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how to stop thinking negatively about yourself with clayton john ainger
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How To Stop Negative Thoughts From Entering Your Mind

Why do I always think the worst and have these obsessive negative thoughts? Simple! That is where we go if we leave our thoughts unchecked. It is time to learn how to stop negative thoughts from entering your mind. Let’s look at the why negative thoughts and feelings creep to stop thinking negatively about yourself with clayton john ainger

Much of the time it is as if you are trying to sabotage yourself and your success.  It is quite often that we, as human beings, experience negativity.  It may be in the form of  emotions, actions, feelings, behavior, self-speak or others sending negativity our way. This negativity can send us spiraling down into depths of unhappiness that affects well being, relationships, health, finances and as mentioned earlier success. This can  ultimately prevent someone from completely enjoying their life, living their purpose and fulfilling their dreams. A negative thinking person has some real challenges ahead of them.

Today we speak with someone who knows how to stop bad thoughts in your head. Our guest is Clayton John Ainger. He has received an amazing gift and is here to share it with us. Clayton livers in England and has access to one of the most amazing places in the world, Stonehenge. During a meditation at this energy vortex he was given clear and detailed direction about why the human creature experiences negativity and most importantly how to stop thinking negatively about yourself and everything else undesirable you may experience.


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What he became aware of is that there is a pattern to man’s negativity. He gave this a name,  The Ego’s Code, and he uncovered the key to deciphering it, in turn clearing our psyche of negativity. This will put you on the path to living a fulfilled , happy life eliminating  uncooperative habits, replacing old belief systems and restore your spiritual essence, the soul.  

Clayton  left his corporate career as a mergers and acquisitions tax specialist to follow his to become an author, of his book The Ego’s Code. As well he is renown as a speaker, spiritual teacher, spiritual coach and  psychic medium. Clayton works internationally with individuals and corporations to help Senior Leaders and Executive teams to transform performance and achieve sustainable growth by unleashing passion, nurturing natural talent bringing vitality to the workforce.

You can contact Clayton on his website,

We ask Clayton to enlighten us on the following:how to stop negative thoughts

  • We all have negative thoughts.  But what do we do if they consume you?
  • How did you get into this line of work?
  • When did you realize you had psychic mediumship abilities?
  • Did your family support your gifts?
  • In The Ego’s Code, you talk about Oneness and Interconnectedness.  Tell us more.
  • Tell us more about the Higher Self or Soul vs., the Ego or Personality?
  • Tell us about spirit guides.
  • What is the “Divine Spiritual System?
  • Can thoughts influence matter?
  • How do we begin removing negative thoughts and release negativity altogether?
  • How do we decipher our own Ego’s code?
  • What are the 8 Truths?
  • How do our beliefs affect us?
  • How do we align our thoughts and feelings?
  • How do we remove these?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Stop Negative Thoughts From Entering Your Mind, and beginning to understand the truth behind your negativity!

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