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May 26, 2020

How To Interpret Tarot Cards And Alternative Tarot Decks UYT243

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How To Use Tarot Cards Safely

Tarot card decks are one of the most common psychic reading traditions yet understanding how to interpret tarot cards may seem to be a mystery. The cards themselves have been used for centuries and traditionally they were considered to be very specific to those that were “gifted readers” such as the gypsies to “tell your fortune”. They were even touted to have magic power. Because of this, they were considered to be unsafe to use for the common person. However, we have since found that this was only folklore. They are perfectly safe and harmless in themselves.

How To Interpret Tarot Cards And Other Card Decks Video

Tarot Cards Origin

The tarot date back to the 14 century in Italy and is considered to be very mystical and even evil to some. Mostly they are known as a popular tool for divination, interpreting, and telling the future. Interestingly enough they were actually created as a game, a deck of playing cards as one origin story tells. Today, in our present modern times, tarot and other illustrated card decks are now becoming fashionable as a practice in receiving information and guidance. All you have to do is visit a metaphysical store or online website.

Even with their popularity illustrated tarot cards and the other card decks that are available still may have an air of mystery and mysticism. In this case, however, confusion is in the eye of the beholder. As a beginner understanding that you can interpret the cards using only your intuitive senses may elude you. You feel you need to memorize the meaning of each of the cards. This can be daunting. Regardless of the type of deck, tarot, or not, you can read them without any real specific training.

How To Read Tarot Cards For Beginnerslearn to make a tarot card prediction

Each of the cards in a tarot deck has a specific meaning ascribed to it. The suits are major and minor. There are court cards for each of the four tarot suits. There are kings and queens and jacks just like in our current playing card decks. Learning all the different cards and their complete meanings can be a chore.

During a traditional spread, which is a process by which a reader lays out or places the down cards. Just like the various diverse tarot card decks accessible, numerous assorted spreads can be used by readers. Depending on which cards end up where on the spread they land will determine their exact meaning.

Tarot Cards Yes Or No

So the question I am asked by my students is “should I use a tarot deck?” In my experience, whether you use a specific tarot deck or any other deck of cards it is more about using your psychic abilities to do the reading. The manuals and tarot card meanings list are fine to use but can be limiting. Here is a quote from one of my students about using my Poritco Soul Essence cards:

“I’m not very familiar with the cards, but the couple times I’ve used them, I’ve used the book that comes with the deck, but I used my intuition to feel what part or parts of the description applied for the person. I’ve also found that certain parts of the images on the cards will light up or stand out for the reading.”

A Free Psychic Reading

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Portico Soul Essence Card Deck Intuition Cardsuse an alternative tarot decks

My card deck was channeled to me from my guides. It is very easy to learn how to use it. The basics are that you choose a card. Then intuitively utilizing your psychic gifts you read it using the colors and symbols on the cards. The important part about any card read using unique tarot decks or any other deck is that the individual energy of the person you are reading comes through.

All you are doing is being an interpreter for their energy. It really shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that everything you need to know is within you. Every card and every meaning is floating around in the universe and all it takes is a channel to bring it forth.

Tarot Card Predictions

Remember one important thing. The future is not carved in stone. There are infinite possibilities every second or millisecond that can happen. We select the future as these multi-realities face us daily. You as a reader are not making a tarot card prediction of an event that “will” occur but only will possibly happen.

A prophet or oracle is a person that looks into the future. They see something that may happen. Their job is to make you aware of the possibility of the occurrence to allow you to accept it or make the changes you need to make to change it.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Interpret Tarot Cards And Other Card Decks, as we begin the amazing experience and journey of meeting and communicating with our spirit animals and guides. Everyone has spirit guides and animals waiting to realize a connection with them.

In this podcast you will learn about:

  • Do the tarot cards suit you and your needs?
  • Tarot for beginners.
  • Tarot cards in history.

Here are some of the comments and questions that came up and were answered during this episode.

  • I’d love to have an intuition card reading!
  • I’d love one for my overall energy, please.
  • I still think that knowledge of the meaning of the Tarot cards is important, together with intuition.
  • I found the DIY Intuition Card readings page on your website Dr. Lesley. I will be trying out! Here is the free reading link online https://drlesleyphillips.com/portico-card-reading/.
  • I am feeling amazingly positive after that short card reading.
  • Thank you, Dr, Lesley. I greatly appreciate your thoughts and interpretation of the card you picked for me.
  • That’s amazing, thank you so much for my card reading
  • Could I have a card?
  • The Life Purpose card yeah! I was wondering if I can make my jewelry and spiritual business full time so I can leave my office job.
  • Thank you so much, Dr. Lesley and Corry! I loved hearing that I am receiving a download that is “falling like crystalline rain”!
  • What is the best way to find out what is my/anyone’s life purpose?

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