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May 13, 2022

How To Use Healing Crystals And Stones To Enhance Your Intuitive Abilities UYT331

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Healing Crystals For Beginners

Many of you have special types of crystals and stones but do you know how to use healing crystals and high-energy stones to your benefit? Each of these healing crystals has significant properties. Of course, each of these properties may vary. However, they all do have one thing in common. They all have a resonance and energy within them. And this energy is a specific vibration to each of these healing crystals and stones.

How To Use Healing Crystals And Stones To Enhance Your Intuitive Abilities

What Are Healing Crystals And Stones

A quick story. I like to have an array of crystals and stones in my office and home. This increases the positive energy and vibration of my surroundings. I had purchased a bag full of inexpensive tiny crystal clear crystals as a decoration for my office. I was meditating one day, and my guides began to feed me little information packages through these little crystals. It became evident that I bought these tiny crystals to remind me to be open and to receive the information they wanted to bring me.

When you are open to your intuition, you may come across a crystal or stone that will call to you. This experience happens because you are resonating with it. It can be anything from one of the many most powerful crystals to just a rock you find at the beach. It doesn’t matter. Beautiful things can happen to you when you feel a specific attachment to any specific crystal or stone.

Healing Stones And Crystalshow to use pendulums

So, on the one hand, there’s not much scientific evidence about crystals. A scientist would tell you about the crystal’s composition and structure and explain the color by the composition. Meanwhile, people have been using crystals for healing for 1000s of years. The Egyptians and the Sumerians, the Greeks, and the Romans had beliefs around the power of crystals to help them in battle and other uses. So historically, there is this relationship with the mineral kingdom.

Cleansing Crystals

And from an intuitive perspective, there is a significant belief that crystals can amplify energy. So you can channel energy through a crystal, and it will amplify energy. They will absorb energy. You can program a crystal by sending energy into a crystal, and it will store that specific information and energy. But, on the other hand, they can also absorb negative energies. And that is why you like to cleanse crystals on occasion.

You can cleanse crystals in different manners.

  • Bury them in the soil
  • Place them in running water
  • Leave them out in the moonlight or the sunlight
  • Immerse them in salt

It is vital to cleanse crystals when you receive one, especially crystals for emotional healing. Unfortunately, people handle these precious gifts, and occasionally they may end up embedding their negative energy into the crystal. The idea is to purify them, cleanse them and help them let go of any negative energies they have picked up.

Crystal Communicationcrystals for beginners

And so, how do you intuitively understand crystals? The way you would do it is by tuning into the vibrational frequency. Everything is energy and has a unique vibration, including you. Each different crystal has a different vibration. And there is an interaction or an interplay between the crystal’s vibration and your vibration.

And what effect that specific vibration will have on you depends on your current frequency. As an example, if you had two similar stones or crystals. If a scientist analyzed them, they would probably develop a comparable profile and composition. But the energies of these two may feel quite different to you. They would have their uniqueness, individuality, and even personality. And as an intuitive, you can use your intuition to tune into the energy. So don’t just get a book that tells you that an Amethyst has this particular attribute and so on. There might be some truth in it, but tune in to it directly and find out for yourself.

The book may say that an Amethyst is a purple stone and is said to be incredibly protective. Find out. Please tune in to its frequency. It may also be very healing and purifying. Possibly it can help rid the mind of negative thoughts and bring forth humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom. It can even promote willpower and healthy choices, act as a sleep aid, and demystify dreams.

When you think of that, that is a whole bunch of effects. So one stone might have been more potent because of its composition in one or the other factor. Also, their shape can affect their traits.

For example, you can be holding one Amethyst, which is part of a natural geode, and another that is an individual and differently shaped. And the one to you feels like it has a high, uplifting vibration more than the other.

Clear Quartz is considered to be a Master Healer. And what it does is it augments the other crystals with it. So, for instance, rose Quartz combined with general Quartz helps open your heart chakras.

Get Your Chakra Intuition Guide

Get Your Chakra Intuition Guide

Crystal Skulls

A brilliant example of the energy of crystals is that of the Crystal Skulls. The genuine Crystal Skulls are ancient skulls carved out of big crystal pieces. They have been impregnated with information. Impregnated is not the right word. They’ve been programmed. The most famous one is the Mitchell Hedges Skull, which was discovered in a pyramid.

These are not mere sculptures. For instance, the Mitchell Hedges skull was analyzed at Hewlett Packard. This unique skull was put under an electron microscope. The report resulting from the experiment was that no tool markings were found. They were quoted to say that even today’s tools could not create such a thing without leaving tool markings on it.

Many people think the crystal skulls were just made in the shape of a human skull to feel less alien to us and more acceptable. However, it is rumored that the original skulls were created and programmed with information by unknown forces.

Healing Crystals And Their Meaningshow to use healing crystals

Here is a healing crystals list, including just a few of the many crystals that we run across and may even overlook.

Commonly Found Healing Crystals

Clear Quartz: this is regarded as a master healing crystal. It is considered to hold the entire energy system.

Jasper: a nurturing stone that can aid during stressful times.

Obsidian: thought to be one of the crystals for emotional healing.

Amethyst: employed for healing, cleansing, and improving willpower

Tiger’s Eye: may reduce fear and provide a form of courage and improve motivation.

Turquoise: believed to reduce emotional stress and is also considered to enhance luck.

Sapphire: is considered to be a prosperity stone.

Jade: is also a prominent stone to enhance wealth and luck.

Rose Quartz: is also called the love stone and is thought to promote passion and confidence.

Ruby: is considered to enhance sexuality and sensuality.

These are just a few of the many stones and crystals you can access easily. Learning how to use healing stones does not take a massive education but simply a bit of enthusiasm.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Use Healing Crystals And Stones To Enhance Your Intuitive Abilities, and learn how to use crystals.

Unlock Your Intuition?

Learn To Unlock Your Intuition With Dr. Lesley

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How To Use Healing Crystals And Stones To Enhance Your Intuitive Abilities:

  • Brian – There must be some science with them. They use them in timepieces because they are supposed to keep the machinery accurate.
  • Carol – How do you communicate with crystals? I love my crystals and am drawn to them, but I love to know how I can receive intuitive messages from them?
  • Tracy – Dr. Lesley, tell us how the different vibrations feel.
  • Bud – Is the energy of a larger crystal necessarily more vital vibrationally than a smaller version of the same crystal? How about raw vs. polished and shaped?
  • Carol – What’s the significance of Crystal skulls or crystals of different shapes?
  • Katie – The first time I was able to see energy, it was emanating from black kyanite. I could not “feel” the energy of the first crystals I purchased, so I was examining them, and it was like I couldn’t believe my eyes! Since then, my ability has grown, and I can see energy in other things/ people. Now I can feel the energy, but usually only if there is some space between the crystal and my skin. I’m still exploring.
  • Budaj – Do you know much about the 12 “Synergy” stones? They are supposedly the 12 highest vibration stones.
  • Frederick – Some stones are rough, some are smooth. Does this make any difference when using them to heal yourself or others?
  • Amanda – When I was a kid, my neighbor would dig in the yard and slice rocks open. So I got to see my first geode. I remember being mesmerized like it was its own little world.
  • Man – I just tried holding my Numite. I felt a strong vibration in my hands and especially down my feet. It gave me an intense sensation of connection to higher vibrations with the higher source while staying strong and grounded. Thank you for your guidance.
  • Coker – What is the best way to clean your crystals?
  • TF – No question, just a comment. My husband is a geologist. He loves to play with his “rocks” 😅. However, I wish he would use his intuitive abilities with the rocks/crystals,
  • CM – So I wondered if a Crystal you own and has your energy signature can also be used by other people.
  • Mister Bjolly – Can you clean crystals and stones by leaving them in sea salt for three days?
  • Kate B – Selenite is excellent for clearing and aligning chakras. I can always feel it working when I hover a selenite wand from my crown to my root chakra.
  • Carol – Why are people attracted to certain crystals?
  • Misty – What is the name of the green stone that is supposed to activate your purpose?
  • Prasad –Is there any message from an Angel, Spirit, or Higher being on my Birthday on Sunday?

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  1. Thanks for explaining how the vibrational frequency of a crystal is determined. I'd like to know more about intuitive healing because I want to make it easier to expel negativity from my life. I can see how intuitive healing can be a good way to go about that.

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