanding intuitiona helpful tool to be used in so many ways. Once you begin to open your intuitive nature portal of how to know when your intuition is talking to you, you will be amazed at the areas of your life this will be pertinent especially with making decisions.

Tuning into your intuition allows you to have greater clarity. Being in tune with your intuition or even better being able to tune into your intuition will give you clarity about making a decision, understand questions you have about people and events. Clarifying the whys and wherefores.

Here are 5 other intuition examples from my new book, “Intuition And Chakras“, of reasons why you should develop your wonderful ability:

Feel more confident… When you have clear access to this gift you won’t need to guess at things. You will “know” the answers to questions and even understand the outcomes of things before they happen.

Banish stress and anxiety… When you know why something is happening or even whether it is or not going to occur will relieve you of the emotions around not knowing. Not knowing is what causes stress and turmoil in your mind and body.

Experience peace and happiness… When you remove negative emotions like stress and anxiety from your life everything gets better. It gives you the room to be happy and enjoy yourself.

Tap into your higher self… Tuning in to your intuition is, in essence, connecting with your true nature, your higher self, Spirit. As we discussed Spirit is not bound by time or space in turn neither will you be. Think of the endless possibilities of just knowing what decisions will have which outcomes. Think of know why you feel the way you do and what to do about it.

Be free to help yourself and others… When you are tuned into your intuitive senses you can learn to find answers to difficult situations and problems. Not only can this help you but it can also help those in your life. You can even use this at work.

Regardless of where your start on this awakening journey the important thing is to take that first step. One of the first things you can do is find out what level of intuition do you have. Below is a link to my free psychic test. Have fun with it as you find out your expertise.

In this podcast you will learn about:

  • Intuition examples to truly help you in your life.
  • Why intuition is so important.
  • What does intuition feel like?
  • How to tune and listen to your intuition and build on it.
  • Learn how to trust your gut feeling.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, 5 Intuition Examples And Reasons For Developing This Special Gift, as we take a look at your highly intuitive senses. Why it is important to really open to them.

In this podcast, we will also answer some specific questions about Intuition from our listeners:

  • I want to develop my intuition so that I can move through life with more grace and ease. When I move through life with my intuition, I don’t have to struggle with the analysis of things in my mind.
  • Having a better understanding and learning about my Self. That I have this gift that I understand but don’t understand.
  • It would be nice to better develop my intuition so that I may better distinguish between the voice of my higher self vs the voice of my ego.
  • How do you set the boundary with your guides?
  • Do you pick what ascended masters you work with? Or are they all available to work with?

Learn More About Your Intuition

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